A Strategy For What’s Next for Humanity!

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I recently had the insight that all over the planet, for the first time ever, humanity is rising up en masse and attempting to become empowered! All of the different kinds of “minorities” (including white women) are rising up and beginning to claim their freedom; something that started when what became America broke away from the English Crown and servitude. (Reference: the earlier the Magna Carta of 1215AD.)

And after a hiccup or two, the experiment in emancipation continues–I believe for the first time across the entire surface of the planet.

I believe the outpouring and expression is one of personal power and self-empowerment for which ultimately, we reach back to our Creator for the most powerful capacity to express ourselves in our truest power. It is said that unconditional love is actually meant for our Maker, i.e., no resistance to our Maker. It is in this nonresistant partnership Innate Intelligence begins to see through our eyes and hearts and ears and actions such that we become truly “usefully influential.”  It is discovered that as we make our way Home; said another way, rejoin Creation as a coherent partner,

we find our foundation and powerfully become exponential in our contribution.

Gone is the thought that we “think” our way to a solution, or that “we save the day” on our own as a species that has, in fact, completely lost its way with broken universities, medicine, political systems, banking, etc. Instead, we heal ourselves and our connection with Spirit; we become whole again as individuals, and contribute at an all-together new level of contribution, communication, understanding and commitment; something this planet has never seen unless you consider all of nature’s expression and success. Understanding that we are part of something larger than ourselves;

blending with that something larger than ourselves, allows us to contribute in an exponential manner–safe from the gyrations of the mind and the ego’s version of what’s what.

According to Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, as we rise up the Map, our capacity to become more conscious, i.e., less resistant and more allowing, naturally allows us to blend with what is true and contribute in a manner that far exceeds anything the mind could ever conceive on its own.

There is a portion of the population that innately has the make-up to contribute to making the world a better place. As I like to say it, their capacity for sensing is “far closer to the surface” than those whose truth is far buried in their being. And to make tools available to THIS community is the mechanism by which humanity pulls itself up by its bootstraps. That this is a small percentage of the species is incidental. Most of humanity has ridden the coattails of a few leaders since the beginning of time–good or bad.

Now is the time for those who have the forethought and capacity, to learn to partner with what is bigger than themselves, and better contribute to what is next guided by what is true. After all, our truest function is to recognize Source, enable that connection, and become a mechanism by which we ground Source into the realm of mankind. We, with light streaming from our eyes, then become the leaders. It is available to all of us though “first a few..” !

There is an ancient Sanskrit expression that says it all: tat sannidhau vairatyagah which translates to “In the vicinity of Coherence, hostile tendencies are eliminated.”

It is in the grounding of Coherence into the realm of mankind/humankind that heaven on earth exponentially becomes available to every person on this planet.

Colonies are the mechanism by which, as small groups of six, we rapidly refine/quiet the nervous system to become able to sense our Connection with our Maker; align with our Maker, and become a mechanism by which our Maker delivers Itself through us into the dimension of Mankind–“for the ride of our lives” as I like to say.

A successful human species is one that bypasses the limitations of the mind all-together and instead refines its commection with its Source.

PS My interpretation of the mind is a guard dog for a brain on overload. By some mechanism, humanity lost its connection with Source and the brain moved into overload attempting to process the world on its own; something the brain was never designed to do. The brain then set up the mind to filter out the overload of incoming information and as the overload grew for which the brain’s survival was increasingly impereled, more and more incoming information was filtered out. Our subtle connection with our Maker went out with the baby and the bathwater.

Worse, the overloaded mind generates reaction and resistance which creates additional overload. Ultimately, because an overloaded brain cannot keep up with the mountain of incoming information–it pushes back!

Our nervous system is our connection with Source–not the mind or its interpretations. The mind delivers a distorted view because it is so linear, limited by its experiences, and far unable to comprehend the bigger picture. Instead, our natural state of connection is the source of our guidance rather than the mind for which then everything unfolds!

It is through sensing our connection with Source that intuition, guidance and insight drives our daily lives to all new levels of synchronicity, harmony and order. Becoming in step with our Connection also exponentially feeds the overall whole. This is known as coherence. And as more people learn to live in this guided manner, the more rapidly we become an exponential majority.

It is not about a linear 51 percent of the population. It is about individuals who have the circuitry who begin to refine their inner mechanism, bridge between heaven and earth, and allow Innate Intelligence to express through them into the realm of mankind as a staggering exponential multiplier that is so naturally available!

According to Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness as a variation on the Maharishi Effect™ the Map identifies one person at 700 on the Map (admittedly a very high number) counterbalancing the negativity of 70 million people below 200! One person at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people below 200, one person at 500 counterbalances the negativity of 750,000 below 200, and so on. Seems exponential contribution has already been mapped by Dr. David Hawkins!

Coherence dissipates disorder.. It’s ancient, it’s new and we have the science to understand and implement it. Not worn out linear traditional science to rely on but ancient and timeless sciences that continues to seep through the cracks for those who have the eyes to see 🙂
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Exponential contribution seems to be the strategy for what’s next for humanity! How might you play a part in making the world a better place?