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Can you imagine a happy planet?
It’s a good start but we each need to do far more!

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As a long time meditator (since 1973) along with my research with neurofeedback, I became very clear that our nervous system is our center. Our nervous system is our center because our most fundamental function is to “sense out” and “receive back” information.

Our nervous system is not so different from a “living antenna system” in that we tune into what’s important to us and we constantly receive back information.

How do we stay on track in our life and our goals and aspirations? Constant feedback!

Further, our nervous systems tell us the difference between right and wrong. As we become more subtle at “listening,” we can tell the difference between a good thought or a good choice, and a poor choice. This insight comes from our nervous system resonating with our focus as a “feel good” or “feel bad” response.

This information comes to us through our nervous system’s sensing out and receiving back and “scoring it” in relation to the Cosmos’ expression of innate goodness!

It is obvious that:

•  when we look out through our eyes, we are sensing out and receiving back information
•  when we listen with our ears, we are sensing out and receiving back information
•  when we smell, we activate our sense of smelling and we receive back information
•  when we taste for a flavor, we are sensing out and we receive back information
•  when we touch with our skin, we are sensing out and receiving back information, and
•  most interestingly, when we sense a scenario with our imagination, we receive back information as well!

This is actually why the brain is the biggest part of the nervous system. We have five main senses, four of which have an approximate one-inch connection from their sensing receptor to the brain. Turns out the brain is for processing sensory information rather than attempting to navigate our lives through a massively complex world of information — which it is simply unable to do.

In fact, sensing is all we really do as human beings, not to mention every other living thing on this planet. Sensing out and receiving back is how plants reach for the sun, how animals forage for food and what underlies reproduction — not to mention everything else!

Hint: Our nervous system is how we “tune” to the frequency of God! It might be trial and error but as we learn to quiet the nervous system, we have access to far more subtle information about everything around us — for which is found an order that everything shares!

Ultimately, we use our nervous system to sense out and connect to the Cosmos which delivers us to Guidance and Order, not so different from the rest of Nature. Ultimately our function is to tune into coherence to govern our lives. This is the same as sensing for the frequency of God as Guidance, either of which are trial and error processes. and both are processes of our “friend” contrast and clarity.

What could be more powerful than a capacity to sense out and receive back information in a world of polarity?

Our nervous systems allow us to make new and refined choices and accordingly, navigate our lives through an incalculable number of decisions!

Refining your nervous system is a very good use of your time!

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Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order.
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want.
–J.Hamilton                                nosce te ipsum
                                               tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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