I am a farmer and businessman in Yuma Arizona. Jim was referred to me by an associate and I asked his advice on a business matter back in 1998. I have been coming to him, occasionally meeting with him personally, and he has been advising me ever since. He has an overview and intelligence that solves problems and brings solutions each and every time – and the range of subjects he is able to address (including a nasty divorce) keeps me coming back. He tells me I am his longest running client and that what he does is called Business Coaching. But to me it is Life Coaching, Living Life Coaching, Legal Experience Coaching, Business Strategy Coaching, and plain old Common-Sense Coaching. He has an overview that I am quite appreciative of and I trust him implicitly. I am indebted to him for his time, experience, sense of what is true and correct, and his ability to get the job done again and again. Recently (Feb 2014), I offered him a significant fee to solve a problem that I created for myself that needed to be solved immediately. He cleared his desk, and though it took 2+ weeks to solve the problem, he did it. Well worth the money!