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100-day-prosperity-plan What If You Discovered:

The most important part of your day
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What if this lesson, as your reminder each day, brought to you untold new levels of Quietude, Prosperity!, Abundance and Connection, as well as profound levels of Synchronicity, Harmony and Order™, in sync with magical flow in your life? And, that once you began to glimpse the benefits, you wouldn’t go back to your old life “for all the tea in China?”

Do you need to become re-centered in you life?
Could you use a “reset” right about now?
Could you use a little more anything?
How about a Cosmic reset?
Look no further!

Introducing Guidance Lite

What if it finally dawned on you that you wouldn’t step out your door each day unless you were armed with the reminders brought about by your Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ daily lessons?

And, what if, similar to eating breakfast, brushing your teeth and sleeping, there are certain things you simply do because they invaluably improve and assist your day?

What if, once you discovered your Connection, and hence Guidance, you simply wouldn’t be without it?

What if.. you came to know the difference?

Alignment before Action
each and every day
“stay tuned”™

Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ is about your Connection, “from whence you came,” and delivers a roadway to re-enable your natural state of Connection with Source. Source is a term I use interchangeably with Innate Intelligence, The Divine, Truth, God, Coherence, the Frequency of God, etc. With almost 50 years background in meditation (I began with TM in late 1973, and I was introduced to neurofeedback in 2006), I offer a fast-track (as I’ve discovered it to be) series of tools for advancing personal consciousness. This shows up in your life as every possible type of personal performance you can imagine—and far beyond what you might expect.

Saturating the mind with a type of written affirmation designed to enable your natural state of connection with Source—truly the only kind of affirmation you should be working with, opens up your whole life! Imagine the mind as your most valuable tool. It has massive flexibility and it is at your side all the time. It is available at any moment though most of us have little dominion over our mind or its output! After all, our mind runs constantly but generally delivers a great deal of repetitious helter-skelter drivel which is the source of the vast bulk of our reality creating. The mind is the source of the quality, or lack of quality, of the happenstance in our life, our physical and mental health, and determines the success and abundance we have—or don’t have.

But by training the mind; by infusing the mind with a certain type of information about enabling your natural state of connection with Source, all of this turns around. After all, your mind is constantly broadcasting its ego “I” based message, but what if the mind was broadcasting YOUR message? And what if your message is about enabling your connection with Source for which your life would move into the most surprising new and magical directions? Your wishes (your higher wishes) would manifest, your happenstances would become far more elegant and coherent, and your relationships would so vastly improve that you would have to believe that you have plugged into Guidance. ..And you would be right.

As we learn to let the mind go, or instill certain values within the mind*, your whole life opens up. In this case, we call it Guidance Lite™ because the mind as the intermediary (or foundation) for our connection with Source has limitations and while we can saturate the mind with refined thinking and concepts, ultimately we need to let go of the mind altogether. But because this course of Soaring Affirmations, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite is an immensely valuable first step, we are delivering the max the mind can produce.
*Note: It is far easier to train the mind than to let the mind go because you cannot use the mind to let the mind go 🙂

We know we are not our minds, our bodies or our brains. Instead we inhabit our bodies as awareness. We simply have to learn to have dominion over our minds, bodies and brains as the first step to enabling our natural state of connection with Source. And as we line up with what’s true, we simply join the Order that everything else shares. After all, if you look around, everything that surrounds us including the entire plant, animal and mineral kingdoms and Nature itself, are each plugged into this single Source of Order, this single source of Governance, this single orientation. As we align with the truth of our being, we step into a new type of flow made up of synchronicity, harmony and order, and abundance, prosperity and flow aligned with Source!

•  Would it help if I told you I devised and initiated Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ in late 2004-2005 rightJim2 after finishing my first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times which, by the way, is highly recommended!

•  Or I revised Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ in 2008 when I did the lessons a 2nd time, and took off on another streak of good fortune and went through the lessons again in 2011, except I am now in Day 028 in late March of 2014, and each time delivers me higher and higher, and finer and farther!!

