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VIDEO  Order is the end result of what we all aspire to. We all have differing levels of order in our lives and it seems the more order we have, the more our wishes and dreams are fulfilled, the more pleasurable our experiences and relationships, and ultimately the closer to God we become in our lives.

DochuLa Pass BhutanAbsolute Order is found in the oceans and forests and mountain ranges of the world. Even as trees age and fall, as avalanches occur and oceans dry up, there is Order. Anywhere humanity has yet to tread, we find Order. You might find healthy human interaction within a forest or mountain range and that would tend to look like a monastery or other spiritual or indigenous endeavor in step with Nature’s unfolding.

Order naturally begets efficiency as I touched on in the last newsletter All Life Seeks God. Order brings peace.

The kind of Order we are talking about is the highest scale of Order imaginable. It is the direct reflection of Innate Intelligence expressing as a forest or the seas or the mountains or weather or Nature or the planets circling the sun. This kind of Order is seemingly not found in the neighborhoods of man, the nations of man, or any other endeavor of man (including “presidential” debates:). It will soon be discovered that in our adolescence as a species we are resistant to Order.

And, as we discover what makes us tick, we will return to this highest Order merely as the most efficient possibility for our own expression.

Allowing in its simplest form allows this Order that is all-pervasive to naturally extend itself. You might say that where there is no resistance, there is Order and where there is resistance there are varying degrees of disorder. The only resistance I am aware of is found within mankind, i.e., the mind of man. Other than man, Order absolutely abounds, no if’s, ands, or buts.

CORE Resonance sees humanity as a species on overload. We have somehow moved away from our natural state of connection with this Order and thus moved away from the Guidance that this Order naturally exudes. Instead, we are quite dysfunctional as a species.

In other words, in Order there is no resistance and in Order everything Thrives.
In Order, there is no dysfunction.

Lobster and fish lay millions of eggs, trees drop an unlimited number of seeds and pollen and our garden vegetables offer far more seeds than required for existence. Not only is there plenty to maintain themselves as a species but also feed every tom, dick and harry who comes around.

Nature Thrives.

Nature is of abundance and thriving; Order is of abundance and thriving. Abundance and thriving are examples of what differentiates true Order from man-made order. And as I’ve recently demonstrated in the article, An Interesting Discovery, where man treads, he leaves, among other things, vast debt.

Order is the opposite.

The question then becomes how can we have Order in our lives.
We can always do what we are asked to do, i.e., sit alphabetically as in grade school, put our nose on the sidewalk as policemen lately seem to expect, or simply do what “the powers that be,” whether it be the church, state or banking system suggests is in our best interest. Or, in looking for Order, we can ascribe to the highest Order that abounds; the Order that the mountain tops, the oceans and the forests, i.e., Nature (and man[1] in his highest aspirations), naturally ascribes to.

In stepping into this highest scale of Order, everything of importance becomes available.  And, to get to this Order, we have to allow, allow, and continue to allow. Or as some would say, “turn the other cheek.” Allowing is a recognition that the scale of Order that all of Nature abides by is good enough for us. As we discern the nature of this Order, we discover that it becomes available to us as we let go of trying to be in charge in our own little way.

For after all, resistance brings us more of the same. Allowing brings us more of the same.

Abraham of Abraham-Hicks introduced Law of Attraction into the world which basically said that what we focus on expands. Once we discover the power of resistance; once we discover that resistance is focus (and focus often with the catalyst of emotion behind it[2]), do we get our first hint about how much of our reality is created by variations of resistance.

Suddenly we have discovered the mechanism behind human dysfunction.

In other words, what we resist persists, what we resist, i.e., what we focus on, we become joined at the hip. What we resist teaches us about what we do not want in our lives, or better said, how to make new choices.

Resistance and Allowing seem to be the two big choices–and handily they are choices.

