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While vaccinations are a controversial subject, there is a great deal of information that has come to light recently that makes vaccines a far more interesting subject. Of the many voices, Robert F Kennedy Jr., named Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet, speaks eloquently to the subject. In review, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as a part of the Kennedy family, might be discovered to be one of our truest American hero’s of the 21st century on several fronts.

According to Wikipedia, the 2nd most visited Internet webite (run by volunteers vs billionaires) “Robert F Kennedy Jr is an American environmental lawyer and activist, author, and, as of 2020, most notably a vocal anti-vaccinationist.” As you come to understand the depth of RFK Jr’s commitment to global activism, his knowledge becomes something we can rely on. After all, RFK Jr., says “he has been trying to get mercury out of fish for 37 years!”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was part of a team of lawyers who just won several important settlements against Monsanto/ Bayer, the maker of Roundup. The first of which was in August of 2018 ($290 million landmark case) and again in Jun 24, 2020 ($12.1 billion) against agricultural giant Monsanto and its glyphosate-based product “Round-up.”

There are several sets of video documentaries in the last several years that paint a picture of massive fraud on the part of the pharmaceutical companies seemingly complicit with the CDC, in part based on massive profits combined with a total exemption of product liability for any injuries from their vaccines. That vaccines are not tested in the first place beyond about 5 days to a very healthy and tiny segment of the population does not bode well for the assumption that 1) vaccines are safe and effective, or 2) that one vaccination is all that is required for a particular disease.

In fact, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., states that people who regularly take seasonal flue shots (vaccinations) are 36 percent more likely to get covid virus. Reference RFK Jr video (edited version) at 42min.

As one interested in my own health from a personal perspective rather than doing what everyone else does because “it’s what everybody else is doing,” I continue to reach for solutions that serve me. Truth contains a specific feeling and my life is about tracking certain threads of truth.

There are several recent video documentaries series including:

•  Vaccines Revealed by Dr. Patrick Gentempo – 2020 someone who I highly respect for the work he has done on multiple video health documentary series. I find this series to be a bit more polished, so to speak, and

•  The Truth About Vaccines Docu series 2020 (access video series here)

•  There is also a 3-part article series about unbelievable corruption within the CDC (Communicable Disease Center), a subdivision of the Department of Health and Human Services that is astounding. The whole vaccination issue is astounding!

Chronic Corruption Part I: A History of Incompetence, Part 1

Chronic Corruption Part II: How to Exploit a Crisis,Part 2

Chronic Corruption Part III: President Stands Against CDC, Part 3

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., — Alan Dershowitz Vaccine Debate

I found the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — Alan Dershowitz Vaccine Debate to be utterly fascinating.. Mostly because it introduced me to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who I see as a true American hero. In listening to this debate, I found Alan Dershowitz’s remarks to be more about him listening to himself “orate” and mostly taking a “what if” side of the fence.

Because I found Dershowitz so distasteful, I created a version of the video editing out his remarks and giving us a stream of remarks from RFK Jr.

Kennedy makes a remark about healthy people who don’t take flu and other vaccinations don’t get covid at 42 min (on the edited video)!

Access the edited Kennedy Dershowitz Vaccine Debate here (edited video)

Access the Kennedy Dershowsitz Vaccine Debate here (original unedited video)

Access/download the edited Kennedy Dershowsitz Vaccine Debate here (audio for download)

You can decide for yourself if listening to Alan Dershowitz is worthy of you time. Alan Dershowitz is known for getting OJ Simpson off a murder charge and arranging a astoundingly controversial plea deal for Jeffery Epstein in 2008.

Check out this September 17, 2020 video interview of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Mike Tyson and Eben Britton.. Thoughtful interchange with RFK Jr and the experience and history of the Kennedy family.

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World Doctors Alliance

HEIKO SCHÖNING, M.D. Doctor and co-founder of doctors for enlightenment, Member of the WDA & ACU2020 from Germany Aus Deutschland, Gründungsmitglied der ÄRZTE-FÜR-AUFKLÄRUNG; WDA & ACU2020

DR. MOHAMMAD ADIL MB BS. FRCSEd Consultant General Surgeon & Chairman of the WDA from the UK

DR. ELKE DE KLERK General Practitioner & Founder of Doctors for Truth from the Netherlands

DR. MIKAEL NORDFORS Medical Doctor, Author & Political Reformist from Sweden DR. ZAC COX Holistic Dentist & General Secretary for the WDA from the UK

BORIS DRAGIN Physician, Naturopath & Representative of People’s Court from Sweden

MARTIN BYRN Human Rights Advocate from Ireland

MONICA HELLEBERG Chairman of People’s Court and Core Member of New Earth from Sweden

MADS PALSVIG Founder of JFK21 (Jorden Frihed Kundskab 2021) & Former Investment Banker from Denmark

DAVID KURTEN Member of London Assembly & Standing for Mayor of London 2021 from the UK

DR. MONIQUE JANSSEN Psychologist & Founder of Women for Freedom from Holland

WENDY EKELS Founder of Humanity Unite from the Netherlands

DR. AGATHE DORADO Holistic Doctor of 20 years & 5G Activist from Denmark

FIONA HINE Founder of and Event Organiser of Resist and Act from the UK

DR. MARGARETA GRIESZ-BRISSON Consultant Neurologist from Germany

DR. HEINRICH FIECHTNER Oncologist, Haematologist, Palliative Care Physician and Politician from Germany

PROF. DOLORES CAHILL Professor in Molecular Biology and Immunology & President of the WDA from Ireland

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Filmed in 4K by Oracle Films

This is a brand new video stating there are 3000 doctors in third world countries very successfully using Chlorine Dioxide (MMS, CDS, etc) to kill Covid. I am a very strong proponent of Chlorine Dioxide (MMS, CDS). Please reference Empowered By Corona for more information. I have no idea who Bob the Plumber is though it appears this is a Christian network of information. I find the testimonials from the doctors to be excellent. Also, there is a broad base of disinformation to discredit Chlorine Dioxide (MMS, CDS) because it will kill almost any/all “bad” bacteria in your body. Bad means anerobic. Anerobic means lives/ thrives in low oxygen environments. I’ve used MMS three times for a month each and find it very interesting. PS I am not whatsoever a Trump or “Make America Great” per Trump proponent but the information is good.