Limited Availability Proposal
CORE Resonance Reset™ Coaching Program

  • Unlimited 4 month one-on-one coaching program
  • Facilitated by author and visionary J.Hamilton.
  • $4000 (net) in 4 equal payments or
  • Payment in full (net) includes 1 extra month 

First 6 weeks

  • Preparation for the experience of CORE Resonance Training™ Sessions.
  • Introduction to foundational principals and concepts including a detailed understanding of Law of Attraction
  • Resistance, allowing and the part contrast plays in one’s reality creating
  • Intro and awareness to unconsciously chosen habitual patterns and habits that run one’s life
  • The initial revamping of one’s patterns and habits is introduced
  • The importance of doing what you love
  • What lies beyond resistance and subconsciously held patterns and habits

Next 8 weeks

  • 15 CORE Resonance Training™ Sessions to be delivered at a rate of 2 Sessions per week
  • Introduction to one’s inner nature, i.e., that fateful and introspective journey that all must take
  • Quiet the brain and accordingly the mind, to increase brain processing power (more horsepower)
  • Enhance one’s reality creating by reducing resistance and reactionary posturing in one’s life
  • Subtly process unconsciously held trauma
  • Evidence of newfound synchronicity, harmony and order in one’s life
  • Re-establish and refine new patterns and habits
  • A new foundation is created for going forward
  • Note: We introduce the brain to itself through hardware/software and as the brain discovers itself, it cleans itself up. Itself! There is no programming or imprinting whatsoever

Last 3 weeks

  • Intro to the importance of open-ended patterns and habits and the freeing of brain resources such that one’s inner dialogue becomes available. Allowing, as a component of Law of Attraction (instead of resistance) becomes the road forward. Refined reality creating ensues. Time opens up.

Required reading: (available in audio) (included)

  • Visionaries Thrive In All Time: Law of Attraction at Work
  • CORE Resonance: ultimate personal performance
  • What if Prosperity Has Nothing to do with Money
  • The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies™

Recommended Reading

  • The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan

Note: Fees may rise significantly at any time