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Excerpts from David Schmidt and the Orlando
LifeWave Heart to Heart Global Convention 2023

–©  2023  J.Hamilton  COREresonance.com  By J.Hamilton

Are You Ready?

LifeWave is a technology company designed to deliver all new capabilities of personal health, regeneration and anti-aging based on light frequencies in a patch that you wear on your skin! The patch delivers “information as instructions” to the body through the infrared frequencies produced by the body to activate latent codes and otherwise healing properties of the body. For example, the X-39 patch activates a copper peptide to flood the body with stem cells, the building blocks of repair and maintenance of your one and only home! Nothing is delivered through the skin! Search Segment 4: for “age reversal”, “telomeres”  and “lobster” for example.

I have become a believer in David Schmidt because he is one of us! His hero is Tony Stark, he grew up with Star Trek,  comic books and he is an inventor with 100 patents, not so different from Elon Musk, but far more humble. Additionally, David’s work is also far more personal to your health and well being, and the health and well being of those around you.

Since the X-39 Stem Cell Activation patch was introduced in January of 1999, sales have gone from $30-40M a year, to $30-40M a month! Next year comes a patch… well, you can learn more in Segments 2 and 4. 

If you are interested in anti-aging, regeneration, and rehabilitation, longevity and everything about becoming more empowered, you are in the right place! If you want to help your body overcome the old stresses and aches and pains that have afflicted us all, I encourage you to review the below excerpts. Search Segment 2: “arterial plaque”, “exercise”, “supplement”, etc!

After you’ve watched a few videos, you can review some of the published information in the below links! Start with Video 2! 

If you want to try the X-39 for example, contact me for additional information. There is a 90-day money back guarantee..

Continued.. Heart energy field and spirituality. (4:09)
David Schmidt discusses the human heart, highlighting its powerful energy field that can be measured with a squid magnetometer, and how this field can predict heart disease years before it becomes a problem.
David Schmidt also explores the relationship between spirituality and the heart, suggesting that the heart is a source of spiritual power and energy.
David Schmidt discusses the numerical value of the Hebrew word for “heart,” which appears 765 times in the Bible, and how this can be seen as a mathematical code or signature left by God.
David Schmidt suggests that the number 9, which represents fulfillment, can be derived by adding the individual numbers of each occurrence of the word “heart” in the Bible.

Heart health and prevention using mathematical formulas. (9:46)
David Schmidt discovers pattern of 3s in Bible, representing God’s involvement.
David Schmidt reveals new technology to reverse human aging using formulas and equations, demonstrating effectiveness in healing peripheral nerve damage.
He criticizes the medical system for prioritizing surgery and drugs over preventative measures like exercise and nutrition.
David Schmidt argues that medical doctors are not trained in these preventative measures and are more focused on treating symptoms than preventing disease.

Preventative measures for heart disease. (17:06)
David Schmidt emphasizes the importance of exercise in preventing and reversing heart disease, citing clinical data that shows it’s more effective than any pharmaceutical drug.
David Schmidt also highlights the role of nutrition, genetics, and stress in contributing to heart disease, and suggests that techniques to reverse the human aging process can help mitigate serious disease.
David Schmidt discusses a study on exercise and cardiovascular disease, highlighting how both low-intensity and high-intensity exercise can reduce risk of heart disease.
The study found that even small improvements in fitness level can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, emphasizing the importance of working with a healthcare practitioner when making significant changes to diet or exercise.

Early warning signs of heart disease and aging. (22:59)
Early warning signs of heart disease include erectile dysfunction, poor circulation, high blood pressure, and excess weight.


Part 2 Video Summary:
Heart disease prevention using Titanic analogy. (0:00)
David Schmidt welcomes audience to heart-to-heart convention, promises to cover a lot of information on cardiovascular system.
David Schmidt compares heart disease to the Titanic, urging listeners to take preventative measures.


David Schmidt explains the importance of defining the aging process to develop effective anti-aging solutions.
Long-term use of anti-aging products (6-9 months) is necessary to see beneficial changes in gene expression.

Reversing heart disease naturally through exercise and nutrition. (28:43)
Exercise is crucial for maintaining strength and preventing falls in older adults.
Exercise with heavy weights can increase stem cells in the body.
David Schmidt highlights the benefits of vitamin D, including artery elasticity improvement and age reversal.

Natural remedies for improving blood flow and reducing arterial plaque. (35:53)
David Schmidt discusses natural ways to remove arterial plaque, including garlic, pomegranate, and omega-3s.
Speaker suggests natural remedies like garlic, vitamin C, and black ginger extract to improve nitric oxide levels and reduce arterial plaque.

