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By J.Hamilton  

As a long time meditator, researcher of life, and intentional reality creator, I document many things on my journey. In this particular case, aligned with Law of Attraction and an understanding of my connection with the Cosmos through my nervous system, I provide a simple interpretation of what I have learned and maybe how I learned it. I would be interested in your thoughts.

Let’s start with Focus.

Focus is the beginning of tapping into our connection with Source. We learn to have an internal discipline such that we begin, through trial and error, to intentionally manifest in our lives. Focus as goals for example, is powerful but our output is linear and restricted by our mind’s limited perspective based on what we know/ think we know. Accordingly, while focus is powerful, focus can only take us so far. Note: How we want to feel is a good use of focus.


Intention is more interesting because it offers a broader bandwidth for Innate Intelligence to interface with us. Goal setting with intention is a bit “softer” than focus because we leave the end result a little more to finding itself, so to speak. Through the discipline of intention—always running in the background, we can achieve more refined and more useful results. With intention associated with “softer goals,” Source is more able to contribute to the unfolding of what we wish to have in our lives! As we refine our connection with Source, we more effortlessly move forward in our lives and creations!


Allowing is what occurs as we travel the path of conscious and intentional manifesting in our lives. As we learn to allow our creations, our creations become more “allowable” which then sets up even more “allowable” creations to come. Another way to say it is as we allow, life favorably opens up. As we resist, life closes down. Clearly what we resist persists, or better said, in resistance we get more of the same. As we allow our creations (good or bad, i.e., trial and error, etc.), all continues to unfold and becomes our momentum. Allowing delivers far more than we can “conjure” on our own. Allowing is the secret of life!


Once you move into flow as a product of the above, a subtle expectation begins to assume itself. Not the mind-driven expectation but the subtle awareness that you have become plugged into something that is true and bigger than you. The mind is no longer the director but the barely recognized observer of the momentum you are participating in. You can now “expect” that what comes next is a match for your ongoing momentum and connection. You have become the receiver; you are now in sync with your Universe and the Universe unfolding. You’ve acquired an internal smile that cannot quite be described!

Now, life just happens and you are simply in the right place at the right time. And because you are mindless, so to speak, you can participate in solutions and contributions far beyond your mind’s version of things, i.e., you can do the bidding of Spirit.

And, then it gets better than that.

•  When we are unconscious, we walk through mud puddles.
•  When we become conscious, we walk around mud puddles.
•  When we plug into Guidance, there are no mud puddles.

I would be interested in your thoughts!

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