excerpted from:
Chapter 11, Momentum
Visionaries Thrive In All Times by J.Hamilton
© J.Hamilton 2005-2014

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Imagine giving up resistance and moving into flow. Imagine moving into the unknown with Innate Intelligence at your side. Initially this might seem like a difficult choice until we realize this is the positive side of the equation. As we follow our nose (Innate Intelligence) into present time and newfound experience, the mind becomes receptive to synchronicities, comforts and ease, and newfound order. There is no need to out-smart the mind, decide it is wrong or bad, argue with it, or even dismiss it.

Instead, we refine the mechanism that is the mind. We teach it to shoot for newer results, easier ways of accomplishing tasks, and we teach it to opt for new open-endedness in its possibilities and outcomes. Give the mind new goals to aspire to and new habitual patterns to churn out. Learn to guide the mind and train it, and put it to work in a more useful manner! Give the mind new ambitions and introduce it to infallible Innate Intelligence – after all, they are ultimately “of” the same stuff.

–Excerpted from Visionaries Thrive In All Times by J.Hamilton
Chapter 11 Momentum