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005_Soaring Affirmations™, Prayer and the Power of Witness

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The VisionariesLab video and audio blog series is designed to create a conversation around the source of truest success and ultimate personal performance. As we come to understand the mechanics of true success, we become empowered like never before. After all, before the humans can save the whales, we have to save ourselves. As we come to step into our power we become exponential in our contribution for making the world a better place.

Anyone can submit questions, anyone can join the conversation and anyone can step into their truest power. Let me know your thoughts. You can write me at COREresonance.com/contact, or comment at the bottom of this page or in the comments section of the videos on Vimeo.

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Rev. James Hamilton

005_Soaring Affirmations™, Prayer and the Power of Witness

Description: Our prayer is our constant broadcast to Source. Prayer is the mechanism by which we continuously interface with Source. As we refine our prayer, affirmation and broadcast, we “witness” an upward spiral in our lives. “Witnessing” this upward spiral delivers an advanced level of affirmation which facilitates the refinement of our prayer and our outcomes!

Refining the output of our prayer in 2023.
Examples of two different types of prayer. (6:07)
Examples of two different prayers.
The three different vantage points of prayer.
The difference between pure God and more pure god. (7:43)
The third version is more pure god, robust health.
Partnering with God.
The concept of Law of Attraction as it relates to prayer. (9:22)
Separation from God and the law of attraction.
The difference between resistance and allowing.
Letting go and becoming a part of God. (10:50)

Part 1 Video Summary:
Intro and welcome. (0:00)
Introduction of Rob Christie and Jim Hamilton.
Three things to focus on this morning.
The problem with a group prayer. (1:31)
Prayer is what comes out of us in every moment.
A prayer is a big deal.
Prayer vs. Affirmation. (3:15)
Prayer and affirmation are the same thing.

The higher the gradient of allowing, the more you naturally become blended with Source.
Visionaries Thrive In All Times.
God is the governance that everything shares.
The story of the indigenous people near Japan. (14:41)
The indigenous island people and the Map of Consciousness.
The 100th monkey
The importance of allowing the experience. (17:20)
Indians became linear in their thinking.
Indians saved themselves by allowing the experience.
Resistance to the Americans and allowing.
The Map of Consciousness and resistance.

Prayer should be about enabling our connection with Source.
One person at 700 counterbalances the negativity of 70 million people below 200.
The Map of Consciousness and how it identifies itself. (5:23)
How the Map of Consciousness identifies itself.
Most of us start out in resistance.
The quality of our reality creating is a scorecard for the quality of our connection with Source. (7:20)
A new type of reality is forming in life.
The Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity ..and Guidance Lite™ program.
Saturate the mind with a type of affirmation.
The quality of our reality-creating.
It’s all about me. (10:23)
Soaring Affirmations, Prosperity and Guidance Lite™.
Going back to the Map of Consciousness.

Part 2 Video Summary:
Rob’s introduction to this episode. (0:05)
Introduction of Rob Christie and Jim Hamilton.
The Map of Consciousness and its importance.
What is the Map of Consciousness and why is it important? (1:36)
The Map of Consciousness by Dr David Hawkins.
Resistance, fear, grief, anxiety, rage and pride.
What our prayer should be about. (3:38)

Becoming partnered with Source.
Being a conscious contributor isn’t about ego. (12:19)
Being part of the world and being a conscious contributor.
Spirituality is about allowing.
Consciousness vs. humility. (14:38)
A lifetime of learning about partnering with Source.
Consciousness is often associated with humility.
The concept of witness. (16:33)
The concept of witness and its relation to dowsing.
Dowsing for water.
What is a witness and how does it work? (18:26)
The concept of a witness in affirmations.
How affirmations become an extension of prayer.
The witness becomes a gradient level next of the affirmation.
Dowsing for gold.

Two types of Guidance, Holy Spirit and Guidance Lite™.
CORE Resonance delivers access to Guidance. (3:08)
CORE Resonance delivers access to full-blown guidance.
Visionarieslab is mind-based technology and delivers access to Guidance Lite™.
How to teach the mind to be singular in its focus. (5:38)
The Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ program.
The process of doing this.
How Soaring Affirmations™ came to be. (7:37)
Visionaries Thrive In All Times, Visionaries thrive.
Good morning Jim,
How do the concepts of resistance and allowing fit together? (9:43)
How the concepts of resistance and allowing fit together.
One of the reasons resistance comes from.

Part 3 Video Summary:
Introduction of the recording. (0:05)
Introduction of Rob Christie and Jim Hamilton.
Introduction to Soaring Affirmations™, prayer and the power of witness.
Access to Guidance is enabling our natural state of connection with Source. (1:33)
Access to Guidance, enabling our natural connection with Source.

How Soaring Affirmations™ can help you let go of resistance. (12:04)
The Soaring Affirmations™ process is a proven way to let go.
Resistance vs overload.
The power of saturating the mind with affirmations. (14:15)
Saturating the mind with a specific type of affirmation.
A group of affirmations.
The importance of blending with Source. (16:07)
The Soaring Affirmations™, Prosperity! ..and Guidance Lite™ program.
The first thing humans have to do.
Redefine your broadcast and prayer. (17:50)
Introduce a process that bypasses the surface dilemmas.
Redefine your broadcast and your prayer.

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Excerpt from Synopsis of The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance: for an enlightened world (2014) by J.Hamilton

As we rise up in our frequency, we are met with “messengers,” i.e., Innate Guidance delivering solutions to what we once attempted to achieve on our own.

As Presence and Guidance become tangible, Innate Guidance begins to physically interact and even override our decision-making process.

You then know you are on your way.
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    • Anti-aging Strategies, i.e., evaluating and upgrading unconsciously held patterns and habits to better serve our chosen trajectories! After all, some of us might want to live a very long time and pass when we choose. (Some may even want to see how all of this turns out 🙂

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