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By J.Hamilton

There is a place of no time, no resistance and no mind. Among its many names, it might be called presence. Presence is a beginning point, a portal if you will, to a world of Synchronicity, Harmony and Order far beyond what the mind can achieve on its own or even capably identify without sufficient training. After all, the mind is a bit of an afterthought as it relates to the scale of things but that is another article. Presence is that beginning point of a vast journey well worth one’s time and effort, and for which we now have an entire tool set at our disposal.

Imagine that what is true, and the only thing that is true is God – and everything extends from God accordingly. I prefer the term Innate Intelligence or Source, and thus Innate Intelligence is all there is. Everything is a means and expression by which Innate Intelligence expresses Itself. The entirety of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are all means by which Innate Intelligence expresses Itself. This is what is True. This is the foundation for understanding true Success, true Security and true Serenity. Re-enabling and refining this connection is the truest foundation for advancing one’s personal evolution and capacity for ultimate personal performance.

Thus, everything is actually a “throughput” mechanism and means for Innate Intelligence to express Itself. There may be different interpretations of the mechanical process of this occurrence, but for animals and plants, the nervous system is our center. And while the definition of the nervous system might be assumed, it may have a far broader interpretation than we generally attribute to it. In other words, the nervous system is our central point of reference. It is our core and truest component because it is how we reach to Innate Intelligence and how Innate Intelligence reaches back to us, and through us. Thus, re-enabling and enhancing this connection is our utmost function.

In the case of a rose, with arguably a simple nervous system, it has no resistance. Without resistance, the rose is a most incredible vehicle for Innate Intelligence to express Itself. In complete nonresistance, the rose expresses extraordinary beauty, extraordinary fragrance, extraordinary texture, extraordinary color, and extraordinary thorns! And for what purpose? Nothing other than being and expressing! Fingering a smooth stone from a riverbed, or identifying any of the minerals in the mineral kingdom, or plants in the plant kingdom, each is no more and no less than a means by which Innate Intelligence expresses Itself into this dimension in its many variations! This may be all there is!

And, it is important to make this distinction. As throughput increases, not so different from amperage, awareness begins to form – similar to amperage producing heat traveling through an electrical wire. Generally speaking, the human species has the most sophisticated nervous system and the most sophisticated throughput capacity, and thus the most “capacity” for awareness (amperage) but we must not assume our self-importance. We may be the most sophisticated means by which Innate Intelligence expresses Itself for which awareness and consciousness is a by-product. And awareness is what gives us our edge and our potential though it seems to have gone to our head. What we do with Awareness becomes the game.


Which brings us to presence. Presence is that place that allows humans to fully mesh with what is true. Presence is the recognition of the connection that everything abides by, aligns with and takes its overall governing and guidance from. Presence is a state characterized by no mind, no resistance, and no time – identical to the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms as receivers in each their own capacity as throughput mechanisms. Clearly, when we are in presence, we are in a timeless state of flow that is hard to describe.

Presence is, of course, always present. It is an opening, a beginning point and available all the time. Ask any plant, animal or mineral, or the occasional Guru or savant. They know. Presence is that witnessing of the Cosmos interacting with us, and we with it sans the mind. And, in our primary function as a receiver; as a “throughput” mechanism for the Cosmos to express Itself, combined with awareness, we blossom into our potential. Our “job” as humans is to regain this connection and this is what consciousness is all about – for which we get the ride of our lives and, while we’re at it, deliver solutions undreamt into a world in need of solutions.


The question is “how do we get there?” because, generally speaking, we do not have the perspective or tools necessary. Instead, we need some help; help in the form of introspection. Introspection as a tool can be developed by years of meditation, meditative contemplation, yoga, certain forms of exercise, limited use of certain psychotropic drugs and particularly, the arising world of certain types of neurofeedback, i.e., CORE Resonance Training. Introspection is that process of discovering the finer inner workings of our psyche as it relates to reality creating such that we delve deeply into our truest nature as creators and mis-creators.

As the subtleties of personal reality creation become evident, we come to understand cause and effect at a very subtle level. This is the beginning of a journey of introspection for which a new type of vision becomes possible. As we become “conscious,” we begin that journey within. As we refine this inward journey, i.e., as we become sophisticated at introspection, we learn to turn this introspective process outward and “see” the mechanical subtleties of cause and effect long before manifestation occurs. Through the subtleties of introspection turned outward, we become better able to sidestep what we do not wish to include in our lives or reality creating.

It is in this refined introspection and corresponding vision that presence begins to becomes increasingly evident. For example, I work with clients who wish to rapidly expand their capacity to evolve. Rapid consciousness is a matter of understanding the basic principles by which we exist, our part in creation (and creation’s unfolding), i.e., cause and effect, and enhancing these mechanisms. As already stated, our basic function is as a “throughput” mechanism for Innate Intelligence to express Itself but in our awareness, we each become a self-contained laboratory. We have the tools and our job becomes to identify this connection, re-enable and enhance this connection, and adventure forward. What stands in our way is resistance.


Resistance is a product of a nervous system on overload such that the brain radically restricts incoming information inadvertently interfering with our Cosmic connection as well. Because the nervous system’s natural state is as a receiver but in a high state of disconnection with the normally available Cosmic Guidance, the brain has to compensate for this missing guidance by manually attempting to process the world on its own. This scenario rapidly creates a brain on overload, which becomes the source of our resistance and the source of our dysfunction – individually as well as collectively. It becomes our function to return to our natural state of connection, and CORE Resonance is designed for precisely this solution.

It is becoming increasingly evident that introspection as a type of refined inner vision plays an essential role in discovering presence. Working with proprietary CORE Resonance Training Protocols and applying exercises/coaching, builds this capacity for introspection and enables one access to this difficult-to-reach perspective. Regardless, introspection causes one to discern the subtleties of one’s own make-up such that as this tool is developed and one’s newfound vision is turned “outward,” presence begins to become identifiable.

From there it is a matter of continued refinement and things begin to become quite interesting.




About the author. J.Hamilton has been meditating for 38+ years and teaching personal empowerment for 22+ years. His first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times: Blueprint for Reality Creation (2005) is about the possibilities of individual and collective reality creation in alignment with Innate Intelligence.

J.Hamilton released an eBook titled CORE Resonance (2009) for the purpose of identifying access to nonresistance and the resultant Innate Guidance that becomes available. Key words: nonresistance, mindlessness, Innate Guidance, timelessness, solutions and timeliness. Link

He released a third title: Beyond Words: thoughts become awareness (2010), a documentation of his process of transformation.

52 Weeks of Visionary Focus is soon to be released.

Presently, J.Hamilton’s focus is the introduction of CORE Resonance Systems, a technology designed to quiet the brain and nervous system and re-enable one’s natural state of connection with Source for which we engender a partnership. As we accomplish this task, nonresistance becomes available – an alternate to creating reality by resistance and reaction to our surroundings. As we discover a new way of doing things, we become exponentially more useful to, not only ourselves but also the Whole. The Formula? Nonresistance and the Law of Attraction.

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