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by J.Hamilton
Can you imagine a happy planet?
It’s a good start but we each need to do far more!

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Thank you for your interest in CORE Resonance Colonies™.

CORE Resonance harnesses non-traditional sciences to deliver solutions to a planet in need of a few good ideas. We deliver solutions by quieting the human nervous system with specialized neurofeedback (no programming whatsoever) to enable our natural state of connection with Source. By enabling this natural state of connection, the mind naturally subsides and Presence takes the mind’s place. In Presence, Guidance naturally becomes available and Guidance allows us to express in sync with the larger scale of Order.

Heaven on earth is not so very far away, individually and collectively!

As we develop this partnership with Innate Intelligence; the more we let go, the more we allow, the bigger this partnership becomes. As we allow Innate Intelligence to mesh with our being, we naturally ground the frequency of God into our surroundings. Coherence is about as close as we will ever get to understanding the frequency of God, and as science knows:

coherence dissipates disorder.

Coherence has also been stylized as light dissipating darkness since the beginning of time. According to the Book of Genesis, Light was the first thing God created, and Light has been used as a metaphor for the frequency of God in a majority of religions. Even Martin Luther King, Jr. wisely states:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

“Points of light” and “points of coherence” are one and the same whether there are 1,000, 10,000 or ten million spread across the planet!

As human beings learn how to “plug in” to what’s true, we become exponentially capable of dispelling the massive disorder, violence, rigidity and hate themes so prevalent in our society today. Delivering Coherence, Light and Love is where our solutions are found—though not the mind’s version of each.

We cannot rely on 51 percent of the vote, or 75 percent of the vote to create positive change. Instead, it takes the enabling of our natural state of connection with Source, i.e., the practice of true unconditional love which is properly defined as no resistance to our Maker, and allowing the frequency of God to express “through us” into the realm of humanity sans distortion.

The initial goal is to have 1,350 Colonies™ across the planet well wihin three years time.

A Colony™ is six people using CORE Resonance technology to rapidly quiet their nervous systems with neurofeedback exercises. The participants can be equal partners in ownership, or someone can own the Colony™ and have additional participants that pay monthly fees.

As the nervous system quiets down, the brain, and the mind in particular, quiets down and:

  1. We become less reactive to our environments. As we have more brain “horsepower,” we process more incoming information and our reactionary, resistant and defensive posturing subsides. This can be witnessed as readily documentable newfound “synchronicity, harmony and order” in our lives along with levels of presence and flow rarely experienced. [Identifying shifts in personal reality creating by the author is the foundation for this work.]
  2. The brain begins to process what it once could not. For some reason, the brain stores what it cannot process. Trauma, defined as what the brain cannot process at the time or process during its next series of opportunities including sleep, instead stores the experience. As the brain comes to have more processing power, it starts to process what it once could not: held trauma. The result is the subconscious mind gives up its blockages and limitations and becomes more useful to one’s intended outcomes.
  3. Our subtle connection with the Cosmos becomes evident. This very subtle connection is readily drowned out by the noise, racket and dysfunction of a brain/ nervous system on overload. As we quiet the brain this subtle connection becomes available. And, as the brain begins to naturally build this connection, synonymous with “going Home,” the mind naturally subsides.

As the mind subsides, resistance and rigidity subsides, and guidance naturally becomes available—not so different from an on-off valve. Guidance delivers us to far more order than we could ever produce on our own.

While the Colony™ is a group experience, each do the exercises on their own 24-7 schedule—though working together is a natural expression. The collection of their efforts builds a field of coherence that can be readily identified and from which the entire group draws and prospers. In other words, as the partners’ nervous systems collectively quiet down, they become empowered far beyond what they could ever accomplish on their own.

There is nothing more powerful on this earth than enabling one’s natural state of connection with Source and then allowing it to express through us.

The goal of a Colony™ is to quiet the nervous system so that:

  1. We can receive the subtle connection from Source to guide our personal lives.
  2. Partnered with Source, we become exponential in our contribution because we become “throughput” generators of coherence for a planet in need of a few good ideas.
  3. Accordingly, goals and intentions can be accomplished in a far more powerful and reliable manner.
  4. Better yet, we allow Innate Intelligence in all of its wisdom to express solutions “through us” beyond what we could ever accomplish on our own and,
  5. We live in sync with creation, not so different from the rest of Nature. We become caretakers of each other, our planet and live lives of our truest potential expressed.

As John Lennon wrote:

“Imagine all the people..”

Grounding coherence into the world  is how we accomplish:

“living life in peace.”

We must each do our part!
CORE Resonance Colonies™ is a very good use of your time.

Contact J.Hamilton to start or join a Colony™.

310 878-2260
Sedona, Arizona  86336

Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order.
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want.
–J.Hamilton                                nosce te ipsum
                                               tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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The fifth book by J.Hamilton (2015) lays out the foundation for CORE Resonance Colonies™. Colonies™ as groups of six spread across the planet, magnify and ground coherence into the realm of humanity as an antidote to our dysfunctional behavior as a species. By refining and quieting the human nervous system, we become mechanisms by which Innate Intelligence as coherence dispels dissonance, destructive patterns and habits and disorder on our planet. Coherence becomes the governing force for humanity and returns us to a healthy species. Colonies™ provide solutions to the problems of humanity by harnessing non-traditional but ever-present sciences and tools available to us right now.

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CORE Resonance Colonies

Problems are of the mind,
Solutions are of the Divine..™

Alignment before Action
each and every day..
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