People Who Trip on Psychedelics Are More Likely to be Environmentally Conscious

09.21.20178:20 PM EDT(link)

Psychedelics are known to break up the “rigid” mind. According to numerous university studies, those afflicted with PTSD, depression and other maladies of the head as a product of a brain on vast overload, achieve a wholly different kind of relief than what pharmaceuticals and other traditional therapies can deliver. As the rigidity is broken up; as they begin to to move away from a rigid “perspective” for which they generally cannot solve their problem on their own, their worlds open up. Even cannabis allows a layer of rigidity to dissipate, hence the euphoria and relaxing of rigid (there’s that word again) values. Stands to reason that those who experience the deeply felt experience of psychedelics (and a loss of rigidity, defensive and reactionary posturing, armoring, etc.) can never quite go back to the “old rigidity,” and began to express in another manner. And since our humanity is “captive” behind our rigidity, we become more in tune with nature and our surroundings, begin to seek god in a more refined manner, etc. Seems to me as the rigidity goes, so goes our general dysfunction. While many could never understand the greeting and salutation “peace” introduced by the hippie generation, clearly “peace” begins as rigidity fades. As we move away from rigidity, our internal connection with our very nature bubbles to the surface. Meditation does the same thing but at a much slower rate of exchanging rigidity for peace.