The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
Nikola Tesla

Up and coming non-traditional sciences seem to hold the solutions for mankind—if but we could learn to embrace them. Most of us think in a linear manner (trial and error/do the same thing over and over again expecting better results, etc.) and miss so very much of what is going on. Since the advent of quantum physics in the early/mid 20thcentury, humanity is moving forward at ever increasing speeds. In fact, virtually all inventions, discoveries and processes now have their foundation in the nonlinear world of quantum physics!

Finally, it has come time to express our spiritually from a quantum perspective and generate a profound contribution to humanity!

What are examples of non-traditional sciences for the advancement of spirituality on planet earth?

1) The Maharishi Effect has been well known for 40+ years. The Maharishi Effect, founded in the ancient Vedic texts and promoted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Maharishi International University from the early 1970’s forward, states that when one percent of a population is meditating in a locale, that one percent has a profound effect upon that locale. One of the better known examples involved 4,000 experienced meditators converging on Washington DC in 1993 for which violent crime decreased 23.3 percent! It is said traffic accidents decreased 23.3 percent as well. 4,000 meditators influencing 400,000 is clearly an exponential multiplier!

The Sanskrit expression “tat sannidhau vairatyagah” from the ancient Vedic texts translates to “in the vicinity of coherence, hostile tendencies are eliminated” is a very important concept!

It is my thought that as experienced meditators meditate, i.e., move out of the mind and allow, maybe even said “blend with Innate Intelligence” through meditation, Innate Intelligence expresses though the meditators into the locale and “coalesces coherence.” In other words, as experienced meditators meditate, Innate Intelligence peeks out through their nervous systems into this dimension. The frequency of Innate Intelligence, God, Source, the Divine, Universal Mind, etc., (coherence) grounded into the world of mankind dissipates distortion!

2) The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins ( indicates that as we become more conscious, i.e., as we become less resistant and more open to Innate Intelligence expressing through us—the truest definition of consciousness, we become exponentially more contributive to the unfolding of mankind. By way of example, one person at 700 on the Map of Consciousness (admittedly a very high number) counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people below 200! One person at 600 counterbalances the negativity of 10 million below 200 and one person at 500 counterbalances the negativity of 750,000 below 200! Clearly one individual can have a huge influence!

It’s not about 51 percent of the vote, gathering petitions, demonstrations or “marching against” to create change; instead, it’s about blending with Innate Intelligence so that we can ground (host) the frequency of god into the dimension of mankind, harness the corresponding exponential multipliers associated with that connection, and easily “counter” the negativity in the world—for the ride of our lives, I might add!

3) There is a little known paper written in 1922 by two Columbia University professors titled “Are Inventions Inevitable? A Note on Social Evolution” identifying 400 years of history replete with 148 significant inventions, discoveries and processes “invented and discovered” by multiple parties “simultaneously” that has become the foundation of the sciences of the human species. For example, the Wright Brothers invented the airplane at the same time as Samuel Pierpont Langley (for which Langley Air Force Base is named) though neither knew of each other’s work. The steamboat had five independent inventors, fractions and decimal points were simultaneously invented/discovered by multiple parties, sunspots, thermometers, telescopes and even typewriters were “discovered by multiple parties unbeknownst to each other” to the point that:

  • “the pattern of independent multiple discoveries in science is in principle the dominant pattern, rather than a subsidiary one,”
    Robert K Merton(1960), a preeminent sociologist from Columbia University
  • “90-98% of patent lawsuits are filed against independent inventors and not copiers.”
    Mark L Lemley, Stanford School of Law, (2011)

4) CORE Resonance, by way of example, founded on non-traditional sciences, is a mechanism by which human beings trade their “mind” for re-enabling their natural state of connection with Source. Mind, it turns out, is a mechanism created by the brain on overload attempting to process too much external information on its own. Mind, protecting the brain, blocks incoming information and inadvertently throws the baby out with the bathwater, i.e., among other things, blocks our subtle connection. After all, we are part of something larger than ourselves, and without this subtle connection, we run on our own for which resistance, reaction, defensive posturing, survival methodologies, etc., prevail.

This is why humanity is such a dysfunctional species!

Our natural state is an intact connection/partnership with our Maker, Source, Innate Intelligence, The Divine, God, Universal Mind, etc. In our natural state of connection, external information is processed on our behalf as part of the overall governance of we which we are a part. As the brain and nervous system quiet down, as the mind relents, resistance, reactionary responses, defensive posturing, survival methodologies, etc., all quiet down. Presence then naturally becomes available. In the state of Presence, Guidance is naturally available and Guidance naturally delivers us to Order (Heaven on Earth). No mind necessary! We move to a new state of being and guidance and order—all of which is just the beginning!

This enabled connection with Source delivers us to solutions undreamt. It is obvious that solutions come from beyond us, and it in our receptivity to what is true; aligning to true governance, the human race thrives and survives and extends!

CORE Resonance Colonies™ is a mechanism by which small groups of six individuals band together through intention and CORE Resonance (proprietary neurofeedback) to rapidly quiet the nervous system rapidly enabling one’s natural state of connection with Source. To be sure, there is no programming of the brain, but instead a mechanism by which the brain discovers itself through the neurofeedback. As the brain “finds itself,” it begins to organize itself, not so different from a blind person beginning to see. As the brain organizes itself (itself), the entire nervous system, a living antenna system, comes “on line” and begins to receive without distortion.

Allowing and Unconditional Love (no resistance to your Maker) becomes the name of the game!

As the brain quiets down; as the mind quiets down, as one’s natural state of connection becomes enabled, we become mechanisms and hosts by which Innate Intelligence expresses through us without distortion.  As we quiet the nervous system, as resistance and reactionary posturing fades, our natural state of connection becomes enabled. As our natural state of connection takes over; as we become enabled in small groups, we become portals dotted across the landscape of the planet for Innate Intelligence to express through us, coalescing coherence at all new levels of possibility.

Colonies™ become the mechanism by which humanity “broadcasts the frequency of God” into the dimension of mankind for the good of all.

Humans enabled of their natural state of Connection with Source are the only possible solution to the ills of mankind. And, some people are naturally wired for this expression and capacity to assist mankind in the unfolding of its quest to be a sovereign species on planet earth. These individuals then become exponentially contributive “for the ride of their lives!” as we like to say. Sovereign requires that we become whole first. Colonies™ is the organized mechanism by which humans come to their own defense and achieve their quest for heaven on earth. Heaven on earth becomes a possibility when we use non-traditional tools to effect change.

All of Nature (on and off this planet) works the same. There is an overall overriding Guidance that everything adheres to – no exceptions. As human beings align with what is true, we become a successful species. Luckily, it only takes a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals to change the world. (Premise II)

Through the use of CORE Resonance Training™ and CORE Resonance Colonies™, one of the grandest experiments of our time may very well bring human beings what they most want: heaven on earth. And, it turns out; we do so by blending our consciousness with this larger scale of consciousness that is ever present. As we deliver/host coherence into the dimension of mankind through the refining of our nervous systems and enabling our natural state of connection with Source, dissonance and distortion simply fade away!

Harnessing exponential multipliers seems to be a very good use of one’s time.


See Quantum Activism by J.Hamilton for additional insight


As we learn to manage reality creation through partnership with Innate Intelligence, i.e., our connection with Source, our realities can so vastly improve that heaven on earth can be the result, for which we would all be well-pleased.
Visionaries Thrive In All Times
Chapter 1, Survival, Pg 06

“One person connected to Source is more powerful than one million who are not.”
–Abraham quote (Abraham-Hicks Publishing)