Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity!
..and Guidance Lite™


We’re so glad you’ll be joining Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ (SoarAFFIRM™). SoarAFFIRM™ was initially developed in late 2004 by J.Hamilton as a part of writing Visionaries Thrive In All Times supported by the visionariesLab website, the precursor to CORE Resonance. SoarAFFIRM™ is the most successful program by J.Hamilton using the tools of the mind to date.

The program is offered in three tiers and each tier includes personalized coaching and support by J.Hamilton. Prices range from $897 to $2,697 depending on the level of personalization you wish to employ. Each is a 100-day program, each offers a $200 discount for a single payment, and each includes a 100-Percent Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason. Once you make your payment below, you will begin to receive emails with instructions introducing you to your new “world of empowerment and ultimate personal performance” as a product of developing your connection with Source.

Note: The above pricing offers a 3-part automated payment plan that bills you in three installments in three consecutive months beginning the day you sign up. The 3-part payment plan cannot be used with coupons or other discount codes. The 100-Percent Money Back Guarantee is included with the 3-part payment plan. The single payment option includes a $200 discount.

And while the program was originally designed to be a self-study, it has been expanded to offer additional insights, support, and an additional overall understanding of the concepts and what can be achieved. Each new applicant begins with a personalized 45min orientation and introduction by J.Hamilton (Zoom) in support of your participation. Additionally, there are instructions throughout. And take your time; it will all make sense as you settle in. In fact, the mind (and your patterns and habits) will have to reestablish themselves to what you are requesting. Additionally, you will discover the journey is quite sacred and capable of delivering you to something quite special—if but you will allow it to do so.

Treat the process as a meditation—a sacred meditation as you prepare yourself for a renewed and enabled connection with Source.

It is important to do the written lessons daily. Get out of bed and do your lesson first thing each day! Impress upon your malleable and ultimately subservient mind that you intend to do this. You want to run the mind rather than the mind running you! You might even discover that the “discipline of doing the program” offers almost as much value as the program itself! Note: It’s taken years to accomplish your existing realities and results, hence it will take a bit of time to resolve your limitations. Make the commitment to access new outcomes delivered by the discipline of actually doing the program.

Think about it.. Do you truly want prosperity and connection in your life? Are you willing to put a bit of effort into the process?

Think deeply about your willingness to make a commitment to have more in your life, delivered over a very short period of time, for which you can get your money back if your willingness comes to naught. Might you be willing to commit for 100 days? 

You will receive support emails with insights, and reminders every three or four days or so. The emails will carry you through the process and help you move forward. And of course, the 100-Percent Money Back Guarantee is predicated on your willingness to do the lessons properly. Great things await.

The different pricing offers different levels of cost, structure and support. Tier I is for individuals who have the determination and discipline to do the program on their own, and offers a single 45 minute personal orientation and introduction by J.Hamilton (Zoom) and three one-on-one 45 minute private coaching sessions at day 15, day 30 and day 60 (Zoom). Tier II offers a four-month weekly group support call with J.Hamilton (Zoom) for which we field and explore questions and the underlying laws and understandings of the program. Tier III is a private four-month personalized one-on-one support offering with J.Hamilton, with the added advantage of being around a specific solution or a specific goal one wants to achieve. Each and all sessions offer a Zoom recording and library of calls. You will learn more after you are signed up.

Let the journey begin.

I look forward to hearing of your journey.
And I will be with you along the way.

“Alignment Before Action”
is the new watchword

“stay tuned”

Tier I SoarAFFIRM Coaching Program Includes:

•  45min Personal Orientation by Zoom w J.Hamilton
•  3 1:1 Coaching Sessions at 15, 30 and 60 days
•  Automated Email Insights and Support

Tier II SoarAFFIRM Coaching Program Includes:

•  45min Personal Orientation by Zoom w J.Hamilton
•  Four Month 45min Weekly Group Zoom Calls
•  Support Calls w J.Hamilton are Recorded

•  Automated Email Insights and Support

Tier III SoarAFFIRM Coaching Program Includes:

•  45min Personal Orientation by Zoom w J.Hamilton
•  Four Month 45min Weekly 1:1 Personal Coaching
•  Zoom Support Calls w J.Hamilton are Recorded
•  Automated Email Insights and Support
•  Private  •  Limited Availability  •

Rev James Hamilton
House of Coherence
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Problems are of the mind,
Solutions are of the Divine..™

Alignment before Action
each and every day..
stay tuned™