•  More recently, on May 22nd of 2016, I am on Lesson 76 and the revelations and insights are astounding. In nurturing your Connection, your life opens up and becomes revealed to you, as you, the truest you!

•  Would it help if I told you that visionariesLab and later CORE Resonance came directly out of this process? Not to mention my first quantum physicist.. (and my 2nd and my 3rd?).. (And me with a high school education?:)

•  And that your Connection is crucial to the quality of the expression of any success, any endeavor and any goal you wish to achieve?

I’ve most recently pick up the lessons in July of 2022 to again surprising and astounding insights, solutions and even funding as I need it.

•  And, if you are not able to be part of a Colony at this time, Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ is an excellent preparation and precursor because CORE Resonance itself came from this program!

The human being is no different from anything else in Nature. We must have our intact Connection, because without it, we are dysfunction and otherwise lost in each and every day of our life. It is in the re-establishing and maintenance of our Connection with Source that our lives take on new governance, new order, new meaning, new possibilities, new solutions and new levels of Success—far beyond the thinking mind’s version of things!

If ever there is one thing we should do in our lives.. and this comes before paying homage to the gov or any other authority figure, our daily chores and even our family, we must cultivate and foster our relationship with Innate Intelligence. It is our truest lifeblood, our truest companion and our only true source of Sustenance. It is also our only true source of wisdom, insight and coherent outcomes! We help our families once we help ourselves!

This just happened, just this moment,
..just as I was writing the above.

(and what an interesting symbology)


Note: While writing the above and without forethought, I got up from my desk, walked outside to stretch, get some air, and looked at the big rock directly off my patio that I have been thinking about moving to make room for a bench to be centered in front of my fence. I walked over to the rock, and in thought about attempting to move it, I started by moving some small rocks (I still have dirt on my fingers as I type this) and one of the rocks I picked up was a “hide-a-key” fake rock that I certainly didn’t know was there. Intuitively, I knew this was going to be something to share with you.

I took the key that was a bit corroded into my shop and cleaned it with a brass wire brush. As I cleaned it, intuitively I knew it was going to fit the shop door in the carport. This house is 40 years old, I do not own it and I have never had a key to this shop door with all of my tools, books in storage, etc. And because it’s Sedona, locked doors are not much of an issue, so a shop door key is not at the top of my list. But suddenly, and unexpectedly, I have a key to the shop door! (And yes, it fit!)

Now, it’s true it was on my list to take the lock to Home Depot to be re-keyed… but this is an example of what Synchronicity, Harmony, and Order looks and feels like, and fully fits my definition of Prosperity! and Abundance. Some would scoff, but when it happens again and again (and again), this then becomes the definition of Prosperity! and Abundance. AND.. it becomes quite apparent that we are tapping into something Higher. This is what VisionariesLab and Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ is all about.

PS That intuitive insight, and how it formed in my awareness, kind of like a shimmering resonance, is still tangible.. I can still recall how it feels when these several insights guided themselves into being so many years later (2022).

Sign up. There’s no one to ask permission of and on the scale of things, $597 (this never raised price will not last!) is a paltry sum. This material is so intimate and there’s so much to learn about yourself—and your Connection. Your email instructions will begin to arrive almost immediately.


Note: This course is equally for those strapped for cash as for someone with two Mercedes Benz in the garage! True prosperity! is about the quality of your Connection with Source for which your world unfolds in the most marvelous manner—regardless of your wallet!  In fact, there are so many things a wallet simply cannot buy..

1) In the space of an hour, I’ve already locked myself out of the shop once!

2) And, one of the things I’ve noticed lately (noted at Lesson 028) being in present time with you and all.. I have more food and better food in my refrigerator and it just kind of piles up. Same thing with wine. I don’t generally drink at home but I have 5 bottles of wine plus a box wine container right now. This is kind of hard to describe..

