Mr. Hamilton Go to to see the review I left for Visionaries Thrive In All Times. Also, here’s the text of an email I just sent to Sonia Miller, author of the new book, “The Attraction Distraction.” I thank both of you for transforming my life. Thank you so, so, so, so much. ..last half of a long email: Thirdly, somewhere in those moments that I stumbled upon your book and website, I also stumbled upon a book, “Visionaries Thrive In All Times” by J. Hamilton. His book arrived from Amazon a couple of days before yours did so I started his first. Ohmygoodness. INCREDIBLE. COMPLETELY FORGOT I EVEN **HAD** YOUR BOOK FOR A FEW DAYS!! I purposely skipped entirely his first 5 chapters (I pretty much have the information in those chapters embedded in my system already) & started reading his book at Chapter 6. By the time I got through his chapter on Allowing, I was a changed person for life. When I finished his book, I was transformed for life. HE IS EXCELLENT!!! Afterwards, I promptly started your book (this weekend). I’m halfway through your book as of today. And today, I went to and put in a review for his book, recommending to all who will read the review in the future that his book AND YOURS are must buys. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU MS. MILLER. YOUR BOOK IS ***EXCELLENT*** My name is Yashila Josephine and very soon, I’m going to be as nationally and internationally famous as Oprah, known specifically for my work giving to and sharing with children, teens and adults information and opportunities relating to jobs and careers. And EVERY TIME THERE’S A MICROPHONE IN FRONT OF MY FACE, I’M GOING TO MENTION YOUR BOOK AND J. HAMILTON’S. BECAUSE YOU TWO HELPED ME TO FINALLY GET IT. THANK YOU SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH. BOTH OF YOU. (If you haven’t read J.Hamilton’s books, I’d recommend it to even an expert as yourself. As an expert, you might find his repetition annoying but for a intermediate student of Kabbalah and the Law of Attraction, his style of repetition is just what I needed. )