Natural remedies for heart disease and COVID-19. (40:12)
Natto kinase found to reduce risk of heart disease, improve blood flow, and potentially prevent COVID symptoms.
David Schmidt recommends taurine and magnesium for lowering blood pressure, citing clinical studies showing their effectiveness.
David Schmidt also highlights the potential of DMSO and curcumin for treating cancer and heart disease.

Heart health and natural remedies. (45:22)
David Schmidt discusses clinical studies on patches, including heart rate variability, to measure effects on heart health.
Studies show measurable improvements in heart health within 6 weeks of using copper peptide patches, with favorable gene expression.
Carnosine supplementation shows significant improvements in strength and stamina within the first week, and protects telomeres from shortening.
David Schmidt recommends starting with x39 patches for stress reduction and long-term heart health benefits, working with a healthcare practitioner for personalized guidance.
Elevated anger and stress contribute to heart disease, while living in a state of love reduces stress and disease risk, promoting a healthier and more loving environment.

Continued..   and FedEx.
David Schmidt finds the challenge of developing technology that can surpass what big companies are doing to be exciting and rewarding, despite the odds being against a small company like theirs.

Overcoming challenges and using technology for good. (4:18)
Speaker overcomes laughter and criticism to pursue innovative idea, helping people in the process.
David Schmidt excites lifewave community with new technology and surprises.
John and his son developed a drone to respond to natural disasters faster than ever before.

Drone technology and its potential uses. (10:56)
Jim Caldwell and David Smith discuss the potential of their drone technology company, Lifewave, and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams despite obstacles.
David Schmidt reveals plans for drone technology with real-world applications, including humanitarian use and protection of health, food, and energy supplies.

Drone technology and its potential uses. (15:13)
David Schmidt discusses the capabilities of a drone, including its potential to carry large amounts of supplies and its ability to take off and land vertically.
David Schmidt highlights the drone’s advanced technology, including its 15-foot wingspan and the fact that it can take off in a short distance.
David Schmidt discusses the potential for drones to assist in search and rescue operations, including flying over large areas for extended periods of time to locate missing people. 

Speaker 2 highlights the advantage of having multiple drones and support staff to quickly respond to emergencies, with the goal of achieving 300 hours of flight time during testing. David Schmidt invented a nanotechnology foam for drones, reducing dry 

Part 3 Video Summary:
Innovation and growth in a tech company. (0:12)
Patch company transforms into tech company, leveraging drone technology for medical aid and search & rescue.
David Schmidt emphasizes the importance of research and development in the drone market, highlighting the significant investments made by large companies like Lockheed, Northrop, Amazon,

weight to 185 pounds while carrying over 200 pounds of payload.
Speaker 2 emphasized the importance of pursuing dreams and goals despite obstacles, citing the drone project as an example of overcoming naysayers and making a positive impact. 

Philanthropy and medical breakthroughs. (22:55)
Thomas Burke has been instrumental in creating donations for veterans and the military.
Speaker 4 describes how David’s new invention helped them walk without a cane after a car accident, amazed at the rapid improvement (27 words)
David Schmidt mentions the patching of carnosine along the spine to help with pain relief (25 words)

Humanitarian relief and donations to the Red Cross. (28:00)
Speaker 4 shares personal experience with military family, demonstrates medical products for veterans.
Thomas shares a true story of a veteran who was helped by the Red Cross after losing a leg in a conflict, and is now able to walk again with the help of a patch placed on his prosthetic.

Disaster relief and technology. (33:58)
David expresses support for Thomas’s work and encourages donations to the Red Cross.
Speaker 5 describes the Red Cross’s preparation and response to hurricanes, emphasizing the importance of solid organization and partnerships.
Speaker 5 takes a selfie with the audience to prove their presentation was successful and to gather ocular proof.
Speaker 5 highlights the American Red Cross’s international efforts and efficiency, stating that 91 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the mission.
David Schmidt concludes the event by emphasizing the importance of hope and the potential for goodness in the world, thanks to the work of the American Red Cross and its partners.

Continued..  Using nature to inspire anti-aging technology. (4:04)

David Schmidt discusses using spider silk as a material for clothing, inspired by nature.
David Schmidt explores biomimetics and age reversal by studying an ant species that increases lifespan five to six times.

Aging and cellular health using lobster blood as a model. (7:55)
David Schmidt discusses his research on age reversal mechanisms, using markers such as mitochondrial function, cell size, voltage, blood and urine testing, and telomere length to measure the effectiveness of his method.

Lobsters, despite aging in the wild due to predation and shell size limits, have been found to get stronger and healthier with age, providing a unique example of age reversal in a living organism.

