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Synopsis of CORE Resonance

There seems to be a fundamental disorder in the world. Humankind seems to be milling about while Rome burns. Right before our very eyes, humanity is racing up against a point of no return in part generated by our naïve use of fossil fuels and turning oceans, rivers and our atmosphere into dumping grounds. As well, we have allowed dysfunctional multi-national corporations and greed to undermine our personal health and sacrifice the ecosystem put in place by Mother Nature.

While some understand the problem, there are a great many who are unable to grasp the problem much less the solution, and instead polarize the issue to a stalemate. It appears we are frozen in place when we should be actively stewarding our one and only planet, not so different from attending an incredible garden in space. Because of polarity, the species seems powerless to make change at a crucial point in human evolution. In fact, destruction may come to our one and only planet by our own hand.

It appears humanity has no solution, no direction and polarization seems to stop us in our tracks.

On the other hand, it is curious that we live in a world of vast order. The sun rises and sets each day, planets go around the sun in perfect order, tides go in and out, buds appear on plants in the spring and there is an almost inexpressible variety of life on this planet sustained by an equally abundant source of food available for all. At the same time, human starvation is increasing across the planet.

Why the dichotomy?

According to the ancient Vedas and other ancient traditions, the solution comes in the form of coherence. Coherence by its very nature dissipates disorder. Coherence brings order to disorder. If one were to attempt to describe the vast order found on and off planet earth, it would be found to be “natural law” or coherent Order. Coherence is the opposite of disorder/ disorganization/ dissonance, “polarity,” “fighting what’s wrong” and short-sighted thinking.

In fact, there is a solution for the human condition and it looks like governance delivered as Natural Order. This Order is found as the world of coherence which has a present day validation in science. [Additional reference.] Coherence is perfectly evident in an overview of Nature’s system of success–found on and off this planet.

This Order that pervades everything is as simple as plugging into it! After all, it is available to one and all and something we learn to subtly sense through our nervous system; not so different from a living antenna system sensing outward!

If one were to attempt to describe the frequency of god, god could easily be defined as coherence. Coherence brings order (and beauty) to all levels of creation. Some might describe the frequency of god as love. Curiously, love and coherence are very close if not ultimately identical in nature. Love dissipates disorder and brings order. Coherence dissipates disorder and brings order. Coherence is direct and takes no effort other than learning how to let go of the mind which is synonymous with resistance. Coherence is not of the mind and cannot be distorted. Love, if driven by the mind, is bound to be distorted.

CORE Resonance has found a way to deliver coherence into the realm of humankind and does so under the auspices of nontraditional sciences presently available and understood by the conscious-seeking population of the planet. The Maharishi Effect is a well understood exponential multiplier of solutions for humanity, The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins delivers an explanation of exponential multipliers (ultimately delivered as a reduction of resistance and increase in allowing and non resistance), and a paper written in 1922 by two Columbia University professors titled “Are Inventions Inevitable?” delivers evidence that we are part of a larger Coherent Order—if but we would/ could listen/ “tune in.”

Additionally, Abraham of Abraham-Hicks has been saying for a very long time: “one person connected to Source is more powerful than one million who are not.”

Coherence and exponential multipliers are of the same family. In fact, coherence is the engine behind exponential multipliers. Exponential multipliers or exponential contribution is a phenomenon by which an action can have exponential ramifications by delivering a single action that has far reaching results. A single action that reaches multiples of lives and generates massive positive influence is seen as exponential contribution.

greta thunberg, superpowersFor example, the more coherent Greta Thunberg is, the larger the influence she generates. Curiously, Greta claims to have “superpowers!” In fact, the many “forms” of autism may very well be aspects of direct connection with Source, not so different from child protégés, etc. All of us should learn to access our superpowers!

As an aside, most people are naturally drawn to coherent speakers and coherent leaders! When people speak or act coherently, people are drawn similar to a magnet because that’s what coherence is. On the other hand, polarized people are drawn to dissonance. Thankfully dissonance draws but does not have the advantage of exponential multiplication! An example of polarity/ dissonance arose the same morning I wrote this statement.

Coherence and exponential contribution is the solution to the ills of polarized humanity “milling about” sans an intact connection with Source and Guidance. Coherence delivers connection to and through the masses, delivers natural order and accordingly, the world becomes a vastly better place!

CORE Resonance Training™ is about using hardware/ software/ proprietary neurofeedback to give the brain exercises such that the brain begins to recognize itself through the hardware and software exercises. As the brain finds itself, it begins to organize itself, not so different from a blind person becoming able to see. The hardware/ software is similar to a “technology mirror” for which the brain begins to understand its relationship to itself, and accordingly moves toward increasing efficiency and organization on its own through the exercises.

This is not so different from defragging a hard drive—except the brain is in charge.
Note: CORE Resonance Training™ delivers no programming to the brain whatsoever.

CORE Resonance Training™ is particularly effective because almost every brain on the planet is in overload–somewhere between overload and massive overload. This overload displays itself as variations of rigidity, resistance and reactionary and defensive posturing, not to mention the many variations of polarity. It also displays itself as short-sightedness, the mid-life crisis, abuse of others/ anything less than kindness, and otherwise the litany of 21st century complaints that all have become accustomed to.

Anything less than unconditional love, i.e., no resistance to our Maker, is the source of a brain in overload.

When the brain is in overload its ability to perceive subtly, i.e., sense its subtle connection with Source is far less available. As we allow the brain to quiet down, to re-enable its natural state of connection with Source, the Subtle becomes accessible. As this occurs, the mind naturally relents and presence becomes dominant, not so different from a two-way valve opening up. We then become enabled of a coherent world, delivered as guidance, insight and our subtle connection and appears as massive experiences of synchronicity, harmony and order–far beyond what we could ever produce on our own!

And, we discover “the ride of our life!” in sync with others expressing in a similar manner.

As we become more effective at putting the mind aside, again the mind is synonymous with resistance and a closed two-way valve, we rise to our potential which is found in our partnership with Innate Intelligence. In partnership with Innate Intelligence; as a host or vessel for Innate Intelligence to express through us, we become enabled of exponential contribution (“superpowers?”) and deliver coherence at untold levels to a world in need of a few good ideas.

More importantly, for those who wish to make a difference, grounding coherence into the realm of humankind is the project of a lifetime and comes with many benefits–both personal and global!  By plugging into Source, we can become exponentially influential and become part of a solution “just in time!”

Heaven on earth/ coherence is no farther away than an idea whose time has come.

It is a very good use of our time.


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Reference: 1st Colony (video record of the first six months)