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Wonderful conversation.. great questions and great thoughts.. Love to see humans in serous conversation attempting to solve problems and project answers.. My thoughts, in our adolescence, as we grow up, in our evolution, we are going to merge with the order that everything shares.. Not god per se, but what I instead call Innate Intelligence, the underlying foundation for the order that everything shares.. Much faster than building faster rockets and expanding the mind through linear projections, I believe instead, we will expand our consciousness and learn to merge and partner with this Order.

With 40 years of meditation (learning to listen with the nervous system) and now several years of quieting the mind, brain and nervous system through CORE Resonance Training™ (neurofeedback), I am learning to jettison the mind (and its projections) and replace it with partnership with Innate Intelligence. This brings Presence, and in Presence is found Guidance. And in Guidance, everything becomes possible. My sense is that we are out of our natural state of governance; something every other form of expression (plant, animal and mineral) on this planet aligns with and abides by. Re-enabling this natural state will put to rest the fallacies of the mind’s projections, defensive posturing and inefficient problem-solving.

Even at its best, I find the mind to be incredibly short-sighted. I’ve noticed that all of our solutions, inventions and discoveries come from “beyond the mind” (Google search “Are Inventions Inevitable?”) and tapping into this dimension is going to be the truest measure of our success as a species and drastically reduce “our learning curve.” Tapping into the central order and governance that everything from the smallest to beyond the largest shares, quickly delivers us to Type III and beyond. Human and quantum (cosmic) consciousness is far more than the mind’s capacity to project. Personally, I equate the mind and its projections to a guard-dog resistance-based perspective based on a brain on overload that was never designed to process the vast amount of information it is beset with in the first place.. In Presence everything becomes available.

PS I hope we do a better job setting up artificial intelligence than we did setting up artificial entity corporations. We kind of blew that one..

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How Advanced Are We Earthlings? Here’s a Cosmic Yardstick

By David Warmflash | September 2, 2014 4:44 pm