FreeCell and the Keys to the Universe


What if everything that we need, or ever will need,
is right in front of us, “if but we could see it.”

Imagine a computer deck of cards pointing you to freedom! Imagine a card game teaching you to see what is right in front of you even though you believe it is not there!

FreeCell and the Keys to the Universe was written in 2007, shortly after author J.Hamilton completed his first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times. Keys to the Universe effectively identifies how he was able to complete an unexpected almost four-year task that took every ounce of strength, courage, will and fortitude to do so.

In the “occasional” overwhelm of this inadvertent 93,000 word project, he repeatedly escaped to FreeCell, a card game similar to Solitaire. In discovering that if he would “walk away” from a game that he was beginning to lose, when he returned to the game, he would see moves that he did not see before! This principle led to invariably finding solutions and wining the game!

It was in the discovery that even though a solution did not seem to be available, there is always a solution. This was the lesson that allowed Visionaries Thrive In All Times to be completed.

It was in this discovery that there is always an answer – and a way, that he was able to persevere and ultimately complete a very daunting, powerful and important task! This is what Keys to the Universe teaches and delivers! Through Keys to the Universe it becomes apparent that everything we need or ever will need, is right in front of us, if but we could see it. As we come to discover this powerful truth, we rise up with conviction, move to a solutions orientation and never look back.

Learn a bit about the shortcomings of your mind and discover how you can learn to harness what is in front of you. Turns out it is a choice!

Add this powerful, yet simple insight to your tool belt for becoming quieter, more refined and more self-assured in your reality creation and day-to-day activities. Move from reaction and resistance to knowing and alignment with what is true.


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