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States of Being as Feeling!

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By J.Hamilton

Our internal states might be considered our internal compass or internal scoring mechanism for our perceptions and comforts with the outside world. Our states are a product of how we feel internally as well as our sense of satisfaction with the outside world. Further, our states are initially a product of our belief systems which are a product of the mind and what we know to be so, accurate or not.

As we attain higher states of consciousness, i.e., higher states of awareness and capacities to perceive, we find our states leave the domain of the mind and become a reflection of the quality of our connection with Source, Innate Intelligence, our Maker, God, etc. It is in our connection with God that, for example, our truest states of happiness, flow and harmony become evident in our lives.

States of joy, elation and even gratitude as feeling becomes an important cog in our understandings of the mysteries of consciousness and our connection with Source.

Accordingly, our truest states are a product of the quality of our connection with Source. These states catalyze our personal power and capacity for personal performance. As we enable this connection; as we become blended with this Connection, we become exponential in our contribution for making our world, and the world, a much better place.

These higher states are a product of refining our inner nature (i) by learning how to let go and let God, if you will. These states are a product of nonresistance and allowing, and always sans the mind—which of course is what CORE Resonance is all about!

According to CORE Resonance, mind, time and resistance are synonymous (ii), and as we move out of resistance/ move away from the limits of the mind, consciousness simply rises. Moving beyond the mind is how octaves of refined consciousness become available for our benefit and the benefit of others. Our body, the center of which is our nervous system always sensing out and receiving back (not so different from a living antenna system), becomes resonant with our inner states (iii) as we continue to refine, let go and move up the consciousness ladder.

It is in these refined states of consciousness that life truly become magnificent, rich beyond measure, and truly worth living. We become exponentially contributive as we set our sights to higher qualities of outcome by letting go and blending more and more with Source.

Our states as feeling tells us how we are doing!

Depressed, “bummed out,” angry, resentment, “sense of unfair” and reactionary posturing are states though they fall at the lower rungs of the ladder. The lower states are a product of our beliefs out of sync with an overall understanding of our possibilities and potentials. As we begin to embrace our potential and recognize that resistance only keeps us away from our possibilities, do we begin to “lighten up” and our states rise toward neutrality, allowing and acceptance and upward –

for which life delivers a richness far beyond the capacity of the mind to produce!

And then it gets better than that!

The Unknown
As we move past the limitations of the mind, we move into the domain of the Unknown, the domain of our Maker. The Unknown is generally identified as what the mind does not know and will never know because of the inherent limitations of the mind. It is in allowing and acceptance of a new set of internal tools becoming available that we move up the ladder to explore where everything of interest lies: ahead of us in the Unknown.

As we move up the ladder of allowing, our internal states upgrade, and acceptance becomes far more useful and available to us. The Unknown is the domain of God and the edge of where our truest possibilities begin. It is from allowing that we begin to sense our worlds from a higher perspective and our happiness quotient and acceptance of the Order that actually surrounds us becomes felt as a state—identified as a feeling!

Instead of the mind attempting to direct our forward trajectory, we let our subtle sensing known as feeling and receptivity drive our way forward. Not so different from looking for a lighthouse in the dark or a certain feeling of OKness, or increased levels of joy or happiness, or simply a relaxed way of moving forward, we discover subtle sensing as feeling as a far more refined mechanism for advancing our lives.

We learn not only how to be receptive but how to feel what refined states of being feel like.

Note: The feeling bandwidth delivers a far more complete delivery of sensory information, data and knowledge—far beyond anything the mind could ever assimilate or produce.

We discover that what feels bad takes us in a useless direction unless we need to feel worse before we finally decide to feel better. We find that sensing brings more joy, ease and a simple acceptance which delivers more refined outcomes and more refined states of being. As old as the adage is, following our feelings is our truest compass, and if followed correctly will deliver us to more and more refined feelings and outcomes. These feelings then become solidified as states of consciousness which become our new home and continue to “broadcast” our outcomes forward!

Life then becomes rich in what I like to call “synchronicity, harmony and order” and flow—far beyond measure!

Because resistance and allowing are opposites, it behooves us to experiment a bit with learning how each feels so we can learn to sense our way forward in life. While the mind delivers what is already knows (useful or not), or where the mind will not embrace the new and instead delivers resistance or rigidity of thought or perception, allowing brings us something new and different in each moment. This is a fundamental consciousness formula we can all count on.

When we learn to identify what the gut tells us as discomfort or acceptance, we learn to move forward in an altogether new manner of expressing for which new meaning becomes available in our lives.

Our Nervous System Tells Us Everything
Our nervous system of which the gut is a big part, warns us when we get in a risky or cautionary situation. We might arrive home after dark to find our front door wide open. There is a massive wave of feeling of caution or downright fear that causes our sensing apparatus to go on full alert. Sometimes we run and sometimes we investigate but we do so from a “heightened state of awareness” and sensing forward for which we become vastly more alive! 

This is a great example of how the sensing function grows and the critical mind lessens. Refining our sensing by quieting the mind and nervous system is how we become enabled of our natural states of connection with Source.

It turns out the gut contains an ancient nervous system of its own (enteric nervous system) telling us of the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, or otherwise a sense of knowing true or false—and what might be truer. In learning to listen to the nervous system’s sensing we begin to take a new and more refined journey and sense of what is important to us—

far beyond the mind’s capabilities and projections.

How does your “sense” of this article resonate in your body? Ho does it line up with your “sense of knowing?” Does it make you feel calm or excited, or does it generate agitation or resistance, or overload? Note: Overload is where resistance comes from!

Either way, you will come to know more about yourself based on how you feel. You can think it or you can feel your opinion. Feeling is far more accurate and simply cuts to the chase. 

Feeling has no use of “reasons” or excuses 🙂 Feeling leaves the mind out of the quotient.
Note: The mind tends to second-guess and muddle your feeling and intuitive nature.

Practice feeling how you feel.

•  How does your future trajectory feel?
•  How do you feel about life?
•  How do you feel about how you feel?
•  How can you change how you feel?
•  How is your state based on how you are feeling?

How you feel is a powerful catalyst for what you achieve as you go forward in your life. Your state is the envelope of your combined feelings!

Hint: Allowing makes you feel better. Resistance makes you feel worse!

As we develop our subtle sense of feeling, we begin the process of self-discovery and an understanding of our inner nature that knows no bounds. As we come to discover our inner sensing, we begin a pathway toward our connection with Source.

Our feeling nature is how we find our way Home.

Refining our states is a very good use of our time!