Dear Jim, and all;

Thank you for your comments.

It was interesting to find you seem to consider the organism and the mind are separate things, because that is exactly the way Newtonian science considers.  I personally think those two are deeply intertwined  and indivisible.

I have been thinking about your perspectives and appreciate what you attempt to describe, and I say “attempt” because, and I am sure you would agree, we only see a mere sliver of reality as we review it. Even other people seeing or experiencing the same thing will report it differently. And while I respect your perspective, am sure you recognize that you see only the tip of the iceberg as well.

For example, there are human beings who seem to possess advanced consciousness. They seem to have and profess perspectives of love and an internal depth of understanding that most, or many of us aspire to. (And, for some, myself included, we are like moths being drawn to a candle, and it is not optional.:) Usually, these individuals are esteemed as gurus, spiritual leaders and certain types of intellectuals like Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc.

I have been listening to Matt Kahn lately and he has really caused me to sit up and pay attention. His “capacities” and understandings become apparent almost immediately, and I am sure he will tell you that he is of “no mind.” And while he lives in this world and navigates around in it – in part with a contingent because of the subtle space he operates within, and not do different from the Dali Lama and his contingent, the subjects of which he speaks begin with the “day to day” but delivers us far beyond the mind – as antidotes for the mind and the mind’s beliefs. I believe he is plugged directly into cosmic consciousness – the governance that all things share. I think he might say the same thing except he would describe it as “the heart.” “The heart” is metaphorical in my opinion.

As an aside, I do not believe we are “self-contained,” i.e., the heart; instead we rely on a whole host of other considerations, food for existence. We did not produce food. It was there; we simply cultivated it.

With 33 years of meditation, a lifetime of inquiry and additional practices, and after writing VTAT, I discovered neurofeedback in 2006. Diving into this which eventually became CORE Resonance, I came into the same, or a similar, elevated state. And in this state, was “no mind.” I came to see the mind as synonymous with resistance. And I devised the idea that when we are in an intact state of connection with the Cosmos, not so different from the rest of nature, we have no need of the mind because “everything is taken care of*.” I describe it as “presence” with access to “guidance.” And, I saw that the rest of Nature and the rest of the non-domesticated animals and plants operated in this state as well.

[PS I operated in this state for about 3 years. I inadvertently got into a fight (legal fight) with someone I hired who took me for a bunch of money, and when I discovered he was a serial con artist, I went after him on my behalf as well as for 5 or 6 others he had abused. One thing I learned is never fight (legal or otherwise) with someone on pharmaceuticals because they are like Teflon. It is very hard to impress upon anyone certain facts when they are on pharmaceuticals. I later called this extremely powerful lesson my “falling 300 miles” period. I crashed the world I created by non-resistance by being resistant to what was going on. I dearly wish I had known better and let it go. That was the mind kicking in :(]

The Source Field Investigations (David Wilcock) starts out (the first several chapters) with for example, scientific evidence that human cells from scrapings (inside of the mouth) still react as the rest of the body reacts when the human donor is far, far away from the test tube cells being observed. The book’s examples went on to identify that plants hooked up to EEG’s, “react” to someone with the intention of harming the plant, etc. The point is at a very subtle level, too subtle for traditional science, everything is communicating with everything else. This is what aliveness and the Universe, Innate Intelligence, etc., is all about. And to add my two cents, it is this interconnectedness that everything shares that the lovers, spiritual authors, poets and quantum physicists describe and talk about.

Enlightened beings (and there are more than a few), say that what binds the world together is Love. To my way of thinking, Love is allowing. Allowing is acceptance of everything. This is particularly true at the “in the space between the molecules level” as well as throughout all of outer (and inner) space. For everything to maintain its own identity requires Love; i.e., allowing everything to be what it is. The alternative is to try to overcome things and the only place this is known to happen is the humans attempting to overcome everything they come up against. I shake my head as I write this because human beings, in a land of paradise, wreak havoc wherever they go. Human conquest is fraught with death and destruction. It seems to me that mind and resistance are one side of the coin, and allowing and peace is the other side.. And as I’ve said, and I’ve extensively experienced and documented the allowing side; when the mind quiets down, resistance is displaced, and a whole other density of occurrences show up.

When I worked with my 2nd physicist (who introduced me to neurofeedback in 2006), I had shortly beforehand, finished my first book Visionaries Thrive in All Times. One of the basic tenets was “the quality of your reality creating is a scorecard for the quality of your connection with Source.” This means the more we partner with, and allow, Innate Intelligence to guide or contribute to our unfoldings (reality creating), the better our outcomes become. In other words, the amount of synchronicity, harmony and order is not a product of the mind, but of the quality of our (non-mind) Connection. After all, and I am sure you would agree, we cannot think our way to nirvana. We cannot mind-map our way to anything fancier than a grocery list.. – and even then, we come home with different things!

My point is when I first started experiencing neurofeedback (nfb), in the first 5 sessions, I noticed something that took a year to entirely figure out. As I started doing nfb, my reality creating started to change. It started to shift. It started to become more coherent, more cohesive, and synchronicity, harmony and order became more evident. And what I came to conclude was that as I quieted my brain down through the subtlety of the nfb exercises, my realities began to change. And as I quieted my brain, my brain (and mind) wasn’t quite as reactive.. and my reality creating begin to shift for the better. This began in 2006.

