Question: Anyone know the science behind when you take breaks / vacations/ time off and you find answers to problems? Looking for the science behind that.

The science you are speaking of is the Science of Reality Creation. A major component of reality creating includes the Law of Attraction which says “what we focus on expands” or “like attracts like.” Suffice to say, we are central to our reality creating and our realities are a product of our thinking, or non-thinking, as you will come to see.

To begin, there are two ways to create your realities:

Scenario 1. The most common understanding is to hold your attention to what you wish to manifest, and done well, you can create the object of your attention. An old formula, “thought charged by emotion creates reality,” suggests that adding emotion to the mental process brings depth to your reality creating.

Scenario 2. There is a far more sophisticated understanding of reality creating wherein we remove the mind and emotion from the formula, and “allow” our realities to come into existence through our partnership with Innate Intelligence expressing through us. This has the decided advantage that the limitations of the mind do not interfere with the end result. This involves taking our intention and focus and intentionally plugging into Innate Intelligence, and letting the Universe deliver our reality creating as solutions and scenarios far larger than our thinking minds can achieve. This touches on your vacation scenario and question.

This is also the mechanism behind the Synchronicities, Harmony and Order that we all enjoy and marvel at when it is working for us.

The vast bulk of our reality creating issues from our unconscious and subconscious minds because this is where we hold our “frozen” unconscious patterns and habits of thinking. This is where learned patterns like “this will never happen to me again” or “if I do this, that will happen,” or “I like this” which includes addictions, etc., reside. We are, and our realities are, primarily products of unintentional, unconscious programming. It is safe to say that the bulk of our realities are a product of what we think, consciously, unconsciously and subconsciously.

To take a course of study or to become an expert in any endeavor requires that we train and learn. Learning becomes unconsciously held patterns and habits and accordingly, our chosen professions or actions come into existence. We settle into patterns and habits and our realities ensue. And because we don’t know much about how we create what we have, we don’t have much charge over shifting them, especially when emotion is involved.

But before we “simply think thoughts and create realities,” we have to first understand that we don’t create reality on our own. The above does not “just happen in our heads.” To be effective reality creators, we must first understand that we are plugged into the Cosmos and we are a part of something much grander than ourselves. Actually we are recipients of the “goings-on” of the Universe expressing Itself for which we get to tag along.

Another way to say this is everything is a subset of Innate Intelligence (Source, the Divine, God, Universal Mind, etc.) expressing. We, as expressions of Innate Intelligence, are means by which Innate Intelligence expresses through us. We are actually “throughput mechanisms” as is everything else, for Innate Intelligence to express through. This is an important component of understanding where our realities (and answers and solutions) come from. Properly harnessed, humans become vast contributors, exponentially useful to the whole, and we take our rightful place as co-creators in the universe.

When we recognize that we are only a component of reality creating and our distorted beliefs about life undermine our reality creating, we begin to discover how powerful we are. Basically, the creative process flows through us and we distort this process through our inherent beliefs. Because we don’t understand the reality creating mechanism, we inadvertently argue for the limitations of the mind vs letting go “and letting God,” so to speak. Hosting distorted patterns and habits that Innate Intelligence flows through, we’ve become a very dysfunctional species.

Your question revolves around taking breaks, vacation time, etc., i.e., letting go, for which the answers show up. When we add the component that the mind by its very nature is resistance and we relax and answers show up, we are getting our first hint at the truth. The natural process is that human beings are the last rung in a larger reality creation scenario. The Universe is expressing and human beings are one of its expressions. In our natural state of presence and guidance, everything is provided, just like everything else in the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.

Humans, with the most sophisticated nervous systems on the planet, somehow got out of sync with our natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence. Without our natural state of access to Presence and Guidance (like everything else on the planet), the largest part of the nervous system, the brain which does all of the sensing, became the operator. The brain quickly got into overload attempting to process life and project defensive scenarios, and set up the mind to slow the incoming flow of information to the brain.

When you move to a new city or a new home, you are forced to manually process everything until you settle into newfound patterns and habits and finally relax. This is an example of how the brain and mind work. With the brain on overload, the brain and mind settle into patterns and habits as quickly as they can because it is far easier to repeat, repeat, repeat rather than address everything in present time. Therefore the mind by its very nature is resistance.

When you relax, solutions that have been available become available. To learn how to tap this ever-present resource is the work and research of CORE Resonance.

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