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by J.Hamilton
Can you imagine a happy planet?
It’s a good start but we each need to do far more!

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My first book is called Visionaries Thrive In All Times and the title comes from an expression I heard at an Abraham-Hicks seminar in the 1990’s in Scottsdale, Arizona: 

Observers Thrive in Good times and Suffer in bad;
Visionaries Thrive in All Times. 

Where we put our attention (intentionally or inadvertently) is where our attention (sensing function) goes and accordingly, identifies what we receive back.

Abraham-Hicks of course, popularized the concept of Law of Attraction, i.e., “what you focus on expands” but always indicated in their singular message that focus combined with the feelings associated with that focus, indicates the track that you’re on, and the quality of the results you can expect to achieve.

What we’ve been talking about is when you sense out, i.e., when you observe, either of which is focus, is where your attention goes. The feelings associated with where your attention goes is the fundamental tool you use for advancing your own individual consciousness.

You might say this is our initial access to guidance as we learn to work our way back toward the frequency of God.

The problem is we often unconsciously observe/ focus on the world around us as if it were factual or important. And we often “take in” information skewed by the media, pundits, government, politics, public opinion or another’s recommendation, as if it were factual. This skewed, and possibly manipulated information inadvertently becomes the center of our attention and accordingly, our output and our reality creating spins out in an unconscious direction. It turns out that opinions of others or other’s agendas may not serve us whatsoever!

Observing is the biggest source of repeating the same thing over and over again, which can be good or bad.

The alternative is to become a visionary. 

A visionary is one who holds their attention up over the top of the problem and holds their vision on the end result they wish to accomplish. Our vision/ focus aligned with our sensing function is something we can totally harness if we choose to do so.

A visionary looks “through” the debris field to the end result.

We have it within us to hold a vision of the end result we choose, and with the help of the sensing of our nervous system, we can establish the quality of the end result we are wishing to achieve. Further, by developing a partnership with Innate Intelligence, Source, the Cosmos, etc., we can become more advanced in what we envision in the first place with the side benefit of becoming what I like to call “usefully influential!”

Ultimately, the human nervous system through vision and our feeling nature is the mechanism by which we step into our truest power and become most effective on this planet.

By our choice, we can become a conscious and useful contributor to life on planet Earth — not only for ourselves but we can also become “exponentially contributive” to the overall whole as we learn how to plug into what’s true.

“Plugging into what’s true” naturally expresses through us to the benefit of everyone!

Becoming a visionary is a very good use of your time!

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Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order.
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want.
–J.Hamilton                                nosce te ipsum
                                               tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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