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The world, our world, is one of polarity. If there is anything that identifies our world, it is the polarities of up and down, fast and slow, good and bad, heat and cold, prosperity and poverty, and dissonance and coherence. It is in polarity and accordingly, contrast that we make choices and decisions and reap the benefits of our choices. In fact, the faster we make decisions, the quicker we see the results of our choices as feedback. And the sooner we make new choices which give us new feedback and again new results and choices, we continue to refine our lives.

As life moves faster and faster, humanity will avert catastrophe at the last minute by making new choices based on seeing the accumulation of choices made thus far.

Choice gives us everything. Reaction is a choice, resistance and rigidity are choices and allowing and nonresistance are choices. It is in the subtleties of how we view our experiences, we make choices and reap newfound results. It is in learning to make intentional and conscious choices that we thrive individually and collectively. And, in this vast world of polarity and contrast we thrive or suffer. Life is a choice.

Polarity and contrast create choices.

As we refine ourselves individually we become empowered by our choices and become emotionally mature. Seems the species as a whole lags far behind the individuals but individuals are the leaders and the leaders lead by first learning to manage their own lives. After all, someone with a genuine smile or speaking in a positive tone influences most anyone walking down a busy sidewalk unless that person is in massive overload and unable to “process” an upbeat message. Hmm. We have just identified the source of resistance!

Those who lead by reminding individuals of the injustices in life, control individuals by exacerbating the negative which creates terror, overwhelm and additional overload to their sensing apparatus. This removes the option of choice and these individuals become blind to their options. It turns out that people who react to life are surprisingly easy to manipulate.

Positivity is contagious and most individuals can be swayed either by being treated well or treated harshly for after all, most of us react to life—good or bad. The problem is most of us are still operating at a somewhat lower octave and more familiar with the negative. After all, most react to headlines, horror, carnage and injustice, and favor entertainment that features destruction and mayhem—all of which is a choice. Most react to the weather, be it storms, rain or sunshine.

In fact, we create our realities by one of three methods:

·         Resistance to what we don’t want

·         Choosing what we want based on what we don’t want, or

·         Pure visionary mode—internally referenced looking through/ past disorder to the end visionary result.

Those who have learned a bit about the possibilities of choice governed by an understanding of cause and effect, Law of Attraction and personal responsibility realize their future lies in their own hands. And as they make better choices, better and more subtle choices become available. As we become personally responsible for our lives vs. reacting to life, we have options that resistance can never deliver. As we come to discover allowing, new outcomes abound and we discover a type of thriving that delivers something new and startlingly different.

Allowing is a choice that delivers outcomes far beyond what the mind could ever produce on its own.

Empowerment seems to have the common denominator of listening to that voice within, that subtle sensing of our inner messaging system and intuitive thought processes that can only come from beginning to delve within to find what makes us tick. As we become aware of our inner rhythms and messaging and learn to listen to our gut and our heart, i.e., that subtle sensing of our nervous system identified as feeling, we make better choices. We become intelligent and “emotionally” intelligent wrapped up in one!

And curiously, with better choices we “feel” better rather than feel worse. How simple it is once we move away from the shut down feeling of reacting to life!

Hmm.. Feel better vs. feel worse!

It is in alignment with Source that our lives truly take on a life of their own. Once we have established good choices, life takes on a momentum that resistance can never deliver. We are part of something larger than just ourselves and once we move to what some call surrender and others call allowing and nonresistance, we begin to mesh with life and live like never before! In this place,

we become the leaders of our own lives and unintentionally become leaders in a larger sense.

CORE Resonance explores the understanding that human beings are the most sophisticated living mechanism on the planet. Human beings with the most sophisticated nervous systems/ sensing apparatus on this planet have an amazing capacity to “listen” to life’s messages, to sense our inner prodding’s and learn to make choices by listening at a subtle level to life. And, we learn how to blend with coherence. After all, we are a sophisticated component of life and aligning with Nature’s governance giving us vast realms of possibility—and far more choices than resistance and rigidity might ever deliver.

Aligning with coherence delivers heaven on earth, one soul at a time.

It is in that inner delving; that inner discovery of what makes us tick, that we find our way out of the ooze of the lower levels of polarity that so many of us are caught up in. It takes courage to make new choices, to make new pathways in a world caught up in the next headline or sound bite or next new investment, scientific discovery, controversy or crash. Human beings have a choice in each new moment of life and in making subtler choices, we work our way into higher qualities of choice on this seeming one choice fits all planet.

If one were to observe someone climbing a straight ladder, it would be observed that as one foot goes on a rung, we hoist our body to the next rung of the ladder and the next. If one were to watch closely, we would see the pelvis lift first one side and then the other. Out of the contrast of one leg climbing, the other leg climbs and so forth. Polarity is the playing field that gives us the freedom to be whatever we want on this planet.

As an aside, I believe this planet of polarity is the mechanism by which ascension is achieved but that is a different article:)

CORE Resonance teaches that our nervous system is the center of our sensing system, the center of our decision-making and identifies how our choices “feel.” As we learn to refine the nervous system, of which the brain is a part; as we learn to quiet the nervous system, an all new sensing of order and choices becomes available. As we ultimately learn to tune in to coherence, i.e., the order that everything shares, we begin to partner with a mechanism that guides us to more and more order. And, it feels “very” right.

As we align with what’s true through subtle listening, which is no more than a series of conscious and intentional choices guided by our innate sensing, we make better choices. It is the polarity of this world; the contrast and the clarity of this world that allows us to best use the principles of polarity to assure our individual success. And in our individual success, we become usefully influential to each other.

As we plug into what’s true, we become exponentially contributive.

There is no doubt; instead of reacting to life which makes “what we react to the leader,” we learn to listen to the “always available” internal subtle messaging system, not so different from the rest of Nature, and begin to make new choices. And in new choices, new options and new momentum becomes available. In new options and new momentum, we move out of the ooze of poor choices into the sun and a horizon of far different and ever delightful experiences.

As we learn to blend with coherence, we become exponentially contributive. We also become usefully influential to not only ourselves but those around us.

Harnessing polarity is a good use of our time.


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Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum
                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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