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By J.Hamilton

Learning to act on one’s intuition, follow through and watch the part the mind plays is the game we all must learn. Ultimately, to be successful, we must learn to let go of the mind. A lot of control, manipulation and borders disappear as we learn how to let go.

The game these days is about intuition, insight and recognizing what is true. And, it is important to put the doubting mind aside, but that is the game isn’t it? If you read the article Quantum Activism or the article Are Inventions Inevitable(?), “Inventions” clearly suggests that inventions, discoveries and processes come to those who receive information.. It does not come to one.. It does not come from the mind. The insight comes to many..  That’s how Nature works.

We must learn how to be receptive and “receive” insights that are so very natural. And, the quieter the internal mechanism, the more insights become available–but not necessarily how we might expect.

Watching the mind is how we learn to identify the mind vs. intuitive insight. Another way to recognize the mind is by understanding the mind is quite limited by its very nature. The mind is founded in resistance because, according to CORE Resonance, the mind was created (by the brain) as a “guard dog” for a brain on overload. The mind’s job is to restrict incoming information because there is far too much information coming in! According to Joe Dispenza, the brain consciously processes only about 2,000 bits of information per second while there are about 400 billion bits of information available (per second).

No one likes unhappy surprises. No one likes a chaotic ride through life. We manually process information attempting to guide our path but it turns out our resources (on our own) are quite limited! We then settle into habitual patterns and habits (subconscious mind) and there we sit because we don’t know how to get out of the patterns and habits that automate our lives! Most of us are stuck!

Why is the brain on overload in the first place? When we are out of our natural state of connection with Source, we are on our own. When we are without the Guidance of Innate Intelligence naturally expressing through us, we have to manually process the world. Because the brain is not a sophisticated processor in the first place, it readily gets into overload attempting to process all of the many possibilities to end up with a “smooth ride” so to speak. So, the foundation of the mind is resistance, fear, doubt, resistance, reaction, etc., which delivers a dissonant experience.

It is incredibly obvious how dysfunctional the human species is without its subtle connection with Guidance. And, of course, the game is to transition over to Guidance; and Guidance is everywhere. Very simple to see in Nature; all is in Order in the world of Nature.
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CORE Resonance is a great tool for quieting the nervous system. As the nervous systems quiets down the brain’s overload quiets down. As the brain quiets down, that subtle connection with Source become evident. As we naturally re-enable our natural state of connection with Source, the mind naturally subsides. As the mind subsides, fear and doubt and resistance and reaction (along with suffering) subsides and allowing becomes more available. As allowing becomes available, we move into the protection of Flow. As we move into Flow, the world becomes a very different place with different outcomes.

As we learn how to partner with Flow; as we learn how to partner with Innate Intelligence expressing through us, our worlds begin to beat to a different and far more subtle drummer. As we learn how to let go and allow, we mesh with a larger scale of Order. As this occurs, we become a mechanism by which Innate Intelligence expresses through us. As Innate Intelligence flows through us, a bit of heaven begins to exist on that very spot on planet earth.

Question: is flow and heaven the same thing? I think so.

Curiously, as we become a host for Innate Intelligence expressing through us, we become exponentially contributive because now the frequency of God is expressing through us. [See The Map of Consciousness]. We have now found our function as a host for Innate Intelligence expressing through us. We have found our responsibility and our truest obligation; to become a clear vessel for Innate Intelligence to express through us into the dimension of mankind, i.e., the dimension of the mind of man and its dissonant shortcomings.

Partnering with Innate Intelligence is the foundation for each our own Heaven on earth.

According to the ancient Vedic texts, Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (The Maharishi Effect) and others, as we allow the frequency of God to express through us, this appears as coherence. Coherence dissipates distortion which is what the mind produces, i.e., the worlds of belief created by the mind. As human beings learn how to let go; as human beings learn the technology of unconditional love, i.e., no resistance to one’s Maker, does the human step into its own as a mechanism and vehicle by which Innate Intelligence delivers the ultimate promise to mankind. Heaven on earth.

Heaven on earth is but the beginning. Human beings have a potential to express far beyond purchasing groceries, following the political scene lost to the truth, Netflix, Facebook, etc. Planet earth is a birthing place for humanity’s next iteration of expression. Ascension is alive and well but far more subtle than one might ever expect. Planet earth is the jumping off spot for the creation of a true identity for which exploration is just the beginning. Partnering with Innate Intelligence delivers our truest potential, our truest success, our truest joy and our truest adventure!

As we learn to discern the subtleties of the tools made available to us as a young species full of wide-eyed excitement and potential, it behooves us to begin to manage the very things we can manage. As we learn to manage the mind and learn to let it go to a bigger scale of Order, suddenly living life starts to have rhyme and reason.

And then it gets better than that!


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