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012_Discovering Our Truest Success!

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The VisionariesLab video and audio blog series is designed to create a conversation around the source of truest success and ultimate personal performance. As we come to understand the mechanics of true success, we become empowered like never before. After all, before the humans can save the whales, we have to save ourselves. As we come to step into our power we become exponential in our contribution for making the world a better place.

Anyone can submit questions, anyone can join the conversation and anyone can step into their truest power. Let me know your thoughts. You can write me at COREresonance.com/contact, or comment at the bottom of this page or in the comments section of the videos on Vimeo.

And, while we are at it, let me know what you think of the AI generated (less than perfect) video summaries.  Good fun in my opinion!

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Rev. James Hamilton

012_Discovering Our Truest Success!

Description: As we let go of resistance and allow Source to express through us, personal power and massive business acumen becomes available to us. In partnership with Source, we deliver a shining example of the possibilities for the species. To be truly successful, we must learn to tune in to the intelligence that surrounds all of life! Namasté

influencing others with The Art of Livin’
The difference between coherent and dissonant people. 3:54

The difference between coherent and dissonant people.
Success is about escaping what doesn’t work.
The ability to make choices and learn from choices. 5:44
Greatest strength of Matthew McConaughey, breaking away from the norm.
One of the craziest books ever read.
It’s about breaking away from the crowd. 7:30
Breaking away from the crowd to become more and influence more.
Matthew McConaughey.
Jim’s greatest strength and internal governance. 9:24
Jim Hamilton’s greatest strength and connection with source.
The internal governance of ballsy.

Part 1 Video Summary:
Rob’s introduction to this episode. 0:00
Introduction of Rob Christie and Jim Hamilton.
Success, entrepreneurism and the people who rise to the top
The importance of being coherent with green lights. 1:50
Matthew McConaughey is taking his stardom and 

How did you learn how to meditate? 11:25
Early on, Matthew learned to meditate and discovered the nervous system.
Two kinds of success.
The difference between true success and success. 13:11
Successful people have learned how to partner with something bigger than themselves.
Core resonance and Innate Intelligence.
The power of grounding the frequency of God into humanity. 15:31
Extra innings and extra innings.
Grounding the Frequency of God into the world.
A mechanical understanding of human connection with the Cosmos. 17:04
A mechanical understanding of how things work.
Nervous system is a living antenna system.

Driving the mind to harness the mind.
Humanity will save itself at the last second.
How we learn how to manage ourselves. 6:23
Managing oneself by first having dominion over the mind.
Affirmations and guidance.
Moving from resisting to choosing what you want based on what you don’t want. 8:17
People move from resisting what they don’t want to what they want.
The third mechanism for affirmations.
Affirmations are about our connection with Source. 10:28
Affirmations are about the connection with source.
Access to guidance and prosperity.
Historical predictions about affirmations.
Every track star needs a track to run on.
We all need some kind of coaching. 14:12

Part 2 Video Summary:
Introduction to this episode. 0:00
Introducing Jim Hamilton, author of several mind-boggling books.
The mind approach to transformation.
dominion over the mind. 2:12
Empowering the mind with affirmations.
Managing the mind, having dominion over the mind.
How to drive the mind. 4:25

The importance of affirmations in being successful.
The soaring affirmations.
The launching pad for soaring affirmations. 16:14
What soaring affirmations are and why they are so powerful.
How to create soaring affirmation.
How to see cause and effect of our actions. 18:20
The importance of affirmations in problem solving.
How affirmations are different from traditional approach to problem-solving.
The difference between resistance vs. allowing. 20:37
How to move up and out of resistance.
The difference between resistance and allowing
Resistance and overload have a massive amount in common.
How to break out of resistance.

Meditation becomes first and understanding that the nervous system is the center.
Neurofeedback and how it works.
Resistance and consciousness are inverse. 7:29
Resistance and consciousness are the inverse.
CORE Resonance proprietary neurofeedback, CORE Resonance.
Resistance drops as the brain reorganizes itself.
New life experiences for clients.
How resistance fades with CORE Resonance. 12:14
Resistance fades with CORE Resonance.
Synchronicity harmony and order is one of the big things.
How to use CORE Resonance as a Colony™. 14:13
The ultimate way to use CORE Resonance is as a Colony™.
An example of an entrepreneurial organization.
TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance Colony™. 16:33
The TapRoot™ by CORE Resonance model.

Part 3 Video Summary:
Introduction to today’s episode. 0:00
Introduction to Jim Hamilton, author of five books.
One nugget to take the next step up.
How meditation is like listening with the nervous system. 3:02
Rob has almost 50 years of experience in meditation.
Meditation is like listening with the nervous system.
Meditation vs. Neurofeedback. 5:25

The Maharishi Effect model.
CORE Resonance can bump people toward 200 points in a lifetime.
Neutrality, willingness and acceptance.
CORE Resonance vs. guidance driven. 19:44
One person on the Map counterbalances the negativity of 10 million people.
The brain on overload.
The Maharishi Effect on steroids. 21:31
CORE Resonance Colonies™ is the Maharishi Effect on steroids.
Meditation and meditation as a lifelong commitment.
Meditation in a business organization. 23:09
Meditation is about quieting the nervous system.
The mind is a two-dimensional, polar linear tool.
The Maharishi Effect and the CORE Resonance effect.
Business environment is the ideal place for CORE Resonance.

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You then know you are on your way.
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