–© 2014 J.Hamilton  https://www.coreresonance.com By J.Hamilton   As a little kid I can remember standing on my dad’s workbench in the basement of my parent’s house having my shoes shined on Sunday mornings. As my brother and sisters were old enough, we were all dutifully herded to church, in part, to recite medieval creeds. Church and Sunday School was an early influence that I didn’t have much to say about – though I did have ten years of perfect attendance with badges and ribbons to prove it. As I grew into boyhood (comparing notes with remembrances that I came into this lifetime with), a vengeful god (old testament) and a god of judgment was of little use to me. The church was an early opportunity for me to question what I was taught, for which I eventually said “no thanks.” I can’t recite the 10-Commandments any better than I can recite the US Bill of Rights (distinct restrictions placed on the newly created fed gov), but indoctrinated I was.

And, at a very early age, I was taught principles as Guidance that go back 3,500 years and much further. 

I have been writing about the part Prosperity plays in our lives and I have been exploring what it is and isn’t. For example, I’ve earlier stated that Prosperity has nothing to do with money, though money can be an outpouring of Prosperity. Prosperity is not about how much money one can accumulate (energy in storage); rather it is about our state of inner alignment with the overall Whole. I’ve suggested that our success as a species, and individually, is about the quality of our connection with Innate Intelligence, a partnership if you will, guiding us to our best Wholeness – identical to the rest of Nature. I like the term Sustenance. From where do we get our Sustenance? It certainly does not come from money. It’s like health or thriving or peace. Neither come from money. Rather, Sustenance comes from our Connection with Life which includes an innate, built-in Guidance System that is available to each of us co-mingling us into the world at a certain level of quality. It is my belief that we have always had access to Guidance, and that alignment with our Connection begets Prosperity.

To me, Prosperity looks like good decisions, thriving, sharing, timelessness, flow, Presence and peace, not to mention the magic of Synchronicity, Harmony and Order™ in our lives. 

“Order in our lives” is the phrase I am looking for. Prosperity is a product of the Order that has always been available to us, just as it has always been available to the entirety of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Prosperity includes timely seasonal migrations, seasonal food gathering and storage, and the cyclical dropping of leaves in the fall and the blossoming of new life in the spring. Prosperity to me is that melding with the vast symbiosis that everything on this planet shares including birth, death and re-vitalization.

Prosperity identifies how well we are going forward as a planet and how successful we are as a species — or aren’t. 

Most of us grew up with the Ten Commandments as a component of our background and upbringing. Wafting through society as a moral code of sorts, supposedly direct from God’s hand to “not covet our neighbor’s wife,” etc., the Ten Commandments represented Guidance and accordingly, a roadmap to Prosperity — from a far earlier time.  And while we don’t pay much attention to this series of ancient edicts, they must hold some sort of sway because they continue to be taught even though they were written well over 8,000 years ago.

And though absolutely ancient, they still remain. 

The Ten Commandments of the Old Testament fall somewhat in the same time vein as the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden (give or take a few thousand years). This is another ancient Guidance principle recommending that we not eat from the Tree of Knowledge, otherwise known as the Tree of Good and Evil, or what we would today know as polarity. Polarity is the world of the limitations of the mind which include short-sighted linear projections, cause and effect based on reaction and resistance, and otherwise choices made without an astute overview.

Reality creating powered by jealously, rage, anger or resentment for example, can create a significant amount of disruption in our lives. 

Seems the ancient tomes were packed with advice for early man, though exactly from whom remains a mystery. According to ancient history, mankind was continually offered Guidance on how to maintain its connection with God, how to keep its eye on its partnership with God, and how to practice a set of moral wisdoms that offered something more than we could achieve on our own. And from this moral compass came the human’s capacity to Thrive, Prosper and be Whole…which, of course, got them into Heaven, etc.

Or maybe allowed them to maintain their position in the Garden of Eden, or enter “the Kingdom” on planet earth, or link up with Synchronicity, Harmony and Order™ or blend with the Order that is Nature.

And while most of us are quite familiar with these basic ideals seared into our psyche as biblical references and other antidotal advice, I suspect “these truths” learned as children and repeated as adults are far from intact, and far from accurate. For example, with the advent of modern technology and our capacity to more capably catalog ancient and modern information, it appears the Ten Commandments as Guidance originated far earlier than the time of Moses (approximately 1,450 BC) .

Turns out the ancient Egyptian’s Book of the Dead, Chapter 125 (8,000 years old and counting, contained an almost identical moral code/Guidance published 4,500 years earlier! 

Apparently, the oldest accounts of the Book of the Dead were the finest quality, razor-sharp and very precise hieroglyphics, and more recent stone hieroglyphics were of lesser quality as they were copied and re-copied from older times to more modern times. Eventually they were copied to papyrus paper offering the least quality of detail and translation.

The oldest renditions of the Book of the Dead were the most sophisticated. [Insight into the Book of the Dead, excerpt from VTAT]

It is apparent that the earlier wisdom of the moral code known as the Book of the Dead, (also translated as The Book of Great AwakeningThe Book of the Mistress of the Hidden Temple, or Going Forth by Day) was reduced, revised and simplified and called the Ten Commandments in the time of Moses… who just happened to be Egyptian. After all, the moral code of the Book of the Dead was well understood, having been around for centuries and other than a shift to a single god, the basic rules for humanity remained the same.

