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First Function and The Mind

Are You Ready to Discover the Visionary Within You?

“Imagine your life as a great ship plowing the oceans of life and space and time, and imagine a tiny rudder or a massive steering gear as your beliefs and your values. What you know is so, and what you know (accurate or not) charts and creates your life and dictates your realities and your outcomes.”
–Excerpt from back cover of VTAT

First Function

VisionariesLab™ is the end product of 20 years of research and development around the fundamental importance of partnership with our spiritual nature. And the recognition that our most important function is the re-establishing of our active connection with Source. Period. Everything else pales to this “first function” of consciously training ourselves back to resonance with the governance that all life abides, and learning how to activate and blend with what’s true in our own life.

“All strength, all healing of every nature…is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to its spiritual heritage.”
— Edgar Cayce, Reading #1967-1

The Mind

Somehow as a species (generalized remark) we’ve lost our natural state of connection with Source and the Guidance that naturally shows up. Instead we attempt to use the cognitive power of the brain to process the world around us, forecast ahead and otherwise attempt to live our lives for which the world of limitation is quite apparent. And because the brain was not designed for this herculean processing task in the first place, the brain slipped into massive overload, for which in my opinion, the overloaded brain created the mind to protect the overloaded brain. After all, other animals/ mammals do not have minds though they all have awareness.

And because Guidance is a very subtle frequency, it gets “drowned out” by the noise and racket of the mind and brain on overload. Accordingly, the mind is limited to what it already knows as it attempts to project us forward into our futures. But because the mind does not have intuitive abilities, see around corners and otherwise offer what we assume to be intuitive superpowers, it is ultimately not very reliable.

Hint: Intuitive Insight/ Guidance and mind thinking/ projecting are far different!

Hint: Superpowers and intuition are actually a product of letting go of the mind. Ask Michael Jordan or any other gifted athlete how they “mindlessly” achieve their incredible sport feats on the court or in the field.

Note: There is nothing more exciting than a group mindlessly sharing experiences and results! I call it a “shared state” — thoroughly worth exploring through CORE Resonance.

The mind can only catalog, teach and extend information it already knows. The world of intuition, insight and “gut-feeling” are not part of the mind and in fact, the mind interferes with intuition and insight by attempting to second-guess this far truer type of incoming data and insight. The mind instead delivers resistance, caution, fear and doubt.

Because the brain is in constant overload, resistance, rigidity and slow uptake is the norm. In fact, the mind’s foundational concept is resistance to new incoming information to protect the overloaded brain! When is the last time you found yourself in overload or in emotional trauma or massive shock, unable to move on with your life and instead, settling into new routines based on an incomplete processing of the experience?

After all, most of us settle into “the best we can do,” and settle for less than stellar outcomes!

And because most spiritual practices are mind-based, we are severely limited in our access to spiritual solutions. In other words, the mind at best, can only take us so far, though we can learn to use the mind to best advantage.