This has lead to a whole new world opening up to me. And as I’ve explored this world, I see it has nothing to do with mind. As I’ve explored this world, I’ve found myself, in nonresistance, melding into the overall order that everything shares and found my synchronicities, harmony and order – a term I created, to become quite evident. As I explored and continued to do nfb (I’ve easily done well in excess of 400 sessions in the last 8 years), the perspective I try to write about become more and more available to me. I finally, in part, crashed my world when I got into resistance with the marketing guy I hired (above) who, it turned out had taken quite a few others..

* Some might think of “no-mind” as zombie land or a state of boredom, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Non-resistance brings us into a flow, a flow as mighty as the biggest rivers and waterfalls in the world but without the sensation, noise and vibration. The subtle nature of the comings and goings of the Universe at work with us becoming an integral part, is an incredible experience – and basically, beyond the mind. In fact, we cannot get there with the mind.

The mind is not exclusive to human; at least we find those in cats, dogs and birds, who have capability of learning and categorizing and labeling, though not up to the level of human.   This fact proves one of major functions of the brain is pursuant of survival, including variety of feelings.

So, I guess we are going to have to define the mind.. what would be your definition?
I consider that the animal (including humans) develop patterns and habits. Maybe the question is whether these patterns issue from the brain or “mind.” I say they issue from the brain and the mind’s primary function is to collect and arrange facts to support its version of things.

What makes human so different from other creatures is, I believe, extraordinarily developed brain and the nerve system that works with the mind – the software.

How do you differentiate the conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, unconscious mind, or super-conscious mind?

Most of all creatures were born with some superior features – deadly features, like strength, speed, etc.  What human was given is perhaps superior brain and nerve system with incredible plasticity.  We learned to walk on two feet and freed the arms and hands, we developed language – all such evolution developed the brain and nerve system exponential speed.

Everything has pros and cons, and such human capability is not an exception.  We have been creating unnecessary conflicts between human, stressful society, unhealthy diet, etc.   Whole would would be totally different if we were able to eliminate greed and laziness from our mind.

I wonder what the source of “unnecessary conflicts” is?
I can see how people, particularly Americans, are sedated by the luxuries of life, but if we were a healthy species, i.e., an intact connection with the rest of the Cosmos, I wonder if we would be expressing “as greed and laziness.” I think the greed and laziness is a product of being out of our natural state of connection and just shows up as another variation of dysfunction.

According to the work I’ve done with CORE Resonance, I say that inside of every human being is a humanitarian. And, once they re-connect with the Cosmos, the need for hoarding or getting what they can get is over. Once they realize the scale of connection and what it means, they become humanitarians. Helping others to discover the truth becomes their only function.

Consider looking at the mind as resistance as its very nature. In meditation, the whole point is to get out of the mind. The whole, entire point! And for which anybody’s quality of life goes up! I’ve been meditating for 40 years.. The only problem with meditation is that it takes a lifetime 🙂

The world is repetition of creation and destruction, and it is solely based on balance and imbalance.  We create things with the power of resonance (I don’t mean particularly with the universe, but rather between human), then cause imbalance and go into destructive phase.  “History repeats” – this is exactly what it is.

Traditional science/traditional physics states that one of the fundamental laws is entropy. That everything is degrading. What a bunch of malarkey. How would, or why would, an incredible mechanism, the universe expressing as life be in a state of decline. I think this is so very far from the truth. Humans seem to be in a three-steps forward and two-steps back (I am being kind to humans) but I don’t think Nature or Universal Mind, or Innate Intelligence would agree.. It would only smile knowing that the humans have not yet reached a state that any sort of civilized conversion is possible.. But, for my own two cents, components of humanity, and as there have always been a few (and more than we think) are making amazing inroads with advancing consciousness for which a whole new world opens up to them. And because advanced consciousness is exponential, the possibilities for humanity are brighter than ever. Even men cat-calling women in the street is barbaric.

Feelings also follow this rule; a new stimulus causes imbalance in sensory organ(s) that makes changes in feeling.  In order to comprehend and digest vast amount of incoming information, brain needs to prioritize, select, and organize them by labeling and categorizing.  So that the information as a whole becomes comprehensive and useful information that can be added to the database and/or responded.

The brain and the mind work together, and make the limitation of brain flexible.  We gain information from experience, and give continuous positive and negative feedback to and between the mind and the organism. All creatures are basically lazy; the database saves a lot of energy by avoiding repetition, and, at the same time, restricts changes.

My only concern with the above statement is that we make decisions and learn lessons on the slightest bits of information – usually inaccurate information. After all, our five senses miss a great deal of what is going on. Dog hear and smell what we can’t hear or smell. It’s real, but undetected by our senses. Very often we make decisions based on reaction which spins us off again and again.

In a nut shell, ENERGY (vibration) is the source of everything, and synchrony and resonance creates new things.  Balance maintain, and imbalance destroys the things, then new creation begins.  The organism and the mind work together to make these things happen under the rules created by nature – you might call it God and the Divine.  To my opinion, it is another labeling by human.  (Please note, those who believe in God may not like to hear this, but there is no offence.  This is simply my own thoughts as an individual who is not certain about God’s existence, and absolutely no discriminations to any other thoughts and belief.) 

I might suggest that Mind is the source of everything. Mind is capitalized because it is Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Universal Mind, Innate Intelligence, Source, the Divine, Truth and that commonality that everything shares. I believe that without mind, without resistance, we are a receiver of the Guidance that everything else in the Universe abides by. After all, there has to be common denominator that everything shares. I suggest It offer guidance and insight to every animate and inanimate thing. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be slowly moving to entropy; we wouldn’t even exist.

What’s the source of your above ENERGY? Isn’t it a commonality that everything shares?

Wishing to be deeply respectful as we thread our way through ideas and thoughts.

Jim H


To your happiness….

Kind Regards,

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