The Guidance morphed and continued.. 

But if we go back to the fundamentals of the moral code identified by the Ten Commandments and the Book of the Dead, we find advice that reminds us to stay on track and prosper. And while Thou Shall Not Kill, Steal or Covet thy Neighbor’s Wife is good advice as it relates to getting off track, we are going to explore the possible importance of “Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me.”

As a student of the Law of Attraction, I understand that what I focus on expands and while a more refined definition would state, “Like Attracts Like,” clearly it represents Guidance. 

So it would appear that modern Guidance comes from the camp of Abraham-Hicks Publishing and many others (and channeled at that), suggesting that we learn how to manage our focus and thus our reality creating. It is curious that the Law of Attraction did not come from the science department of a University, or the psychology department of the medical establishment, or the church or gov but instead, an immensely popular disembodied group of entities talking through Esther Hicks who took the name Abraham to reflect an ancient teacher. It is curious to see that “Guidance” seems to be ever with us.

It comes from not only ancient times, but present times all the while inviting us to that final and fateful journey “within,” i.e., our Connection. 

So, let’s take another quick look at the Ten Commandments and Egypt’s far older Book of the Dead, Chapter 125, and see what we can learn. We already know that an off-track mind can do terrible damage. A single wrong choice or reaction can cost us our life, our family, our well-being, a lifetime of regret, or things that can never be undone, for which forgiveness (also taught as ancient knowledge) is a beginning point of returning to alignment. And of course, lesser transgressions can throw us off track for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, depending upon our capacity to regroup and re-align. Somehow, there has always been Guidance suggesting that we stay on track (not missing the mark – another ancient Aramaic reference to Guidance known as Sin) and learn how to use our mind; learn how to focus our mind such that good things (Prosperity) come to us and stay with us. It is as if we are the first species to have the power of a mind, and seemingly, a User’s Manual has always floated along with us.

So, let’s say that what you focus on expands and don’t realize that fear and doubt is inadvertent focus, resistance is inadvertent focus, reaction to something is inadvertent focus and we, as a species (and individually), create our realities inadvertently, and so goes our planet, and our lives, and the oceans and our atmosphere… 

But a long time ago, it was suggested that we keep our focus, our mind’s attention, on a singular point. It was depicted in the Garden of Eden, it was depicted in the Ten Commandments, it was depicted in Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead and in modern times, taught as the Law of Attraction. But if we are a species, maybe a bit of a new species, maybe it behooves us to pay a little more attention.

Maybe there has been Guidance that has always been there “if but we could see it.” 

“Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me” is about where we get our Sustenance, and it is as ancient as we have records, and the first rule in both sets of works. God is not about an old man in a rocking chair, or even a figure, male or female. God, or as I like to say, Innate Intelligence, is about an Order, a commonality that everything shares. And, it is in our steadfast alignment with this Order, that everything is orchestrated and  Prosperity ensues.

And with the capacities of the mind and its capacity for focus and thus its capacity to get off track, there is a Guidance mechanism, a User’s manual, if you will, that offers us insight to stay on track. 

“Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me” says it all. It is in an understanding that our Sustenance comes from one place, and one place only, that we get our hint about Prosperity — true Prosperity. And that ricocheting our focus all over the place only gets us into trouble. After all, as young creators we have a lot of opportunity/responsibility to get it right. There is a great deal to be gained by the maintenance of our focus on our singular Sustenance because focus is only the first step. As we learn to train our focus, the beginning of everything becomes available to us. Proper singular focus begets intention, which begets Presence, which begets Guidance and Guidance allows us, as Awareness, to express like nothing else on planet earth and likely beyond. To understand of what we are made, and to line up with the Truth of our Being,

allows us a very powerful capacity to express, for which Prosperity and responsibility, barely touch the surface of our possibility. 

When we realize that everything (including ourselves) is a subset of Innate Intelligence expressing, do we begin to find our place in the Universe. It is my best guess that humanity, individually and collectively, has a purpose a bit larger than making payments to the bank each month. It is my speculation that as grounded Creators with Awareness, we are able to spin off and become something far larger than what we have presently been practicing. It might even be closer to the ascension process that allows us to birth something much larger than we could ever achieve going around in circles in the polarities of present-time planet earth. Because we are not our minds, we are not our brains and we are not our bodies, we have dominion over these resources in our short tenure here. And if we could learn to spend out time well, and take full advantage of what is right in front of us and has been so for thousands of years, we might discover that we are bigger than the senseless birthing and dying each of us experiences.

And, while we are at it, we might as well become the means by which we solve the problems we have created by our dysfunctional reality creating on planet earth. Seems we are going to have to plug in as our only way out.

My guess is we each have only one opportunity to get it right. It is apparent that Guidance has always has been available to us and it is just a matter of having the courage to step up, throw off the polarity and get about the business of creating reality in sync with the larger Whole. In partnership with Innate Intelligence; in partnership with Guidance, there is nothing we can’t do. After all, we have always been counseled to, “keep our eye on the ball.” Namasté J.Hamilton about the author recommended: 100-Day Prosperity Plan PS I am available for inquiry, coaching, consulting, etc