3) Within a matter of about three hours of finding the key, I went to Safeway to fill my 3 three-gallon drinking water bottles and return a DVD to Redbox. In a very busy Safeway grocery store at 7:30 on a Saturday evening, I got a parking spot directly in front of the water machines for my 3 three-gallon bottles which are kind of heavy when they’re full..

4) Even better – but do not try this at home 🙂  While I was at the Safeway, I went in to return a DVD disc to the Redbox machine and a couple was having trouble finding a movie so I had to wait (and wait) for them to finish their selection process. Eventually, I said, “let me put my DVD back into the machine so I can go on my way.” They asked what the movie was I was returning, I told them “Gravity,” and they said that’s what they were looking for. It was a good evening for everybody! Actually, everything works! And everything can work for you too!

5) Note: If your newfound clarity and abundance is not influencing others, you are still not quite there 🙂

6) Since I am having too much fun here.. the key I found now sits permanently on my keyboard as a constant reminder of that doorway/ portal represented by internal messaging/ insight and Lesson 028, and what it looks like/ feels like. This is what VisionariesLab and Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ is all about!

7) When on a Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ Zoom call, ask me a bit more about my insights from this experience and Lesson 028.

Be careful with the mind and too many expectations too fast.
Present time works best and the lessons will take care of the rest.
Learn to put the mind aside and let your Connection rise to the surface.

Or as Tom Cruise so wisely advised in the recent film Top Gun: Maverick, “don’t think!

The best part is to come. Learn how to take (and write) your insights from the lessons and turn them into Soaring Affirmations™.. and then you’ll start grounding what I’ve discovered, use, experience and share with you to use in your life!

By the way: Soaring Affirmations™ is how you learn to attach Guidance to your affirmations and become more of a visionary and seer of what’s true!

Personal Power, Peace, Prosperity! and the Truest Abundance and Flow!
Rev. James Hamilton

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Think About This..

Can you imagine your belief systems and sense of receptivity shifting to the point that this is what comes out of you as a product of Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™

Examples of a Soaring Affirmation™:

I am learning the lines of the first paragraphs.  This is allowing the information to better to seep into my mind. I am becoming a glorious outlet for the expression of Innate Intelligence expressing itself for which I am the vehicle and expression of more unfolding onto this plane of existence.  

It is for me to release and let go of what I am unable, unwilling and don’t know how to do and let God do it his way.  I have a huge opportunity to become more by becoming less.  It is a good use of my time.

 And another:

Insight: I am beginning to feel the wealth of these words. I know that my supply does not come from outside of me. Clearly it comes from within me; it comes from my intact connection with Innate Intelligence, expressed within these pages as God. I am an expression of God and only God.

For me to attempt to take what I want in deference to my true supply makes no sense. I recognize that I am an expression of the Innate, and being so, I am an extension of that which is true, good and full of life, wisdom and abundance. All of my needs are met because there can be no other way..

I look forward to the full expression of the power and glory of what is true expressing through me.. My every need is fully satisfied with abundance and surplus. My life overflows with happiness, gratitude and life affirming incoming flow and wealth. I love my life and my life loves me.

Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ is a good use of your time!

VisionariesLab offers a 45-day 100% Satisfaction and Money-back Guarantee because if you do the program, there is no way that you won’t be satisfied. No way!

And, while it may take a bit of adjustment to accommodate 30-minutes (!) into your life, if you want it badly enough, you and I both know you can do it. Truthfully, it is about patterns and habits and once you start to see benefits, you will clear your calendar and re-set your calendar with Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ as the core of your day. Everything else pales. Your work, your significant other, your kids, your football and TV life, everything pales. Of course, we’re hoping you include your wife or girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband, etc., but start with you first!   ..You are where everything in your life starts..

Hint: You can start the program on your own and they will come sniffing around wanting to know what’s different soon enough..

Problems are of the mind,
Solutions are of the Divine..™

Alignment before Action
each and every day..
stay tuned™

When we are unconscious, we walk through mud puddles,
When we become conscious, we walk around mud puddles,
When we become present, there are no mud puddles.

Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity!
..and Guidance Lite™

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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