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Notes, Coherence and Flow

–©  2023  J.Hamilton  COREresonance.com  By J.Hamilton

If I might.. I discovered during my first ten years of meditation that, as my mind quieted down, the nervous system’s outward sensing became more evident. I was then introduced to “listening” with my nervous system and the inner mechanism woke up. Over years of studying this type of sensing, I came to see the nervous system as a “living antenna system” designed to sense our connection and partnership with Source. It then became obvious that every living thing senses out and receives back data for which then Orientation, Guidance and Order ensues.

Source, God, Innate Intelligence, etc., i.e., the central Governance, the central Order and the central Truth is what all living and non-living things abide and share. I do not believe we are on our own, or ever will be. Instead, we are partnered with Source/ blended with Source for our governance, overall orientation, and our truest individuality and highest sovereignty.

For humans it seems, we must seek out this partnership/ refine this partnership for which we then step into our truest power, our truest calling and become what I identify as exponential in so many ways. It is in this state that flow and abundance and synchronicity, harmony and order become evident at our fingertips sans the linear thinking mind—truly the

state we are attempting to study and achieve.

Somehow the humans are the exception to the rule that the trees, bumble bees, migrating animals, weather, oceans, our planet and solar system, etc., naturally ascribe to. Somehow, the humans are the only exception. My work says that finding our way back home is the game (COREresonance.com/the-game). What I’ve discovered is that humans, out of our natural state of connection with Source, are immensely powerful but dysfunctional beyond measure. Clearly, we all have the potential to link back to our Connection—and some of us are initially more inclined to do so than others.

This is what I believe Soul Compass is poised to deliver. Gathering those who are similar, discovering/ measuring our connection with Source initially as coherence, allowing, etc., and then inevitably/ inadvertently and coherently contributing to making first our world, and then the world, a better place.

What I’ve discovered is that the humans, in general, as a species, are on vast overload attempting to manage without this connection. The brain (actually a repository for calculating incoming sensory data from the eyes, ears, nose, taste, touch, etc.) is on vast overload. Why? Because we are out of our natural state of connection with Source for which Guidance is a huge part of the package, and for which the brain is entirely reliant.

The Mind
The brain was never designed to process our existence. We are part of a larger whole! CORE Resonance says the brain on overload created the mind, which is the part of us we think of as “I” and otherwise, the survival mechanism for a nervous system out of its connection with Source. By the way, the brain on vast overload is the culprit behind resistance, rigidity, reactionary posturing, slow learning, fight or flight, etc.. Why? Because it can’t take in any new information! Part of the mind’s function as a survival mechanism is to filter out incoming information to protect the brain, but inadvertently throws the baby out with the bathwater.

What I’ve discovered is that as I quiet the brain (the most active part of the nervous system) through proprietary neurofeedback, as I quiet the nervous system, our natural state of connection with Source naturally becomes enabled. As this connection become enabled, the mind, the guard dog for the brain on overload, naturally subsides. As the mind relents to this connection, our worlds open up. (COREresonance.com/trilogy identifies some of the latest iterations of my work.)

As the mind subsides (mind, time and resistance are synonymous), Guidance naturally shows up and Guidance naturally delivers us back to Order which is our quest. This is what I believe we, as Soul Compass, are coming together to learn, measure, experience and explore.

Long story short, as we move away from the mind (resistance), Presence naturally becomes enabled for which then, Guidance naturally shows. Guidance then naturally delivers us to synchronicity, harmony and order, along with coherence and flow, and prosperity and abundance, reestablishing our personal and collective adventures and journeys. Meshing with this larger Order, we naturally move to a far vaster nonlinear scale of Order. Partnering with God, Source, Innate Intelligence, the Divine, etc., we become exponential in so many ways. (COREresonance.com/coherence)

Coherence Dissipates Distortion
As an aside, I came to understand the Maharishi Effect as large groups of experienced meditators who, when meditating, move out of their minds; the equivalent of a butterfly valve opens (resistance is released), the frequency of God flows through and peeks out of their nervous systems, coalesces as coherence, and coherence dissipates distortion. That’s how the Maharishi Effect works. Thirty years of demonstrations of quelling violence, murder and mayhem—and so far, almost no one has done anything with this incredible formula/ concept/ gift that stretches back to the Vedic texts.

I have been studying, documenting and accessing coherence since 2008 or so (approx. 400 CORE Resonance proprietary nfb sessions) and a lifetime of meditation along with other tools I’ve developed. The only way one can get there is by leaving the mind behind. The mind interferes with the process because resistance is at the foundation of the mind. The mind is also linear and limited to what it already knows. PS The mind cannot create or heal anything. It can change it’s mind (placebo/ nocebo/ decebo), i.e., it’s rigidity, but it does not create anything. Creating is a product of our connection with Source.
(VisionariesLab.com! (2023))

To your question about mind and intuition, they are mutually exclusive. Generally, the mind competes with, second-guesses or undermines intuition. Intuition is part of a bandwidth that creativity comes in on; that Source delivers its messaging on, that resonance comes in on, that governance comes in on, that the intangibles of abundance, prosperity and flow come in on and expresses through. Yes, there is higher Mind but I prefer the terms Source, Innate Intelligence, the Frequency of God, God, Coherence, etc.

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Regarding the earlier question: “I wonder what are your thoughts on tapping into this part of mind? Can that be a more useful tool?… Assuming you are referring to Higher Mind, my thoughts are we do this by quieting the nervous system—for which the Soul Compass can be a valuable tool. My experience is we build our connection to Source first. The mind relents to this connection, and then we explore/ experience what comes next. We can learn how to document this new world of Synchronicity, Harmony and Order and Flow and the Abundance that becomes available sans the mind. This is the true exploration. (COREresonance.com/explanation)

Note: You cannot use linear mind to explore the non-linear band-width that is intuition, creativity, flow, prosperity, abundance, coherence and the incoming insights from Source. And of course, there are gradient levels of accessing Source. I have identified full blown Guidance, and Guidance Lite™ as different. Guidance Lite™ is much easier to access. (COREresonance.com/soaring-affirmations)

Presence and Flow/ momentum produces our reality creating
We can track the pivot points that become flow and new momentum. As we learn to experience flow, we can see the mechanism that is Source/ Guidance delivering our next best moves, our next best conversations, our next best experiences, and fulfilling our momentum far beyond what the mind could ever produce. Kind of like following bread crumbs except we study the trail we left behind rather than the trail we follow. No mind is how we get to where we want to go. The “I” can’t and won’t ever deliver what we are seeking. Few have broken away from using the mind! (COREresonance.com/choicepoints)

Once we learn to access coherence and flow, which I can teach, we can study the trail we left behind but I doubt we will ever have our face in the windshield watching our futures unfold. We will study what we left behind—if we have interest. Otherwise, we simply go forward in the new adventure and journey rich beyond belief/ measure. Done well, ascension is at the end of this earthly journey.

Love to know your thoughts, or better, how you feel? What does your nervous system and your gut (enteric nervous system) tell you? It’s all about resonance and dissonance. Closer to Truth or farther from Truth; each feel different. Something about hitting and missing the mark!

Love and peace and appreciation
Thank you!

Rev. James Hamilton
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