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VIDEO  I am finally warming up to my video audience. I carry so much stuff in my head, I am so deeply tapped in that I used wonder how it will ever translate out.. So I used to go into these videos with a bit of a sense of overload and wonderment about how it will turn out.

But I am getting better 🙂

What I am after is being able to talk like I write. As I become accustomed to talking at the speed of writing, I am becoming comfortable at letting my mind (sans resistance) and nervous system range out and about.. and instead of trapping the Cosmos on paper as I have done for so very long, I am learning to trap the Cosmos or ideas to share on celluloid..

well, maybe better said, digital video and audio formats.

As an aside, just today I saw three articles suggesting the advancing will of the people is beginning to be felt. If you have a minute, check out these different articles.. (See below). One is about the Pope cleaning up the Vatican Bank (long article), another is about a Bernie Sanders type in the UK, and another is about a very interesting individual running for Canadian Parliament. (short video)

What I see evidenced in these articles is that austerity is about cutting social services, schooling, arts and other creative endeavors that round out humanity’s creativity and instead austerity is about supporting and maintaining a strong military and other spending that maintains the gov..

at the expense of the human beings.

Gov’s are all artificial entities, i.e, corporations, etc., who have artificial entity values. The gov favors Monsanto, the pharmaceutical companies, the oil industry, banks, etc., and human’s values flounder. Between student loans and sending kids to war, we decimate young people’s potential.. Seems the only option is to drop out of the system.. 🙂

… and best to plug into something true as you drop out of the old..

CORE Resonance is about humans finding the core of their nature which is in part spiritual* and developing what is important to us. And as some of these new politicians, who seem to represent the people (saying no to austerity) begin to be felt,

will the value of the humans rise.

We are not yet quite ready to completely let go of gov, but as we come to discover our very nature, i.e, as we come to discover our spiritual nature and the commonalities we all share, no mater the color of our skin, etc., the sooner we discover there is already a governance in place that we can abide by. Nature knows about it. The trees and flowers know about it, the migratory animals know about it…

and I would suggest the oceans and the mineral kingdom know about it.

As we discover our nature, which is in part discovered by learning how to “make shit up,” and discover cause and effect, trial and error and “out of contrast comes clarity,” for which we go at it again and again refining our nature, do we eventually discover there is an overall order that everything (EVERYTHING) abides by. Turns out there is already a governance in place, and once we discover the existing governance is a nuisance (read: dysfunctional and keeping us in constant turmoil), while at the same time discovering and unfolding our inner nature, will the world turn around.

Heaven on earth is likely more of a possibility that you know.

Luckily, there is an exponential factor and as we learn how to harness the exponential factor that is humans…

partnering with Innate Intelligence, will we take our planet back.

This is what CORE Resonance is all about.
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* another component is courage!

Key Idea: “until you learn how to achieve what you want in you life”

Three links:
1) Can Pope Francis clean up God’s bank?
2) Britain’s Bernie moment: Is an unlikely left-wing hero about to conquer the Labour Party?3) This Canadian campaign ad is the most bizarre, nonsensical & downright amazing thing we have ever seen

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