Humanity’s reality creating is the product of a formula that includes variations of resistance. Resistance keeps us small, keeps us in poverty of thoughts, words, actions and deeds and otherwise, in resistance to the truest abundance of all: the flow that generates, over and over again, the magic of synchronicity, harmony and order in our lives. It is in allowing that a new type of glue that holds our days together becomes possible. A world of Order that cannot otherwise be achieved.

As we learn to allow, our worlds grow stronger, more succinct and increasingly reliable.

So, allowing allows us to achieve a new kind of momentum, a new kind of inertia and a new series of choices that soon enough begins to be felt as magical Synchronicity, Harmony and Order. And, while we might have to start out small, albeit small allowings initially, i.e., where we once resisted and instead begin to allow, Order begins to fill that space. As we learn to allow, we begin to become a bit happier and a bit more pleased with our day-to-day experiences and outpourings.

And most importantly, as we become more allowing, allowing becomes easier.

We can actually use allowing to extract ourselves from any experience that no longer serves us because resistance inadvertently amplifies “what we do not want.” And while allowing is how we exchange what we have in our lives, i.e., an abusive relationship, tension between co-workers, or just that lack of magic in our step because we find so much fault with the world (resistance), allowing is how we break that “joined at the hip” experience many of us experience in our lives.

With enough allowing, we can disband that difficult relationship, that doom and gloom outlook on life, and bring our vision and result to a higher frequency.[3] (Which, by the way, is how humanity works its way out of its muddle.) See Conscious Consentience

Allowing dissipates a dysfunctional relationship that can otherwise grow into vast resentment/ resistance. It is in a proper type of allowing, a conscious type of allowing that the bonds created by resistance, reactionary posturing and resentment begin to fall away. The easiest way is to find (focus on) what you like/ want in the other person/ scenario, and put your attention and allowing there. Another is to imagine what kind of relationship you would like to have, and see it or attempt to see it in this other person or scenario.

And eventually, one of two things will happen. This person/ scenario will slowly morph right before your very eyes into the product of your focus and attention, i.e., we irrevocably change the dynamic of the relationship by no longer resisting (hint: no longer participating in the old dynamic), or this person/ scenario falls away because the dynamic no longer feeds that person.

And, someone/ scenario who is more of a match to what you hold as your vision will become available..

The only way to get out of an energetically dysfunctional relationship is to move your attention and focus to a new level. As we learn how to allow what we want rather than push away what we don’t want, not only do we become empowered, we begin to step into an Order that brings us more of what we do want. As we learn to allow, our realities begin to show up as more Order which engulfs what we once believed to be a problem.

We discover that dysfunctional relationships teach us the truth about our Nature. We have much to be thankful for as they either line up or drift away to be a match somewhere down the line, and the education continues.

Next thing you know, we have momentum heading in the direction of more and more Order based on allowing and we have inadvertently become the leader of ourselves and even others. As we learn to apply allowing instead of resistance; as we learn to apply allowing more and more efficiently and more and more effectively, we will (naturally) see more and more Order in our lives.

And, on its own, we will see a chain reaction of allowing based on our intention and focus and even more importantly, letting go filter out into the world. See  The Maharishi Effect and the The Map of Consciousness

Allowing is worthy of our efforts. As we allow, life naturally carries us along to results far beyond our capacity to project on our own.

And, in a more sophisticated understanding, Allowing delivers you to Presence. Presence delivers you to Guidance. And Guidance delivers you to Order. Order then meets up with you.

This is what CORE Resonance is all about.

It is a very good use of your time.


How do you apply the above to your daily life and enhance your business prospects and personal relationships?

  • How do we become more efficient?
  • What does “ultimate personal performance” look like?
  • And why might insight to this process be valuable?
  • How might the above be applied to a “team” moving forward?

Contact me for additional information.


[1] Male/female/singular/plural

[2] by the way, a basic/beginner formula for reality creating

[3] Seriously abusive relationships are different. With help, safely remove yourself from the situation.


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