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CORE Resonance revolves around the idea that our nervous system is our connection with the Cosmos. Better said, our nervous system is a throughput mechanism for Innate Intelligence to express through us into this dimension. Even better said, everything is a sub-set of God (Innate Intelligence), therefore everything (you and me, the rocks and trees, etc.,) is a means by which Innate Intelligence expresses itself. And, in the sophistication of the nervous system, i.e., human beings for example, is a more complex capacity to express into this dimension.

We are receivers
CORE Resonance says when we got out of this natural state of Connection (otherwise evident throughout the entire world of Nature), the brain converted from being part of this receiving system and instead became a processor. The only problem is it wasn’t designed to be a processor and we, individually and as a species, are on vast overload attempting to process our surroundings on our own. The overloaded brain then set up the mind as a repository of automated, habitual and reactionary responses to our surroundings, and here we sit as a species – on overload, spitting out automated and reactionary responses to the world. If we were to sum the human species up in one word, it would be dysfunctional – based on resistance to our natural state.

This is about Partnership
CORE Resonance says that by quieting the brain through coaching, proprietary neurofeedback and other stepping-stone technologies, we can re-enable this subtle connection that has always been there. And, in so doing, build our way “back home,” which is to say re-enable our natural state of connection with Innate Intelligence. I call this a corridor and etherically see it behind and over my right shoulder. Most importantly, there comes a point in enabling this connection/circuit, that Innate Guidance travels back down through this corridor and processes the world on our behalf. As we re-establish this connection/circuit, we relax, fully give up resistance, defensive posturing and survival methodologies, and instead mesh with the Whole.

This then becomes the definition of Unconditional Love, i.e., a complete meshing with the Whole – far beyond what the mind and brain could ever accomplish on its own. Technically, Unconditional Love is utter acceptance to our natural state for which we then express outwardly.


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