Part 4 Video Summary:

Aging and longevity technology. (0:00)
David Schmidt thanks community for support, reveals upcoming product plans.
David Schmidt dreams of creating technology to prevent aging, drawing on religious beliefs and historical clues.


David Schmidt discovers numerical code in lobster blood, develops device to reverse cell aging by 3 years.

Aging and anti-aging technology. (14:04)
David Schmidt discovers error in blood-based age reversal device, revises design using iron instead of copper.

David Schmidt expresses gratitude for business success and unveils new “life waves 20th anniversary brandy”

A unique brandy with light-infused properties. (17:49)
David Schmidt announces limited-edition brandy infused with ginseng, ginger, and organic Florida orange blossom honey, available for complimentary tasting at awards gala.

David Schmidt expresses gratitude and looks to the future with light-infused brandy.

Continued..  David (different David) and his wife Spira were bedridden and desperate for a solution after years of struggling with health issues in Canada.

LifeWave employee expresses gratitude for company’s success and impact on their lives.

Leadership and company dedication. (7:21)
Speaker 2 highlights David Schmidt’s generosity in paying distributors for 9 months after Canada was shut down, despite the financial cost to the company.
Speaker 2 and an unnamed lady from Thailand share stories of companies deducting money from their future commissions due to fraud, but David Schmidt’s company did not do this.
Meredith Burkett is honored and thanked for their work as president.
David is praised as a leader and visionary, with an award.

Part 5 Video Summary:
A dedicated individual’s contributions to a company. (0:00)
Lifewave CEO praises long-time advisor for unwavering dedication and success in building the company.

Overcoming challenges with the help of a company. (3:05)

Global humanitarian award and song performance. (13:31)
Speaker 3 expresses gratitude for supportive colleagues and forgives themselves for not running an idea by the head of Special Projects.
Speaker 3 expresses gratitude for being recognized with a Global Humanitarian Award.
Speaker 3 inspires others with their work on the Mark 85 suit, while Speaker 1 expresses gratitude and Speaker 2 shares a personal anecdote.

Future innovations and sustainability. (20:15)
Iron Man fan from age 7, used comics to imagine a future of unity and progress.
Developing tech in harmony with nature to create a sustainable future.
Inventor thanks team for support, promises continued innovation and growth.

Continued..  Jim Caldwell and David introduce John Maxwell, who discusses the significance of entrances and the potential of teleportation technology.
David Schmidt discusses using the “epic” technology for remote meetings and training, with cameras and speakers allowing for interactive communication.
Speaker 2 shows off a smaller, more mobile version of the technology, called the “Mini Mobile.”
Speaker 2 discusses the potential of using a phone app to beam in to meetings or events remotely, allowing for greater flexibility and reach.
The example of using an iPhone app to beam in to a meeting in South Korea, Tokyo, or Portugal is given, with the ability to make presentations live to these groups as if in person.

Using holographic technology for business. (13:40)
Speaker 2 showcases technology that allows remote participants to beam in and interact live.
Howie Mandel demos proto hologram technology, travels globally without leaving room.
Speaker 5 shares their experience with LightWave technology, highlighting its potential for business growth.

Using holographic technology for business and personal use. (20:29)
Howie Mandel and others discuss the potential of a new technology that allows for live, remote appearances with a “big presence” and is “pandemic proof.”
Speaker 1 demonstrates computer graphics and holograms to show how patches can relieve pain and arthritis.

Part 1 Video Summary:
New communication technology. (0:00)
David Schmidt introduces new technology to revolutionize communication.
David Schmidt enthuses about new communication technology, showcasing its potential for revolutionizing communication.

Using teleportation technology for remote meetings. (5:06)

Speaker 2 discusses the potential of holographic technology to revolutionize the way businesses work, citing its ability to enhance collaboration and product design.
Speaker 2 highlights the company Proto Hologram’s support and partnership in developing and providing this technology.

Using AI technology to enhance business meetings. (27:29)
David is excited to showcase a new technology that allows for multiple Davids to exist in one place at once.
The group is impressed and eager to learn more about the technology and its potential uses.
Speaker 1 shares a story about how technology will reduce travel for salespeople, allowing them to do meetings all over the world from the comfort of their office.
Speaker 7 echoes this sentiment, highlighting the opportunity for personal connection and presence in different locations.
David generously offers complimentary AM units to a small first beta group test, with a value of $8,000 each.
The speakers announce the outstanding achievement and business building efforts of several individuals, recognizing their success and welcoming them to the stage.

Leadership and gratitude at a conference. (34:57)
David and Spirit Jumper are welcomed to the stage, along with other guests.
David Smith receives recognition and applause.

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