I find the Earthing products and insights to be very interesting. My sense is there is far more to this than meets the eye, so to speak. I am continuing to follow what I believe to be the potential of Earthing.

Very interesting videos on the website (four) and one in particular, a documentary titled The Grounded, suggesting grounding/earthing re-enables our natural state of connection with nature; something we are otherwise “insulated” from. There is also great research info, white papers, etc., at www.earthinginstitute.net

Based on our initial order, we have revised what we use and recommend. Contact area with the skin is important but longer contact time is even more important. Sleeping will get you the most uninterrupted contact (Earthing) time.

Let us know what you discover.


  1. Earthing Body Band Kit  https://www.earthing.com/active-recovery/body-bands/earthing-body-band-kit.html  $39
  2. Body Band Orange Wide  https://www.earthing.com/active-recovery/body-bands/body-band-orange-wide.html $9.99
  3. Coil Cord https://www.earthing.com/accessories/cords-ground-rods/coil-cord.html

The above completes an order for two people sleeping with a third large wide band (thigh/head size) and cord (for computer use, desk time, TV time, two people sitting together touching the band, etc) left over.

Best way to hook up at foot end of bed with two coil cables and small body bands, add:

  1. Extension Cord 10 Feet  https://www.earthing.com/accessories/cords-ground-rods/extension-cord-10-feet.html $5.99
  2. Splitter  https://www.earthing.com/accessories/cords-ground-rods/splitter.html

The extension cord and splitter allows you to plug the ground extension cord into the wall, run it underneath the bed (on the floor) to attach to the two ankle cord at the end of the bed. This is preferable to running an extension cord to the foot end of the bed.


Universal Mat Kit 2 Count https://www.earthing.com/daytime/universal-mats/universal-mat-kit-1.html

I find the Mat (12.5x39″) Kit does not provide anywhere near as much grounded time as sleep time..

Alexis and I originally ordered the Matt Kit and we both use the matt at our feet while we are at our desk and believe both are important but sleep time is first priority.

Universal Mat Kit https://www.earthing.com/daytime/universal-mats/universal-mat-kit.html

PS Go to www.earthing.com and www.EarthingInstitute.net for additional information, white papers, research, etc.

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