About VisionariesLab

This image of the Pic du Midi Observatory in the French Pyrenees perfectly personifies what VisionariesLab is all about. I use the image as a reminder of the uniqueness of our one and only planet, our contemplation and study of the heavens, and a reminder that we are no longer “flatlanders.”

There was a time when belief systems were so limited, i.e., the capacity to process the unknown was so limited, that visioning beyond the horizon was unthinkable. VisionariesLab recognizes the Unknown to be the source of all solutions, the place of everything of interest, and a perspective that reminds us that the Unknown is our greatest ally. In fact, the horizon/ the Unknown is where everything of interest comes from!

While there are a number of reasons I love this photo, one includes the fact that the observatory appears to be voyaging across the top of the world. Not only is this photo an awesome vantage of the Pic du Midi Observatory with the La Mongie ski resort in the foreground and the distant glow of urban areas in southern France and Spain on the horizon, it also showcases the constellations of Orion and Gemini straight ahead.

Having an extensive background as a sailor (Natural Habits) and past owner of a 38ft diesel pusher motor home (the Purple Queen Asphalt Machine), Pic du Midi seems to wrap them both up in one, i.e., a “land yacht” cutting across the mountain tops of the world, not so different from a yacht moving through the water with the attendant bow and quarter wave.

The Diamond and the Hummingbird logo is another aspect of the image which was just updated with a sacred geometry foundation, and a story in itself. The diamond represents a lineage of knowledge that has always been on the planet, and the hummingbird represents a messenger..

Before I wrote Visionaries Thrive In All Times, I journaled for two-years and an expression, the “Avenue of Kings” came up. There is a lineage of “keepers” or time-tellers, or simply wisdom personified as a lineage, that keeps a quiet watch over our species, holding a vision of our awakening. They are ancient, timeless, and simply here to support those who are awakening. They can be found throughout the planet grounding what’s next in our ascent of our possibilities.

I believe we are in a period of sleep as a species (at the bottom of a cycle?) while hints of order and prosperity abound everywhere. The majesty of our surroundings are a full expression of the Order and Rule of Acceptance that governs; and of all things, our fateful and final journey lies within. As we make that final and fateful journey, we begin the process of merging with the Order that is all around us — far beyond the most distant star and within the tiniest molecule!

I hope the image and setting reminds you that we were once flatlanders and our future is in front of us. Partnered with Source, we express our truest potential—individually and as a species. After all, the horizon beckons, the Unknown beckons and our potential beckons. There are many sights to behold!

Alignment with what is true is a good use of our time.

Wishing you well.

Rev. James Hamilton