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By J.Hamilton

Promise“Two years of CORE Resonance Training is the equivalent of well over 30 years of meditation.” That’s a pretty startling statement but because I presently have a background of 38 years of meditating (since Nov 1973), I can attest to the insights and outcomes of a life of meditation. As the developer of CORE Resonance Training™, I can also attest to its effectiveness and thus make this statement.

–J.Hamilton January 01, 2010

CORE Resonance Training™ is far more than a promise. CORE Resonance Training (CRT) is a means by which one can achieve something totally unheard of—unless you were lucky enough to begin meditating in your teens or early twenties.

Just in time for the 21st century, balancing your nervous system is becoming recognized as the key to your personal evolution as well as your very survival in unprecedented times. Because reacting to life is not only ineffective, it typically creates new problems that are also reacted to, and thus our lives take on a “life of their own” (Momentum) that may not serve us well.

The Gap
As life moves ever faster; as we are constantly confronted with information, choices and decisions, we react to life until we simply wear ourselves out, shut ourselves down (and die). Because life is moving faster and faster in the 21st Century, reacting to life is becoming less and less an acceptable means of accomplishing tasks because we simply cannot keep up with our own negativity!

Instead, we must achieve a Gap between the world, its gyrations and ourselves. This pause, this Gap, moves us out of our instantaneous mental, emotional and physical reactions, but more importantly, allows us access to a natural state of insight. And, as we become able to access this Gap, we discover access to Innate Intelligence and Innate Guidance and our world begins to calm down.

Inner (and outer) peace has always been the promise of meditation. A quieting inside, a discovery of one’s inner self and an introduction to one’s very nature introduces us to a new understanding of how life works—far beyond what the mind can conceive or achieve on its own. Far less reactive and far more whole, a balanced nervous system offers alignment with an Order than knows no bounds—an Order that every other form of life on this planet shares.

Thus we become enabled of a magical synchronicity with life and harmony and order.

Unless we have built a lifetime of meditation practice, we are simply out of luck because meditation takes a lifetime to achieve advanced results.

Until now..
CORE Resonance Training™ rapidly balances the nervous system far beyond what meditation can accomplish in a lifetime. And just as meditation is a technology devised by adepts thousands of years ago (originally identified in the ancient Hindu Vedas) for advancing consciousness, humanity has sprung forward with another technology to more rapidly bring one to unparalleled depths of insight, vision, alignment and order.

By balancing the brain and nervous system and re-enabling one’s connection with Source, otherwise known as Innate Intelligence, we move from reacting to the world and instead meshing with the world in partnership with Innate Intelligence.

Allowing and nonresistance become our very nature.

And, of course, if technology is to be truly useful, it needs to invoke truly useful mechanisms. While most medicine and “empowerment” is guided and driven by the hand (and mind) of man, CORE Resonance Training™ utilizes state of the art proprietary neurofeedback crafted to allow the brain to see itself and reorganize itself (itself). While most neurofeedback is designed to address particular problems with the insight of a technician attempting to adjust frequencies of the brain, Core Resonance Training™ uses exercises to allow the brain to find itself through the hardware and software and reorganize itself—itself!

Because of recent advances in technology, we can allow the brain to experience itself, similar to a blind person slowly becoming able to see. And, just as someone regaining their vision will begin to reorganize their surroundings, i.e., clean their house and put their surroundings in order, the brain will do the same. This is how CORE Resonance Training quiets the brain and allows the natural state of connection to become available.

A sampling of comments from clients:

•  “I remember the color of people’s eyes after I talk with them.”

•  “I no longer “push” traffic when I am on the highway.”

•  “I am no longer anxious and afraid. The world is a completely different place. I accept and love my life now!”

•  “I always catch things that I fumble–even in the shower with my eyes closed! Nothing ever hits the floor! My hands are far faster than my mind.”

•  “I’ve totally lost my interest in pot and alcohol.”

