SoarAffirm™ Tier III

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For those interested in “resetting” their lives by learning how to “blend/ partner” with Source for advancing personal power, inner and outer prosperity, healing and abundance, and contributing to the overall advancement of humanity — beginning with you first! Start Now!

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Tier III SoarAFFIRM Includes:
• 45min Personal Orientation by Zoom w J.Hamilton
• Request appointment date and time via (Zoom Calendar)
• Four Month 45min Weekly 1:1 Personal Coaching to reestablish and refine your goals and/or deliver a coherent solution for a specific issue, concern or vision
• Offers a somewhat customizable program and additional options as necessary
• All Zoom calls are private, recorded and available for review – or not
• Automated Email Insights and Support
• Tier III is private and has limited availability

Prosperity is a process of alignment with the natural unfolding of the Universe.   ​​​​​​​

We are a part of a larger whole and this larger whole is eminently successful.  This larger whole has always existed and has always had the resources to expand in complete order. Part of our solution as human beings lies in allowing our own internal governance to match up with this larger divine governance.  This is accomplished through an understanding of the foundation of consciousness, i.e., enabling our natural connection with Source. Mastering the mind’s output is the tool of choice as we begin this process of blending with something bigger than ourselves.

Alignment with Universal Forces is what we are all about.

Alignment with universal forces is our inheritance; it is our heritage, it is our success and our security.  The beauty of a flower or the subtlety of a sunset, or even that sunsets and flowers are mysterious and beautiful and ever-changing reminds us of the quality of the path we have chosen. Beauty and splendor surrounding us are hints of what is available as we learn to become true to our nature and align with what’s true.

The purpose of Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ is to season our “mind talk” to allow our potential to expand.  

Our realities are a product of our conscious and subconscious habits and patterns of thinking. Harnessing and refining our habitual patterns of thinking allow us to revise our lives ever upward.  As we develop visionary patterns and habits through the tools of Soaring Affirmations™, we come to have access to Guidance Lite™. As this connection unfolds, we have a far more refined flow of prosperity, abundance and happenstance in our lives!

Engendering a far more refined experience for ourselves and others.

It behooves us to understand real success.  Because to be truly successful requires that we become plugged into the “governance” that is the frequency of God. As our conscious and unconscious output improves; as our broadcast (our ongoing and outgoing prayer) become more refined, be begin the process of merging with Source. Our partnership with Source allows us to become exponential in our contribution to making our world and the world a better place.

The subtleties of joyous living become the norm. Our influence becomes exponentially felt. Evidence of wholeness and flow abound as we become truly successful.

As we learn to live in alignment with Universal Forces, our security becomes apparent.  

As we become more useful to ourselves and accordingly the Whole, we become surrounded by what is true.  Dominion over our affairs becomes an all-new level of participation and outpouring partnered with Source. As Guidance Lite™ becomes available, the tools and outcomes necessary for our possibilities are at our fingertips..

Soaring Affirmations™, (SPG) delivers New Earth tools for which we each become able to do our part..

Conscious living and conscious expression beckons to each of us. Peace on our one and only planet becomes available as we discover we each hold solutions for ourselves and each other.  Only when “we” discover “our” truest commonalities (our connection with Source) humanity truly become more. By becoming a host for Innate Intelligence expressing through us, we become part of the solution.

An example of Guidance Lite™ exerting influence: A new Triad was just discovered writing the above.. You and Me (we) and God! .. Something about when two or more gather..

Accessing your connection with Source delivers truest success, truest prosperity and truest abundance!

Partnering and blending with Source is how it all begins. Soaring Affirmations™ delivers one to Guidance Lite™ for which a partnership with the Divine becomes available. As we learn to partner with Guidance Lite™, our lives unfold far beyond the mind’s interpretation of things. Stepping into a new type of internal governance delivers a type flow made up of synchronicity, harmony and order. A new unfolding awaits each and all.

Partnering with Innate Intelligence is a good use of your time!

Wishing you only your best.. Namasté J.Hamilton For more information: Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite Note: God, Source, Innate Intelligence, the frequency of God, Coherence, the Divine, etc., are all used interchangeably.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ is a lesson-based, Insight and Soaring Affirmation™-based introspection tool designed to re-enable your subtle connection with the Cosmos. Most people begin to realize benefits almost immediately and well within 30 days.

The Soaring Affirmations™ (SPG) Guarantee requires that the lessons be done each day on a computer, or that they be handwritten or typed. Each lesson includes 1) a written Daily Affirmation, 2) a written Daily Lesson, 3) a written Insight paragraph as it relates to the Daily Lesson and 4) a written Meditation Insight paragraph. Each day’s lesson is added to the previous day’s lesson.

Note: It is recommended that the lessons be done first thing in the morning, long before the morning news, morning chit-chat, newspaper and long before your day gets started, etc. Soaring Affirmations™ (SPG) can replace your daily meditation for the period of time you are doing the lessons.

As an aside, the first time I did Soaring Affirmations™ (SPG) in 2004-2005, I went 103 days (my Word document was 66 pages long—and no, I did not complete the program in 103 days) during which I unexpectedly met and began to work with my 1st physicist at around day 36 and equally as magically met and worked with my 2nd physicist a number of months later—and me with barely a high school education. Out of this came four additional books, visionariesLab, CORE Resonance and CORE Resonance Colonies™, etc., all designed to ground coherence into the world.
Curiously, the work that I developed/ came through me, was fundamentally similar to the science of the Maharishi Effect by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who introduced transcendental meditation to the world. It’s curious the wave lengths we move to when we line up with Source! We are obviously in good company!

Accordingly, each lesson includes four written components. There are multiple sets of instructions for doing this and Zoom support is offered on a weekly call. There is no requirement to attend calls but they are highly recommended.

To request the return of your money requires that you do at least 30 lessons within 45-days to qualify. Your written lessons (as above) must be submitted according to the instructions to ascertain that you did, in fact, do the lessons as recommended. If you have done the lessons, and hopefully asked for help if you are having problems.. but are dissatisfied after 30 competed lessons, CORE Resonance will refund your money.


Rev. James Hamilton
House of Coherence
A 508c1A CMO

When we are unconscious, we walk through mud puddles.
When we become conscious, we walk around mud puddles.
When we become Present, there are no mud puddles.

Problems are of the mind,
Solutions are of the Divine..™

Alignment before Action
each and every day..
stay tuned™


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Tier I SoarAFFIRM Includes: •  45min+ Personal Orientation by Zoom w J.Hamilton. Contact me at (Zoom Calendar) to establish appointment time. •  3 45min 1:1 Support Coaching Sessions at 15 days, 30 and 60 days (recorded) •  Automated Support and Email Insights are approximately 3 days apart for approximately 90 days.