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VIDEO  Talking with a client recently, we uncovered another component of Allowing. I had just written a piece titled “Allowing Begets Order” and realized that in the depths of a difficult situation, allowing is not as easy as it sounds. When someone is in the throes of a difficult relationship, a death in the family or a massive amount of life suddenly staring them in the face, allowing is not as easy as it sounds.

“Allowing’s” influence seems minuscule on first appearance. It seems to start out at a snail’s pace but as we all know, allowing is the secret to everything and where we must all begin.

There is nothing more powerful than allowing and if it was just up to you, you could be in the stratosphere in no time. But our lives are a mix of many, many relationships and scenarios, known as our old momentum. And as we well know, other people’s experiences powerfully influence our own. And while it is true that allowing begins to work immediately, initial results can seem to move very slowly. In the meantime, the mind continues to churn out its wayward reactionary posturing. New momentum takes time.

And as we discussed in the last newsletter, reaction to “something” keeps us joined at the hip with that old “something,” that old momentum, that old scenario.

So, for the neophyte, allowing may very well begin its slow and tedious journey by “allowing” what we don’t want in our life. And while I suggest it is the most powerful solution available, it seems outside circumstances dictate what we allow.

Intentional allowing is where we turn things around and instead, grab hold of the situation, design how we want to feel and choose the results we wish to achieve. Better said, we vision what we want and then allow.

Suddenly we’ve taken the tiger by the tail. Suddenly we’ve begun to pave our way out of the contrast of a difficult situation and began to re-assert our lives.

Suddenly, we are in charge. We can use a difficult relationship or situation and reframe the experience by visioning a satisfactory conclusion to the relationship, and then allow that conclusion (or something better) to come into being. We can hold a vision for how we want the experience to turn out, i.e., happy faces, people finding their comforts, people fading away (on their own), etc.

We learn how to “allow” whatever might get in the way of the end result we are wishing to achieve.

Intentions and visions powered by what we do want, instead of escaping what we don’t want, delivers us to the our next level of evolutionary empowerment.

I discovered that as a visionary, I see through the debris field to the end result. I see through the problems, I see through and right past the reasons it can’t be done, and I hold a vision of the end result come “hell or high water.” I am resolute in the end result I wish to create and I simply ignore (allow) what does not support me.

Ending a difficult relationship is a good example. Hold a vision for what you want in your life. Allow the person who seems to be sucking your energy, for which in resistance, you are inadvertently energetically feeding that person, and instead hold a vision of what you want. Hold a vision that “allows” this person while your attention is on the end result you wish to achieve.

By allowing combined with vision, i.e.,  allowing what you do want,  you allow what you don’t want to fade away. You “allow” what’s new to come to fruition.

By moving away from resistance with this person, the power this person has over you falls away. They can no longer feed on the chaos the relationship inadvertently produces and they begin to slip away. They look for a better match. You have become the leader in the relationship by no longer resisting what you don’t want. Instead, you are taking your hints for what you do want and now “allowing” is much more effective.

Resistance and allowing are the two big choices.

So, one of a couple of  things will happen. The person or situation will fall away because the energetics are no longer a match for either of you. Or, this person will begin to morph into the direction of your leadership and become a match. Or as a variation, someone who is a match to your vision will come into your life as the other fades away.

And, by the way, you always have a choice.

Same thing with peace. As A Course in Miracles says, “you could have peace instead of this.” As we learn how to intentionally allow, not only do we allow the Universe to contribute to our unfoldings, we become driven by what we want in our lives instead of resisting what we don’t want in our lives.

As we get better at this, we leave the possibility for the solution to be larger than our initial vision. We allow Innate Intelligence to partner in our vision and deliver something larger than we are able to concoct on our own.

Such is the joy of allowing (and more allowing).

(Next time, the difference between focus and intention as a foundation for vision)


Beyond resistance lies a world of synchronicity, harmony and order
Said another way, resistance brings us everything we do not want
                              nosce te ipsum

                                            tat sannidhau vairatyagah

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