I worked with Dr. V. Vernon Woolf for about a year immediately after my first book Visionaries Thrive In All Times was published. In fact, I hosted him to Sedona and Scottsdale for which we did several seminars. He eventually moved to Cornville, Arizona. Vern is the founder of Holodynamics and was part of the dismantling of the Soviet Union (glastnost) along with about ten other outside individuals. Vern was “adopted” by the Soviet cosmonants and had the run of the country and has many stories to tell. He was over there for about ten years and became so popular that he ended up with a big bear hug in front of a huge audience though the hug included a pin prick from a ring which contained a small injection. He barely survived. Ultimately, “the old guard” thought he was getting just a little too popular.

This interview is about a six  minute excerpt taken from an interview with Jacqueline Marie Avignone in August of 2005. All of this began with Rama Vernon‘s Soviet American Dialogues for Peace [link] for which Barbara Marx Hubbard became an associate. Barbara Marx Hubbard introduced Vern Woolf to the Soviet American Dialogues for Peace and the excerpt tells of one meeting with the Soviet military.

I have the entire interview is anyone is interested.

Dr. V. Vernon Woolf Interview with Jacqueline Marie Avignone, August 08, 2005

by Dr. V. Vernon Woolf