In a linear projecting forward based on your interpretation of the mind, the mind is the source of many of the very serious problems humanity faces. And begs the question, are all we here for is to rise up and fail? Maybe a millennium later to rise up again and fail again as a species? Destroying everything in our path, leaving vast wreckage and fail? Destroy a unique and beautiful platform out in the middle of space, and that’s all there is? That whatever mechanism that created the blue ball we all live on and the atmosphere and Nature and all of the rest of life, the end result is the most sophisticated component, the one with the most neuronal activity, simply destroys it all? Because that’s what we are doing..

If we look at the world, we have massive problems which are a product of what? What could they be other than the mind, and its choices and decisions. What will allow us to “learn” fast enough to sidestep the massive problems that we, as a species, are stepping into at an ever-increasing rate? The US prints massive amounts of money each day, debt that is measured in monumental trillions of dollars and America bullies other countries to stay on the dollar, etc. Debt (the measure of the inability to pay for something) has become an asset in a topsy turvy world, and most recently, race bias is rearing its ugly head in the most educated part of the world. White males, likely the most educated component of human society, are on the forefront in its obvious distaste of anyone “different.” White supremacy is alive and well all over the world, and running hand in hand with the US Dollar – the supreme currency.

And it seems, that white males, again loosely speaking, the most educated of the many sub-divisions of humanity, have no more of an idea of solutions than anyone else – and in fact, white males perpetuate and exacerbate most of the problems we face as a species.

It is astounding to me that the biggest countries of the world didn’t pull together to address Fukashima (or 9-11). I would be interested in your opinion on this, but I believe the Japanese gov and Tepco lie about the circumstances around an accident that affects everyone on the planet with a projected 40-year timetable for clean up; we haven’t reached any sort of consensus about climate change, we’ve fished the oceans out though mercury is a huge issue in existing catches, and though we have the technology to feed the entire world, we would rather earn a profit on war and sell guns to countries that don’t even have indoor plumbing.

I could go on and on but this is my interpretation of the mind running on its own. And, I don’t see people even acknowledging the problems much less addressing them. I don’t see concerted efforts other than assorted protests because why? Because we don’t, on our own, even begin to have the capacity to address some any of these monumental life-threatening, and species threatening, issues. And so we don’t.

Respectfully, and I am interested in your perspective, as you describe the mind, brain and consciousness, how is the human species equipped to solve the problems we face? After all, we didn’t just show up, and the problems were here. Instead, as we’ve evolved based on your model, we’ve just dug ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole as a species. We have ever-increasing massive problems and we are soon to reach the “perfect storm” for which manipulation and lying and evading responsibility won’t continue to work – at all. In fact, in a linear world, we are already beyond the point of no return.

Based on your model of consciousness, how is humanity going to solve its problems? I believe this question is the truest test to your interpretation of how mind and consciousness works. How are we, on our own, with our fledgling little minds, going to solve the incredible problems we are experiencing that don’t seem to show any signs of abating? – that we are the source of?

Where is the beauty, symmetry and order to this model?

I know the above is a tough subject and a tough question, but I would be interested, in your view, how we extract ourselves from our self-made, mind-made, mess?