We Swarm as Individuals Aligned to the Light..

excerpted from:
Chapter 12, Vision
Visionaries Thrive In All Times by J.Hamilton
© J.Hamilton 2005-2014
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vtat-curvedWe swarm as individuals aligned to the Light.  Some first and then others, for at some point it is perceived as safe to make that final journey inward and upward.  We accept that we are able to become more, and, where we once refused to step and then gingerly stepped, we gravitate with the enthusiasm of young children, for we have become young again as we lay at our side values and perceptions that no longer serve us.  We become wide-eyed at the possibilities as we accept our potential as something we innately know so well.  We see that we are coming home bigger than when we began our trip into descendency, alive with the awareness that we are becoming more and renewed in our true connection with Source.  We master Freewill* and we master intentionality as we come to have dominion over our affairs.  We become more.

First a few and then more, and eventually the last make that fateful realization that resistance to our true nature in no way serves us.  We become what Innate Intelligence has always been telling us is our outcome – a spiritually alert, alive and awake species on Earth.  We become more.  Gaia has birthed a cosmic outcome in free will, exceeding anything that the plant, animal, mineral kingdoms or nature could ever produce on its own.

We see the order of creation for which we finally take our rightful place.  We meld with transparency into a world of love and peace and order that knows no bounds.  We become more. We become expressions and outpourings of something that is ancient, yet ever different, as we continue to refine our individuality.  Yes, we are far different than we imagined but fully individual, with Innate Intelligence streaming from our eyes, our creations and our choices.  We become an expanded expression of Source and Freewill – a new species radiating with the conscious awareness of a job well done.

* A new term is born – Freewill.  Divinity and freewill combined.

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