•  “It seems I can see around corners now–kind of an exaggeration, but I don’t know how to better explain my new 6th sense.”

•  “I had a very comfortable Christmas holiday with my ex-wife and kids. Very nice for a change.”

•  “I continue to be astounded by a chance meeting with my ex-husband in a parking lot just before the holidays. He took everything I had including leaving me in bankruptcy. He was extremely uncomfortable with our little encounter to the point of “gulping for air.” I could only find love and acceptance in this chance encounter. I was very surprised by my lack of reaction!”

•  “I would like for my ex-wife to do sessions. Before, I was quite vindictive and far from supportive. Now, I would like to pay for them.”

•  “I sleep better than ever. I also sleep less but it is now one of my favorite past times.”

•  “As a professional soccer player, I now kick equally well with either leg. I definitely used to favor my right leg.”

•  “I am pain free for the first time in my life.”

•  “Meditation has become much deeper, more readily available and I have more joy.”

•  “My level of acceptance and allowing is now deeply felt in my life. A huge shift!”

•  “New Year’s resolutions seem to be effortless to implement. I am simply gravitating toward clean eating and exercise.”

•  “Calm, peaceful, sense of defenses falling away, being able to relax in a new way.”

•  “Feel better.. think about sessions every day.. and how I felt better each day.” (87 yrs old)

•  “Woke up feeling great, great attitude, off to breakfast and meetings. Clear mind.” (87 yrs old)

•  Standing up straighter, better standing up from chair. Defenses are down, boundaries are down. Anything is possible, I feel stronger.” (87 yrs old)

•  “2nd session was wonderful. Had energy all day and didn’t run out of energy in late afternoon. Woke up 2nd morning quite differently. Had fantastic day.” (Psychiatrist, Ojai Ca.)

•  “After a couple of hours (after session) felt very high, clear and present and relieved of the sins of the past. Felt release of the burdens of life. Felt very, very good.” (Psychiatrist, Ojai Ca)

•  “Even more calm, very quiet within, looks good, energy is quiet, feel serene. Love this stuff!” (Psychiatrist, Ojai Ca.)

•  “A beautiful stillness and feeling of connectedness.”

•  “Very calm feeling, relaxed, anxiety is gone.”

•  “I work on commission and earn about 30% more since purchasing the CORE Resonance equipment.”

•  “Bliss, exuberant! Giggly, what’s beyond happy, really happy? Transcended.. Earlier, I was trying to feel love but I couldn’t. Now I feel that unconditional love is apparent and present.. I am not worried by anything in the future..”

•  “Feel good.. felt like nectar dripping down my throat, great awareness, fear thing is gone.. feel more awake and more peaceful… I feel more aware without my thinking system being involved.. Really noticed a shift.”

•  “Mostly very up, very grateful, overall trend is very positive and moving forward with positivity. Holidays were great. Becoming a bit concerned about money flow. Still would like ex-wife to do sessions.”

•  “I explained a bit about CORE Resonance until she got the idea that using the mind was a defensive mechanism. She agreed that it is difficult to operate in a man’s made world. Once she saw her mind as a male’s construct for managing her world, she let go and ended up with a huge experience.

There is a world that opens up as we learn how to let go. But letting go isn’t something the mind is very keen on so it doesn’t happen except for brief moments. But if we can enable our natural state of connection with Source, the mind recognizes the importance of this connection and relents. In this rare allowing by the mind, we begin the process of blending with Innate Intelligence for which “myriad worlds unfold” and synchronicity, harmony and order become the dominant patterns in our lives.

Life without resistance is a vast new expanse and new kind of Order that allows us to play with the rest of Nature on an equal footing. We are no longer inferior or superior, we become one with the Order everything that is True shares. We partner with that one single governance that pervades far beyond our capacity to sense.

We find our true Home and we become more.

CORE Resonance Training™ is a good use of your time.