Los Angeles Attorney
I am astounded by the world of nonresistance! Once I settled into it at around 40 sessions, it is a very miraculous way of being with the world. I am most surprised by how problems solve themselves if they are allowed to. I have always been a doer and my mind has always been in the middle of things–thought not always making things better! By relaxing and letting life take its course, and by not reacting, i.e., by not creating further disorder, problems resolve themselves. Seems everything necessary to solve a problem is right there, or soon will be. Hard to explain but hands-off works! I have to say Jim is on to something big. Further, he has developed an outstanding insight into what makes the world tick. He has been able to show me a whole new way to, not only view the world but create outcomes that are much more useful for all concerned. We have had some very powerful telephone consultations, my perspectives have grown immeasurably and I am very pleased with my new life. Thank you Jim and thank you CORE Resonance!