I find the Earthing products and insights to be very interesting. My sense is there is far more to Earthing than meets the eye, so to speak. I am continuing to follow what I believe to be the potential of Earthing.

Very interesting videos on the website (four) and one in particular, a documentary titled The Grounded, suggesting grounding/earthing re-enables our natural state of connection with Nature; something we are otherwise “insulated” from  because our feet never touch the ground. There is also great research info, white papers, etc., at www.earthinginstitute.net

Recently, they came out with a new movie titled The Earthing Movie. Earthing seems to be advancing very quickly with new products and new website. It seems they are becoming increasing successful successful with their products and concepts. 

Based on our initial order, we have a recommended order for around $75 or so. Contact area with the skin is important but longer contact time is even more important. Sleeping will get you the most uninterrupted contact (Earthing) time. We each sleep with a strap on our ankle plugged into the wall’s ground plug of the wall plug. Comes with polarity plug tester, etc. Completely safe. And, we have absolutely no trouble sleeping with a cord attached to our ankles.

Let us know what you discover.
PS Please review the bottom of this page for updates to what we use.

Recommended for two people

  1. Earthing Body Band Kit    $39
  2. Extra Body Band Orange Wide   $9.99
  3. Extra Coil Cord   $8.99

The above completes an order for two people sleeping with a third large wide band left over.  This large wide band (thigh/head size) and cord is great for computer time, desk time, TV time, two people sitting together touching the band, etc.  Or as an optional 2nd strap on the body.

Always a good idea to have extra bands and cables.. For example, I am experimenting with a strap on my arm where a mole has started acting up a bit. And, while the jury is still out on the mole, my thumbs are almost completely pain free from inflammation.. In other words, different placement gets different/additional results.. I read at earthinginstitute.net that a strap influences locally first and then its effects spread out through the body. More contact area is best. You can also place straps or  patches on meridians, etc.. But overall grounding at night is huge!

I also read that Earthing neutralizes EMF! I have to find the article on Earthinginstitute.net again but a great reason to use a Universal Mat Kit at your desk

Best way to hook up at foot end of bed with two coil cables and small body bands, add:

  1. Extension Cord 10 Feet   $5.99
  2. Splitter     $5.99

The extension cord and splitter allows you to plug the ground extension cord into the wall at the head of the bed. You then run the extension cord underneath the bed (on the floor) to come up on top of the fitted and under the top sheet to attach to the two ankle cords at the end of the bed. This is preferable to running an extension cord to the foot end of the bed.

Universal Mat Kit 2 Count  $59.99

I find the Mat (12.5×39″) Kit does not provide anywhere near as much grounded time as sleep time.. On the other hand, I just moved the mat from under my feet (at my desk) to under my keyboard and have much better contact time while at my desk, typing, etc..  But, sleep time is first priority.

Universal Mat Kit   $39.99

PS Go to www.Earthing.com and www.EarthingInstitute.net for additional information, white papers, research, etc.

Earthing Testimonials

Insights into Earthing 

  • We both sleep much better and wake up much more rested. After we started Earthing, we began to see sleep time as a special type of rest and sanctuary even. Even if we are repeatedly up late, we always wake up rested. We never sleep without being grounded/Earthed.
  • Better sex while wired up.
  • No infection or difficulties from 3 skin biopsies. I did nothing to treat them. Scabs were perfectly formed and fell off on their own!
    The scabs fell off like little dime size discs. No infection underneath.. My sense is my immune system is operating much better.
  • Alexis’s very rough callused feet cleared up.
  • Alexis had what she would be described as an itch or a tingling on one of her internal organs. She has dealt with the discomfort for 10 years with no help available. After about a month of earthing, the discomfort simply went away. And stayed away
  • I sleep much better and deeper and never wake up tired. No matter how late we are up.
  • I am assuming there is a governance that contributes to my internal clock that comes along with being earthed.
  • I am also wondering if Earthing improves group of 8 as proposed by Lynn McTaggert
  • My overall temperament has quieted down and become more even.
  • Initially I noticed I didn’t get up at night to pee any longer. Later I noticed my urine stream is stronger. After three months, I’ve decided that that what I would call “minor prostate symptomology” seems to be gone.
  • In the winter I might get a sore around my nose associated with the extreme dry humidity in the house. While there have been a few times I thought this might show up, it has not done so. I deal with this every winter. This is very interesting.

Feb 2020 Recently added a sock and black carbon pillow case for sleeping which seems to have had a significant effect. I am sleeping much more evenly with great dreams. The sock has significantly more surface area than the ankle band and the pillow case seems to work well. The pillow case is a new carbon material and I was told it works through the regular pillow case which seems to be the case. Seem to be having an expanded grounding experience when sleeping. This significantly increases the area the body has access to for better grounding.

The Earthing people have a new more fact based DVD along with a new website and more distinct statements about healing and inflammation. They are now offering the black carbon material as a pad for under the sheet. Should be excellent! Stay tuned!