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015_Allow “Allowing” To Do Life’s Heavy Lifting!

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Note: this article is still a draft but almost complete 🙂

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The VisionariesLab blog series is designed to create a conversation around the source of truest success and ultimate personal performance. As we come to understand the mechanics of true success, we become empowered like never before. After all, before the humans can save the whales and the bumble bees, we have to save ourselves. As we step into our power, we become exponential in our contribution for making the world a better place!

Anyone can submit questions, anyone can join the conversation and anyone can step into their truest power. Let me know your thoughts. You can write me at COREresonance.com/contact, or comment at the bottom of this page or in the comments section of the videos on Vimeo.


Rev. James Hamilton

Thoughts and Notes:

The nice part about video blogging with Rob’s help is that I develop material so much faster and it gets published so much quicker. And, I’ve stumbled onto a great new concept: Choice Points™ and Allowing “Allowing” 🙂

I’ve been using the term Choice Points™ for about six weeks now and it’s a reference to making choices for which the world of allowing unfolds. As we come to understand allowing, allowing is more of a “hand’s off” approach to things. But we don’t “just allow” as many have learned. Instead, allowing needs to be steered, preferably from a higher perspective. This is where Choice Points™ come in.

Choice Points™ are points of reference for which new action ensues. In the past, we would make choices, and then chase the new choices down until we completed them! And we have all seen the short-sighted results of what we can produce with the mind. In fact, “mind-driven” generally brings us “more of the same.”

Instead, not so different from a ship’s rudder, we make choices (small or large) and watch/ sense to see what happens! As we get better at choices (Choice Points™), we learn to steer away from dissonance and toward coherence! And, as we make coherent Choice Points™, and make other coherent Choice Points™, not so different from adjusting a ship’s rudder to steer the ship, we move into coherent relationship with our surroundings.

As we become more conscious, we begin to see the gap between choices and the results we achieve. This is where we consciously establish new Choice Points™ and allow again and again. In the podcast, I talk about students of meditation, who meditate for hours a day and simply become ungrounded. Instead, we need quality choices, meditation and allowing. And, as we learn to make choices and refine our choices and allow, we achieve results which come alive as a very coherent lifestyle.

In fact, we can go from coherent experience to coherent experience and “allow” life at its very best to rise up and meet us on our journey.

There is so much more available than we know. It turns out the Universe is solutions-oriented. We simply need to move past mind-driven analysis paralysis, blend into our potential and blossom as our most coherent self.

True success is as natural as breathing, or a heartbeat, or a beautiful dream, and only a series of Choice Points™ away.

Rev. James Hamilton

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015_Allow “Allowing” To Do Life’s Heavy Lifting!

Description: As we master the world of allowing, we become enabled of a lifestyle far beyond what we normally believe to be possible. “Choice Points™,” not so different from a ship’s rudder, delivers us away from dissonance and toward coherence. As we become more coherent, we make better choices, and allowing becomes easier. Choice Points™ and allowing “allowing” to do the heavy lifting delivers the life we truly want!

Deciding not to work with a client. (3:55)
Colon is the Atlantic side, and Panama City is the Pacific side.
Choice Points™ create true and useful momentum!
How do you know when making a choice is important? (5:42)
How to know when making a choice is important.
Choices are ever evolving.
The science of Choice Points™.
Why Choice Points™ should always be toward more coherence.
Watch how your Choice Points™ unfold. (9:08)
The importance of Choice Points™ and allowing.
Choice Points™ are always toward coherence and at least away from dissonance.

Part 1 Video Summary:
Introduction. (0:04)
Introduction to Jim Hamilton, author of five books and inventor of several technologies.
Choice Points™.
Jim’s introduction to Choice Points™. (2:03)
Introduction to choice points and the panama canal story.
An example of Choice Points™.

The analogy of Choice Points™ and letting go.(11:44)
The Choice Points™ analogy.
The two analogies of things that Austin dropped.
How to make choices toward coherence. (14:06)
Coherence is more and more order.
The art of living was a Choice Points™.
How to make a choice that feels good. (17:07)
Making choices that feels good is fulfilling.
Letting go of things that aren’t fulfilling.
An example of synchronicity and order. (19:32)
Introducing a new client for the first time.
The power of small choices.
Using Choice Points™ to move away from dissonance. (20:52)

Meditation too many hours a day.
Meditation alone isn’t the answer. (3:13)
Meditation alone is not the answer.
The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches.
How does meditation support you in your life? (4:50)
Meditation is a piece of a larger puzzle.
Meditation in a cave somewhere.
What meditation is about.
Meditation is an introspective journey that everyone must take.
How meditation opens you up to the world. (8:31)
Intuitive insight and connection with Source becomes evident and available.
Meditation is the beginning of the process.
The sooner you start meditation, the better. (10:49)
Being the second generation of meditators delivers even more!

Part 2 Video Summary:
Rob’s introduction. (0:04)
Introduction to Jim Hamilton and the growth and transformation movement.
The concept of allowing
The story of students who became ungrounded by too much meditation. (1:39)
Secondhand knowledge in Fairfield, Iowa and Maharishi International University.

Jim meditated twice a day for 10 years before he ever took a break during America’s summer in 1983.
Meditation is one piece of the puzzle.
We all start out in overload.
Overload is what increases the human condition. (14:08)
Overload is what increases the human condition.
Human potential is limited by a brain on overload.
Core Resonance and meditation. (15:26)
CORE Resonance, meditation and neurofeedback.
Truthfully, a lifetime of meditation is not enough!
The brain and nervous system are one mechanism.
Meditation is a crucial component of learning about yourself and your inner nature.
Core Resonance.com. (19:04)
How to get more information about CORE Resonance.
Coreresonance.com and visionarieslab.com
Using the mind as a tool to its best advantage. (20:36)

nervous system.
What you focus on expands.
You can build anything out of nothing.
The silver linings in all problems.
The power of allowing and letting go. (6:57)
Refining and allowing Choice Points™.
Being at one of these choice points is not intimidating.
What are choice points and allowing points? (8:43)
Reestablishing patterns and habits after a major choice.
Self-healing and self-reflection.
The role the Cosmos plays in all life on planet earth.

Part 3 Video Summary:
Rob’s introduction. (0:04)
Introduction of Rob Christie and Jim Hamilton.
How allowing fits into the equation.
Rob’s thoughts on making choices. (2:01)
Making big choices that can be difficult.
In 2023, we are all making choices faster than ever.
How to listen to your gut? (4:02)
The gut has its own nervous system, the enteric

How allowing does the heavy lifting.
Allow to do the heavy lifting. (13:16)
The basic dilemma of a submarine crew in a movie.
The tiny rudder adjustments.
Learning to listen to our internal mechanism. (15:44)
Living in Sedona and the Sedona car wash.
The importance of Choice Points™.
Coming to a dead stop until poor momentum stops. (18:53)
Life runs on its own if you will let it.
The first step is to come to a dead stop.
If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. (20:51)

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