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For those interested in the future of our move into the Age of Aquarius and individualized growth in this time of the New Earth, please take time to become familiar with Jim Hamilton and CORE Resonance. This very talented author and “cosmic scientist” introduced himself to me through his first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times in 2009. He has since been a guest on my television program, AM Light: The Universal Mind at Work six times. Each time he introduces more levels of depth to what he has to offer. A passage in Visionaries Thrive In All Times offers the essence of his powerful understanding:

“To heal the planet, we have to have the courage to look at things in a new way.”

The homepage of his newly revised CORE Resonance website gives a further explanation for what this understanding does to make us aware of the New Earth time that we are entering.

“CORE Resonance is about re-enabling your natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence. Around here (CORE Resonance), we refer to Innate Intelligence, Source, the Cosmos, Universal Mind, Truth, God, etc., interchangeably.

He goes on to say:

“If you will review your surroundings, you will see that everything in Nature, i.e., the entire plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, align to a single governance, a single order and a single authority. In other words, there is an order that everything abides by and in so doing everything meshes and thrives.”

There is so much insight in Jim’s work that one must seriously consider his work. He offers a guide to take us into a new time on our planet and far deeper into our humanity. To empower you through this new planetary time of awakening, take time to get acquainted with the gift of Jim Hamilton’s insight and understanding. [Jim's video interviews with Arlene Merschat (003 - 007) can be found here.]