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July I


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Overall the goal of CORE Resonance is to encourage you to recognize the importance of our natural state of connection with the Cosmos. I have been saying for quite some time that humans, with the most sophisticated nervous system on the planet, are first and foremost, mechanisms for Innate Intelligence to express through us into this dimension. And that to consciously enable/contribute to this flow is our utmost function. At the same time, resistance is inadvertently a very powerful component of our make-up and thus we powerfully distort our God-given gifts.

What makes humans so very different from the rest of the species on this planet is our capacity as creators; to produce reality out of thin air. It is in a conscious re-enabling of our connection with the Cosmos that we become reality creation partners with the Cosmos. But in the distortion of it all, we have created a great deal of poorly thought out reality creating and the focus of this newsletter is on artificial entities, also known as corporations. Artificial entities is a legal term and it references the variations of corporations that exist by permission of the State though technically created by humans.

Rights and Duties; the big surprise and solution delves into this issue of corporations, created by the hand of man but not properly regulated or supervised by us. Without nervous systems that allow them to know the difference between right and wrong, and created for the sole purpose of generating profit, they are sucking up resources, running amok and wreaking havoc over the entire planet.

The humans seem to have lost sight of the order of things. Humans are beholden to God for their existence and corporations, i.e., artificial entities (which include gov) are beholding to humans for their existence. But somehow, things are topsy-turvy and the artificial entities run the show and dictate the shots. All the while, humans assume things will get better. Sounds a bit like a science fiction movie, but who says science fiction doesn’t have an insight into the future. They surely seem to.

It is in the division between humans and artificial entities, notwithstanding the more important divisions between plant, animal and mineral kingdoms and their connection to Nature, that the humans have lost sight of their own importance in the scheme of things. Because the corporations are not going to take care of the humans, we must rise to the occasion and reinvent ourselves.

Alan Greenspan had it right in review of the bank crash in 2008 when he stated that he expected the banks would ultimately be governed by self-preservation. Instead, the bankers went over the cliff continuing to give each other huge bonuses. And when you consider that the gov is an artificial entity, you won’t find any help there. It turns out it is going to be up to the humans to straighten out this mess.

And, of course, the solution revolves around “re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source.” Einstein said, that the mind that created the mess is incapable of cleaning up the mess. Humans need to go back to their roots and partner with their Source. After all, that is the pecking order.

CORE Resonance has always said that re-enabling our natural state of connection is our primary task as a species and I believe this article brings this into focus like never before. In the meantime, corporations are running amok, we have become subservient to our creations and our only solution is to become a responsible species. Luckily, this is manageable.

I think this article is very important. It represents 25 years of work and I hope you will take the time to peruse it.

I also want to announce a mentoring program called Personal Sovereignty and Advanced Contribution and I invite you to participate. I will teach it, it will run for 6 mos and begins on the 10th of July. It includes three 90-minute calls each month, one of which is one-on-one with me.

This is a powerful opportunity to come to an understanding of not only your inherent nature, but to powerfully contribute to making the world, and your world, a better place.

You can contact me for additional information.

Take a look at Rights and Duties; the big surprise and solution and let me know what you think.


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