I came up with an expression on the 21st of Nov..
The expression is:
Doors Untold Unfold…

I came up with “Spiritual Branding” a few days later.
Spiritual Branding starts from the ground up..
clearing the land and the property and the intention.

And then clearing the people immediately involved.
Then Feng Shui the property properly for greatest energy return and exchange..
And with that foundation, refining and defining one’s self from a spiritual
perspective, purpose and contribution.

Allowing that essence that begins with the land and through the people to
rise up as one’s true identity and form.

Subtly sharing one’s identity between one’s neighbors and friends and even
subtly marketing to the commercial world.

Each property and people (caretakers) finding and refining their own
identities through their purpose and the earth’s..

Of course, the earth has its own message as it rises up through the
caretakers of the land and the business as one…

Blending and rising up, rooted in true reality with the stars above, we all
become more.

(Heaven on Earth become our reality and our truth)
We express and we share what is true.
It is our very nature.

It is a good use of our time.