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 “Presence: the final frontier”

Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order.. Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want

So many interesting things going on. The old is collapsing at unprecedented rates; what was once secret is becoming revealed, and I believe, if we dot our “I’s,” cross our “T’s” and continue to refine our own personal authenticity and integrity, we may very well find the New coming like in never before – at least for us! Of course, the New may not look exactly like we expected, but after all, we are still new at visioning/allowing what is next. PS the above photo is Brins Mesa, Sedona, Arizona courtesy of Ted Grussing

My work, of course, is about nonresistance and allowing, and the scale of Synchronicity, Harmony and Order found just beyond the age-old and obsolete tool known as resistance. And luckily, because things are moving so fast, that if we make mistakes, we have another opportunity soon enough to revamp our errors, learn from our mistakes (allow), and get it right the next time (or the next time). Things are moving so fast that humanity will narrowly avert disaster as we discover the opportunity to “choose once again” and do so, in increasing rapid-fire fashion.

I have been doing quite a bit of coaching work lately including contributing to the re-emergence of an important liquid nutrient source; working with an interesting gentleman on Wall Street, and lining up bringing my work into the world. As I move farther from my cerebral/Cosmos writing phase and more into the work-a-day world, opportunities unfold right under my nose, synchronicities line up, and new hints of how it might all turn out becomes increasingly evident.

I’m again offering CORE Resonance Sessions with clients privately and producing a few new “ah-has” (new testimonial) – and insights for me as well! The second article below titled Presence: the final frontier (link) is a product of watching clients develop a deep introspective vision that allows them to, among other things, begin to identify Presence.

The first article, To Russia with Love identifies dialogue with a new friend from Kazakhstan (former Soviet Union state), with a few questions by email afterward. Natalya is a psychologist, presently living in the US and traveling back and forth to see family and friends in Kazakhstan. It’s a bit too early to speculate but we may collaborate on something in the near future. 

I want to wish everybody a most glorious and peaceful Holiday Season. We all have a great deal to be thankful for.


PS. As a past ocean sailor, I found the sailing scene in Skyfall, the new James Bond movie, to be quite breathtaking. It was very short but caught a very large beautiful sailing yacht under sail. Regina, at 183′ is a big boat! Check out Meteor at 170′. Sailing the oceans, pushing water aside by harnessing wind and waves can be a pretty spiritual experience! We have a lot to be thankful for on this little blue ball in the middle of space called planet earth!

To Russia with Love

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Natalya_reducedThank you, Natalya, for the opportunity to introduce you to CORE Resonance Coaching and CORE Resonance Training. I enjoyed the time we spent together as well. And to think, we are all so similar, even from such far and different parts of the world! Lots of interesting conversation and we covered a great deal of depth in what was really one subject, the one and only true subject: Love.

I have come to see Love as a portal to another world; a world the entire plant, animal and mineral kingdoms (not to mention the planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc.) operate within. Love is that sharing that everything abides by. Love is Allowing, Love is Nonresistance, Love is Being, Love is Presence, and Love is Solutions Undreamt.

Humans learning to mesh with Love find themselves in a new world identified by all new levels of Synchronicity, Harmony and Order, not to mention a refined quality of life! We have innumerable opportunities to find Love and it is, in part, a matter of perception, which is what Consciousness is all about. I thought your airline bag weighing exactly 50lbs at your airport check-in was fun, synchronicity with your seatmate on the plane was interesting, and embracing what was fearful in your dream with Love was huge!

I write about “the Gap” in one of my CORE Resonance articles (The Promise). We need to learn how to shift from resistance and reaction to the world, and “the Gap” allows Innate Intelligence a means of contributing to our reality creations instead of our instant reaction to things. As we become more aware, we realize resistance and reaction only brings us more of the same; more of what we don’t want! In fact, resistance and reaction to what we don’t want becomes our leader!

Inadvertently, we allow what we don’t want to direct our lives by resisting it! Better to align with what is true. Better to relax and align with something that has been around for a very long time and is imminently successful, i.e., the Cosmos and accordingly, the Guidance that all of life abides by.

This is what seekers down through the Ages have discovered – and many have attempted to describe. This is the adventure of a lifetime to try to document, though the mind is not the best tool to accomplish this task. Instead, as we learn to attune our nervous system to the Cosmos; as we learn to listen with our nervous system, we begin to access new insights and something Truer begins to become obvious.

For example, your gut has its own and separate nervous system called the enteric nervous system, which helps identify what is true. It communicates with you as nonlinear information called knowing and it knows the difference between right and wrong! As we learn to trust our feelings, we can let go of the rigid interpretations dictated by the mind. The gut is a far better tool than the mind. The linear mind has huge limitations – HUGE.

Better to learn to attune our nervous system to the Cosmos, which is similar to an antenna system, for all of the Guidance we need. The gut tells us how well we are doing. The mind can observe and pay attention but it is no longer the leader and can never be the leader.

It is my opinion that the mind was created by the brain on overload as a defensive mechanism for the brain on overload. The mind spits out reactionary and defensive posturing and “thinks” in linear, reactionary and defensive terms. It is survival-oriented and sees with a very limited linear fact-based perspective, which we are beginning to discover, is not as useful as we might expect.

Because we are out of our natural state of connection, the brain is forced to process the world on its own. Because the brain is not designed to be a processor; because the brain is unable to effectively process the incredible amount of information available (including the unknown), it set up the mind as a repository of automated, habitual and reactionary responses. Because the brain is on overload, the mind becomes the source of resistance and reaction! But on overload, we also shut out our subtle connection.

The mind is incapable of connecting with the Cosmos because, by its very nature, it is little more than an automated survival mechanism. At the very best, it operates with a limited set of linear facts. Hint: intuition does not come from the mind but instead our nervous system’s connection with the Cosmos. We receive insight and intuition.

Our connection with the Cosmos is nonlinear – and of course, much more difficult to describe. Our nervous system combined with our feeling nature accesses the nonlinear world of Innate Intelligence, Innate Guidance and its insights – similar to what the Abraham material teaches. This is how we must learn to move forward, individually and collectively.

ladder1cThe mind, however, is still useful. It can be used to find the ladder, to guide one to put one foot onto the first step (a certain type of education and perception), and the second step (a furthering of that education) and possibly a third step. And then, as the Momentum of the new teachings begin to take hold, slowly what is new begins to become apparent. (This is the transition I teach through Coaching and CORE Resonance Training.)

As the Cosmos (Innate Intelligence, Source, Cosmos, etc.) takes over, the mind becomes less central to our activities. Why? Because the ladder represents going Home, i.e., the re-enabling of our true connection. As this connection begins to take hold, the mind (ego) begins to fade and the survival methodologies along with it. We begin to become more in alignment with what is true. Our life blossoms and expands in an almost unimaginable fashion.

In the meantime, as a component of CORE Resonance Training, we can give the mind tasks. We can train it to be useful. We can train it to look for evidence of newfound Synchronicity, Harmony and Order. The mind can continue as an observer and a scorekeeper evidencing the newfound quality of our reality creating. But as a much better and finer guidance system becomes available – the mind willingly lets go of its old functions and begins to relax and accept Love.

Eventually, the mind’s work is done. We have entered into a new realm and scale of Order and Guidance – and then things really begin to get interesting



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