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cognition-iconLately I’ve been re-exploring focus.. We all do it and some more capably than others. Others have graduated to intention as their primary means of getting things done as we slip into a stream of reality creating which is less about focus and more about allowing. But it seems mind driven focus is what most do. And, one of the biggest discoveries about focus is that resistance is focus! When we understand Law of Attraction (what you focus on expands) and realize how much resistance we have in our lives..

suddenly we discover how we create much of our reality.

 Another example of focus is when someone becomes angry or reactive. Turns out they are generating massive amounts of focus with emotion as a catalyst. And while this is not a very effective way to get things done, for which you often regret where your attention went, it is a good example of a formula for reality creating. “Thought charged (catalyzed) by emotion creates reality.” Not only is fear and doubt or anger a catalyst for reality creating but so is knowing. What you know is so.

Take a look and see that what you know (accurate or not) is the source of much of your reality creation.

In reviewing the part that focus plays in our lives, I’ve come to see that thought is far less about “grinding ideas out of our heads” and far more about receptivity. In other words, we begin with focus, i.e., what we want to achieve or solve, and suddenly a thought or an insight becomes available out of thin air. We take that insight aligned with our initial impetus of focus, and another thought comes to it. And as we hold our focus, or possibly better said, align/morph our focus with our incoming thoughts..

we create a train of thought and end up with a conclusion and a creation!

What’s interesting is we assume the thoughts came out of our heads, but they don’t. We receive our thoughts! We are receivers. It’s what CORE Resonance is all about. Everything is a subset of God; everything is a means by which God, Innate Intelligence, Source, Universal Mind, etc., expresses through, and humans are no exception. Nada.

Humans are receivers and we get our insights, guidance and capacity to process, through our connection with this larger order.

antenna1aAs we come to understand we are receivers rather than “deciders,” as George Bush once said, we begin to recognize, and more importantly, begin to respect our inner connection. After all, this is where everything of interest comes from. Everything. Repeating the old does not have the same exhilaration as new thoughts coming in from your polished and refined connection with Spirit.

We are the intermediaries between heaven and earth. But don’t let that go to your heads. So is everything else on the planet including the entirety of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, and I am sure, far more.

The difference is that in the sophistication of our human nervous system, we have awareness. This suggests that the more sophisticated the nervous system, the  more likely animals and maybe even plants have awareness. It is also possible that in the more sophisticated nervous systems, there is an inner dialogue. And, it my guess that life is far more alive than we “think.”

We are receivers and once we understand this little tidbit about life, suddenly life get much easier.

Artists, creator types, writers, inventors, etc., and women (in general), are all reliant on how they feel. According to CORE Resonance this is called resonance or dissonance. We are attracted to resonance and tend to avoid dissonance. In general, women are far more reliant on intuition and how they feel. Women and many men are recognizing that how they feel tells them much more about a subject than simply adding and subtracting the old style “for and against” tally system of decision making.

All the while we are moving inward. We are learning how to listen to our gut, we are learning how to listen to our feelings (resonance and dissonance) and learning how to understand the relationship between how things feel and the results we achieve. How things feel brings a whole new level of depth to the concept of cause and effect. All of this begins and complements our inner dialogue.

And, in the subtleties of our inner dialogue, everything of interest becomes available.

As we begin to understand this inner cause and effect scenario, we become more reliant upon it and more trusting of our inner guidance. After all, this is where our ideas come from, this is where our right decisions come from, and this is where we find our center. This is also the center of our spiritual nature. Eban Alexander, M,D., an American neurosurgeon, initially believed that the electrical nature of our brain is our center and once we die, the lights go out. That’s it. But in his extreme 7 day coma, he came to see that..

life is far bigger and far more connected than just a bunch of neurons firing on their own.

 We have within us access to not only ideas and insights and intuitive choices but a capacity to “let go and let God do the driving,” so to speak. The human being is a receiver and it is this discovery of our inner nature that it becomes safe to let go and allow a more refined component of our nature become present. As we discover how to listen to first our intuition and insight and discern the truth of something through how it feels..

we learn to trust the source of this information and insight.

As we learn to rely on something so much bigger than ourselves alone, we gain insights on how to turn the planet around. As we are coming to see, the humans are quite dysfunctional and without access to our inner guidance, we make misstep after misstep. The problem is we are approaching/ have approached..

or are beginning to see the folly of our mind-made and generally reactionary decisions in our rear view mirror. And, it is getting a bit late.

We are in trouble as a species and unless we make a decision to find our way within, we are likely to learn cause and effect the hard way. Luckily, manmade reality creating is held together by the cheapest of glues (fear and doubt, reactionary posturing, manipulation, etc.), and re-enabling our partnership with Innate Intelligence brings exponential solutions. After all, the Universe is solutions-oriented (don’t tell me you think outer space is dead space) and as the most sophisticated nervous system on the planet..

we have access to guidance and a way to evolve to our next level of being.

It is important that we begin to do so now. And I suspect that as humanity gets its back up against a wall, we will rise to the occasion. And curiously, if you are not familiar, there are technologies that indicate that a very small percentage of individuals with an intact connection can make a world of difference. Exponential in fact. Check out The Maharishi Effect, The Map of Consciousness and the synopsis of The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies: for an enlightened world as a beginning point.

The planet is in need of a few good ideas. At least we now know where to find good ideas and how to contribute.

 Let me know if you’d like some help.


Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum

                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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