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VIDEO  Thinking is commonly assumed to be about internally processing information, grinding through facts and other resource materials and then acting upon those thoughts. Instead, thinking is far more about intuitive insights, receptivity and a subtle discernment that allows for a drawing of 527196_bconclusions that did not exist before. And while intuition seems to “just come to us,” and most would like better access to intuition, most do not realize that intuition is a huge component of thought.

Thought is even more subtle than intuition because we are actively involved in the process for which intuition is drawn in as an active component of thought.

It is the process of grounding thought (and the gap between our thoughts) into this world that potentially makes us so much more capable than the rest of life on this planet. It is in a conscious understanding of our partnership with intuition (and where intuition comes from) that we truly get our power and our authority. And, it is in the embracing (and re-discovery) of this larger component of ourselves, that we truly begin to wake up.

It is in becoming an active intermediary between heaven and earth, that we step into our strengths, accept our power, and adventure forth.

Thinking is not simply about grinding out answers as is commonly thought. Thinking is not solely about processing information from an accumulation of information available to us. Instead, thinking uses the discernment of subtle sensing as a component of thought. Thinking is a process of ranging about in a sensing-type manner, discerning for the answer, i.e., feeling around for the next part of the thought as we go forward.

If we were to pay attention, we can discover that our thoughts come to us “between our thoughts.” Or as we have discussed, God, Innate Intelligence, Source, etc., speaks to us between our thoughts. 

It is this gap that deserves our special attention and study.

Resonance is what we feel when we are experiencing the achievement of what we wish to do/ be/ achieve/ accomplish/ think or have. Establishing or discerning the object of our attention or goal, we resonate, “latch on,” and compile our thoughts similar to a train. It is in this process of guidance as resonance that our thoughts come to have dimension and stability. We then act on our thoughts. This is the act of creation and what humanity does so uniquely well.

Creation is the conclusion of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds.  And, it all begins as a thought!

Curiously then, realities are a product of our thoughts which are generated by focus or intention, grown by our connection with the Cosmos as intuition, guided by the resonance of how they feel, for which we then manifest a completed thought for which reality then ensues. This is what makes the human being the most valuable resource on the planet but also subject to the most abuse.

This is also the means by which we discover how to become responsible for our outcomes, individually and collectively.

It is interesting to note that America’s founding fathers understood this creation formula and our relationship with the Cosmos, God, Universal Mind, the Divine, etc. America as a nation, the United States of America, came to be founded upon the newfangled idea that our thoughts (and accordingly our labor) was our own; that our thoughts were a product of our connection with Innate Intelligence, God, etc. And, that we were able to exist (combined with our connection to the Cosmos) on our own, instead of subservient to a king or gov or ruler (benevolent or not), who said what was so.

In other words, the destiny of our country was founded upon the realization that humanity creates, and that to unleash humanity to express itself was paramount to the success of the species, the nation and the individual. Which, by the way, created the richest nation the world has ever known. Initially, America’s gov was created in limitation, i.e., not to lead, but to protect the fundamental rights of individuals to do/ be/ have what they wanted in sync with their sacred Innate Connection.

Thus Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness became the foundation of the American way of life as found in The Declaration of Independence.

Life is, of course, the fundamental right to exist seemingly unavailable to many on this planet. Liberty is the right to move about freely, again seemingly unavailable to many. The Pursuit of Happiness is the ownership of one’s thoughts, labor, and the extension of one’s thoughts and labor, to the exclusion of all others. This inner authority is clearly abused by those who would say it is so.

And, as we have lost sight of the importance of our fundamental power to create, we have lost sight of the nature of our fundamental rights, and accordingly, the protection of those rights.

The Declaration of Independence, the “prequel” to the American constitution, understood the fundamental nature of human beings to be left to learn, discern and express themselves in sync with their connection with their Maker. It is this conscious connection with one’s Maker that human beings become resolute and strong, and even invincible. As the humans began to look to artificial entity governance for leadership, insights and answers, instead of themselves and their Innate Connection, America began to falter.

What was once created to protect the inalienable rights of individuals instead became the giver of rights, “the Decider,” and the one who says it is so. America as a country and its people lost its way. 

This lack of responsibility is also the source of the demise of the environment because without our power, the corporations (artificial entities) run amuck.

Once we lost that internal spark, that internal guidance, and instead looked to what we initially created in limitation (gov), we began to rely on something outside of ourselves. Once we began to rely on something that was incapable of that intuitive connection that is so essential to human life, we started to flounder individually, collectively and as a nation. America is now $20+ trillion in debt because we no longer know what is true.

Instead, we take advice and leadership from others.

It is in our reliance on our partnership with Source, access to that gap between our thoughts, that we again become alive and live, move and have our being. That resonating, that knowing, then extends itself out in a magnetic manner to match up with other similar resonating individuals and activities…

is the beginning of how we learn how to again become aligned with what is true, i.e., in-sync with each other again.

Hence, begin colonies of thought which evolve into colonies of individuals became aligned with the truth. Colonies™ of individuals aligned with the truth become exponentially contributive in a world that had been reduced to the smeared indistinctancy of a black and white reality that makes no sense.

Our time has come. It is about humans and our connection with the truth of our being such that we discover that our unlimited potential and so begin to act.


Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum

                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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