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017_Sovereignty, Guidance and Guidance Lite!™

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The VisionariesLab blog series is designed to create a conversation around the source of truest success and ultimate personal performance. As we come to understand the mechanics of true success, we become empowered like never before.

After all, before the humans can save the whales and the bumble bees, we have to save ourselves. As we step into our power, we become exponential in our contribution for making our world, and the world, a better place!

Anyone can submit questions, anyone can join the conversation and anyone can step into their truest power. Let me know your thoughts. You can write me at COREresonance.com/contact, or comment at the bottom of this page or in the comments section of the videos on Vimeo.


Rev. James Hamilton

Thoughts and Notes:

Sovereignty is a great subject! Maybe we make assumptions about what sovereignty is.. because sovereignty has nothing to do with pushing back and somehow asserting one’s self politically. After all, what one pushes against, in fact, becomes the leader. What we resist is where our attention goes. How can we be in charge of our lives; how can we build what’s next, when instead, we push against what we don’t want?

Instead, sovereignty is about having everything and anything that enhances our flow and abundance at our fingertips. There is a world that awaits those able to pay enough attention to understand that everything imaginable and unimaginable is in front of us, if but we could see it. The universe is whole and complete and we are a very tiny part of it. On the same hand, we are masters of our fate for which the universe delivers as we wish.

Of course, there is a catch. We need to merge with this larger order. We need to become blended with this larger order and we need to partner with this larger order. Wait! We already are blended and partnered with this larger order.. It’s just that mostly we are unaware of our partnership! Sovereignty is about the self-awareness first of ourselves, and then the self-awareness of this connection for which we learn to mesh with this larger whole. And when we do so, the world, our world; worlds opens up like never before.

The only issue is that you can’t bring the mind, the “I” mind, the ego-part of you along because the “I” mind keeps you from this connection. Instead, we trade the mind for Guidance, not so different from what the redwoods and oceans and migrating animals and the incredible intricacies of life that are all around us abide and share—except the journey and adventure is far larger and far grander than we have any idea. We are part of an incredibly coherent orchestra and symphony of life and when we become in step with this larger order, our life blossoms like never before.

The below video interviews are a bit of the exploration of how we can learn to access Guidance, step into our truest power and at the same time, become exponentially contributive. It is in stepping into our truest power that we, for one thing, help those who cannot yet help themselves. As we become coherent and aligned with the Truth, we become part of the mechanism that brings an overall order to the human species..

Sovereignty and alignment with what is true is a good use of our time!

Rev. James Hamilton
PS Let me know your thoughts!
Note: Summary remarks below are AI generated from the videos.

017_Sovereignty, Guidance and Guidance Lite!™

Description: Truest sovereignty is about reestablishing our inner nature of connection with Guidance and Source. Life then unfolds into our highest possibilities and contributes to the growth of others. CORE Resonance and VisionariesLab offer programs designed to deliver our truest connection with Source. As synchronicity, harmony & order become evident, personal power, abundance, prosperity and flow deliver us to our highest possibilities!

Continued.. Spirituality, consciousness, and personal growth. 4:31
Jim discusses sovereignty, flow, and ascension, connecting them to humanity’s connection with its higher potential.

Jim and Rob discuss the concept of “full God realization” and Kashmiri Shaivite Yoga, characterized by no mind and a blended identity with Source.

Jim describes God realization as a state of no space, no mind, and no time, where the mind can’t access or document the experience.

He emphasizes that full-time fun is the beginning of Self Realization, where everything unfolds on its own, and the mind doesn’t drive the outcomes.

Meditation and mindfulness practices. 11:41
Rob and Jim discuss their spiritual practices and how they’ve made progress towards “self realization” through diligent practice and access to Guidance, and in Rob’s case, a guru.

Jim believes that some meditation practices, such as those taught by Joe Dispenza, are designed to “throw people out of their mind” to lead to a state of healing and God-realization.

Part 1 Video Summary:
Spiritual sovereignty and connection with “Source”. 0:04
Jim Hamilton discusses sovereignty as ultimate dependence on our inner nature for personal power and shared governance.

The speaker discusses the concept of a single order or Source that everything shares, which is refer to as “Innate Intelligence” or “frequency of God.”

Jim has observed that Joe Dispenza’s meditations can be exhausting and requires time to reorient oneself afterward, suggesting that the exercises are intended to alter one’s state of mind.

Jim describes Dynamic Meditation, a technique introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early 1970s, involving group meditation in a dark room with a sound system of drumming, chanting and instruction.

Jim explains that the goal of Dynamic Meditation is to throw the mind off for which the experience of God becomes readily evident.

Spiritual growth and resistance. 21:01
Rob shares his experience with Joe Dispenza’s guidance process, mentioning resistance and coherence.

