So the mind is an interesting tool. It professes quiet and control and instead it is out of control all of the time. Mind by its very nature is resistance to what is, because the brain, on its own, is unable to process the stillness of the Universe, so the mind as a guard dog, bellows and makes its case. It is a very poor observer.. We can attempt to quell the mind but what do we do this with? The mind. Oops.. What judges our success or failure? The mind. Oops..

Everything else on this planet (plant, animal and mineral) is without mind because each are naturally plugged into the Order that is inherent in the Universe. Each receives exactly what it needs to 1) maintain its identity, 2)  communicate with its brothers (all other matter) and 3) to deliver each their shared gifts.

Isn’t it interesting that there are so many minerals; so many ways for Innate Intelligence (God, Spirit, The Divine, Source, etc.) to express? You’d almost think it was on purpose, i.e., raw materials for who knows what, but then there’s the plant kingdom with is vast and maybe even bewildering array of life expressing. Just a rose alone displays incredulity, i.e., fragrance, texture, color, beauty, and the contrast of thorns for what reason? The animal kingdom is just as spectacular, from the platypus to the kangaroo, to the dinosaurs and the micro-flora and fauna under the floor of the forest… not to mention the humans.

And mind tries to categorize, tries to label, and even pits one against the other as polarity. Linear science, something that cannot be denied, is the mind’s version of what is expressing as an extension of God. And because the mind operates in vast limitation, it labels life in vast limitation. At least quantum physics sees between and amongst the molecules a bit. At least quantum physics and string theory (of which I know almost nothing) recognizes that the Universe is alive and much more so than the mind’s and brain’s ability to reckon.

What makes humans so different? What if stepping out of phase with their Maker and the rest of Nature, is the only thing that makes them truly different. What if before they were different, they were just a more sophisticated variations of the plant, and animal and mineral kingdoms? What if everything expresses its Maker, and humanity simply has a far more sophisticated capacity to do so. What if the incredible human nervous system endowed the humans with Awareness. Self – Awareness.

And with these sophisticated nervous systems, combined with self awareness, became the ability feel. And it turned out feeling (pleasure vs pain, peace vs disorder and its many variations) was a guide, a sort of rewards vs inhibits, a principle also found in neurofeedback. What if humanity, as the most potent means of Innate Intelligence expressing, was God’s greatest set of eyes to see the wonderment of the Universe’s unfolding. What if God expressing was all there is?

And then, somehow, humanity got out of touch with its Maker; lost its connection with Guidance and Presence and its capacity to receive and feed back to its Maker; lost its feelings and other senses of the wonderment of its experience. What if humanity lost access to Presence and Guidance?

In the sophistication of the human being was a sophisticated nervous system, a “throughput” mechanism that transmits the connection it shares with its Maker. What if the billions of neurons that allowed intelligence to flow back and forth, lost its signal? What would happen? Would it adapt, or would is simply die? Over time, the largest component of the nervous system, the part that 4 of the 5 linear senses plug directly into (sight, smell, taste and hearing) began to process the world on its own.

A glorious experiment to be sure, but without its Maker, doomed to seeming failure. After a while, this component, known as the brain, discovered the limits of its capacity to process information acquired by the senses and began to get into overload. After all, it was trying to process the world on its own, san Guidance and its Maker’s vast capacities. At some point, the overloaded brain set up a defensive mechanism to restrict incoming information so that the brain could reduce its processing load and relax a bit.

Among the many problems with this scenario, was that it filtered out the subtle connection that emanated from its Maker. On overload, it filtered out most everything and instead issued automated, habitual and reactionary responses to the world around it. Because the brain was on overload, never being designed to be a processor in the first place, it set up the mind to fend off new information and instead establish automated, habitual and reactionary patterns to its environment, and there mankind sits.

Humanity is in the clutches of short-sighted, automated and on-overload programming that is running its course. Humanity fights among itself, resists and reacts, out of sync with its Maker and the rest of Creation. Our automated, habitual and reactionary patterns build defensive postures and shallow survival methodologies, and the human species languishes, seeming hell-bent on its destruction. It seems there is hope that it will all turn out, but we aren’t going to get there by anything created, devised or authored by the mind. We are not going to think “or reason” our way out.

Rebuilding our connection back home is our only possible scenario for a dysfunctional species on an otherwise extraordinary planet absolutely full of life meshing with itself and each other. That humanity is out of sync with this overall whole is hopefully a temporary set of circumstances. And, while some say we won’t get out of here alive, I say the only way out is by getting out of our minds. And if use it right, we can..