Jim reflects on his experiences in presence and how presence influences his understanding of flow states.

Jim highlights the importance of revising one’s mental patterns and habits, and accordingly, one’s beliefs for personal growth, healing and advanced states of consciousness.

Continued.. their natural state of connection with Source, leading to dysfunction and the manual processing of sensory information by the brain.

The brain’s function is to process sensory information, but when guidance is lacking, the brain is overloaded and must figure everything out manually, leading to confusion and dysfunction in life’s decisions.

Jim explains how people settle into patterns and habits quickly to conserve brain energy, and how these patterns can be refined through self-healing and a particular ty of affirmations and processes.

Jim emphasizes the importance of introducing new ideas in a gentle, non-forced manner, as the brain can only handle so much new information at a time.
Jim shares his success story with affirmations, goal setting, and meditation.

Using affirmations for personal growth and connection with Source. (9:18)
Jim emphasizes the importance of aligning with Source’s frequency for spiritual growth and manifestation.

Jim explains that his method is not religious, but rather a mechanical understanding of how the body and mind work.

Part 2 Video Summary:
Personal growth and transformation with proven technologies. (0:00)
Rob Christie and Jim Hamilton discuss personal growth and transformation, with Jim sharing two invented technologies proven to produce results.

The power of affirmations for personal growth and success. (2:05)
Jim discusses how humans are disconnected from

Jim indicates how using Soaring Affirmations™ can introduce one to low Earth orbit (analogy) and beyond with guidance from Soaring Affirmations™.

Soaring Affirmations for personal growth and development. (15:19)
Soaring Affirmations™ program combines affirmations and meditation to connect with God or inner self.

Jim reflects on two years of journaling, discovering insights and writing “Visionaries Thrive In All Times.”

Jim explains Soaring Affirmations™, a technique to turn affirmations into a “soaring” experience.

Affirmations and manifestation with Jim Hamilton. (21:16)
Jim offers personalized help for those interested in his program, including older adults who may need assistance with technology.

Jim explains how Soaring Affirmations™ can saturate the mind, generate a coherent broadcast, a coherent prayer and a coherent focus. This allows Source to interact with our inner work. Shifts in reality creating become evident.

Continued.. Jim pioneered a NFB start-up company with $1,000,000 in neurofeedback sales in 14 months, citing partnership with Innate Intelligence as one of the keys to this success.

Jim discovered neurofeedback’s potential to help individuals quiet their nervous systems and reorganize their brains through self-discovery.

Using CORE Resonance for spiritual growth and connection with Source. (5:17)
Jim invents the CORE Resonance NFB technology to quiet brain for the purpose of connecting with Source.

Jim explains that CORE Resonance technology allows users to discover and connect with their inner guidance without any programming whatsoever.

Jim and Rob discuss God, Guidance, synchronicity, harmony and order, flow, abundance and coherence by quieting the nervous system.

CORE Resonance and Soaring Affirmations for gentle personal growth. (11:16)
Jim emphasizes the gentle nature of CORE Resonance neurofeedback, with no need for a reorientation after the process.

The process is notes-driven, with individuals documenting their discoveries and feelings before and after each session.

Rob invites listeners to learn more about CORE Resonance on his website (www.core-resonance.com) and through individual zoom calls with Jim at COREresonance.com/contact.

Taproot, a CORE Resonance tool, helps organizations ground coherence into the foundation of their organization by working with key people a few times a week.

Part 3 Video Summary:
Personal growth and neurofeedback technology. (0:00)
Rob Christie and Jim Hamilton discuss improving life results through technology, with a focus on neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback and its role in personal growth. (1:20)

Personal growth, flow, and synchronicity. (17:42)
Jim shares his personal experience of being in a state of presence for three weeks, during which he felt a deep alignment with the frequency of God.

Jim reflects on the importance of becoming more conscious and experiencing new levels of personal performance, synchronicity, harmony, abundance, and flow.

Jim encountered a hurricane in Southern California while attending a conference in Encinitas, causing him to cancel his hotel reservation in Santa Barbara with a concern about navigating through the storm to return to Arizona.

Despite the challenges, Jim decided to renew his Santa Barbara reservation the next day for important meetings, for which flow upleveled his plans to accommodate the unexpected turn of events.

Embracing synchronicity and letting go of dissonance. (24:06)
Jim shares his experience of driving through LA during a hurricane and how it led to unexpected advantages, such as no traffic and a far cheaper Airbnb instead of an expensive hotel.

Jim discusses the concept of “choice points™” and how they allow us to do life’s heavy lifting, even if we’re not aware of it.

Jim emphasizes the importance of making choices toward more coherence in life, as it leads to improved usefulness to others and personal prosperity.

Jim shares his experience of dropping dissonant organizations and activities to make room for more coherent ones, resulting in improved life quality and ability to help others.

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